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Mens Shiny Tuxedos

Are you a person who loves to try out new styles? You might be looking for the new conquest and we are here to present you with one – shiny tuxedos and suits. This might not be the usual choice of most men since we usually avoid going with any style that tends to attract attention. But believe us and give it a try even if it is not for formal events. Shiny tuxedos and suits are becoming a popular style now and you should try going with it. There are different ways in which you can style the mens shiny tuxedos and suits. In this article we will talk in depth about the shiny tuxedos and suits along with the best ways in which you can style them.

2 Button Jacket Shiny Tuxedo Sharkskin Tuxedo Black Suit

When it comes to shiny tuxedos and suits you might be imagining the astronaut type suits and of course it would make you sceptical about the style. But we are not talking about those shiny Tuxedos but these are subtler than those shiny ones you have in your mind. Thus keep aside the douchey shiny suits that you have in your mind and try to hear us out about our recommendation. The shiny tuxedo of course cannot be styled to your work (unless you want to turn all the attention on you) and thus the mens shiny tuxedos are most recommended for the special occasions where you are expected to dress up.

Most of the time we settle with the black or navy tuxedos since it is the one that is recommended all the time. But you should remember that almost all people get the same recommendation and thus when you turn up for these events in the black and navy tuxedos almost everyone would be in the same style. Thus shake up things a little with the mens shiny tuxedos since it will help you stand out from the rest. Go through the different styles available in the market and then choose to go with the style that suits you the best.

Casual Blazer While going with the shiny tuxedo or shiny suit style the first thing that we want you to do is to choose the right fabric. The fabric of the shiny tuxedos matter the most since it gives the sheen for the garment. Usually we would go with the wool or cotton tuxedos since it gives out a standard style for any type of event. But if you have readied yourself to try the shiny tuxedos then you will have to think further than the wool tuxedos. There are different choices that you can make with the fabric of the shiny tuxedos and here are our recommendations.

The event for which you are styling the garment matters the most while choosing the tuxedo. Depending on the requirement for the event and the dress code choose an appropriate style. For example if this is a formal black tie event then you should go with the shiny satin silky tuxedos. The silk tuxedos give out a sophisticated and classic look with a slight sheen which is enough to make your outfit look special even in a room full of black tuxedos. For shiny formal tuxedos people are mostly recommended to go with the silk tuxedos and suits. The silk tuxedos also come with the satin lapels on them which makes them look more commendable.

On the other hand if you want a more elegant and catchy style for the event then you should try going with the velvet tuxedos. These might not perfectly come under the shiny tuxedos category but still is one of the garments that tend to attract a lot of attention like that of the silk tuxedos. Velvet has a natural sheen about it which makes the garment more desirable for the special occasions. For example if you are the host of the said event or the groom in the wedding then it is recommended for you to go with the velvet shiny tuxedo jacket or suits to make your look special.

Blue Suit While the silk and velvet tuxedos are much popular in menswear there is a set of shiny material that most people aren’t aware of. Sharkskin tuxedos and suits is a new style for most people though it is remained in use for a long time now. For people who are new to this topic, do not panic – sharkskin fabric has nothing to do with actual shark skin. It is actually a type of wool and has its name since the sheen of the material resembles that of a shark skin.

Mens shiny sharkskin suits and tuxedos usually come in grey or silver colors and it is the standard look. This makes them best for the formal occasions since grey is a color that is included in almost all formal dress codes. If you are attending a important event and you want to look dressed up then you can choose to go with mens shiny sharkskin suit or tuxedo. You can fully dress up with a shiny mens 2 piece vested suit since they offer a more sophisticated look when compared to the 2 piece tuxedos and suits. On the other hand if you want to keep it simple then 2 button shiny sharkskin suit would be a good choice. Sharkskin suits Are often recommended when it comes to purchasing for shiny toddler tuxedo suits.

Now that we have completed the formal and semi formal events there are casual and fun events where the casual styling of the suit and tuxedo is allowed. For these types of events there is no fun in going with the formal shiny tuxedos and thus we have brought you some contemporary recommendations. For example if you are attending a casual cocktail party then 2 button shiny tuxedo might suit you but if it is more on the casual type and leans on the costume type of event then we would suggest you to give satin shiny sequin tuxedo or shiny Zoot mens tuxedo a try.