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Mens Paisley Dress Shirt

Paisley is a vibrant and vivid pattern that is slowing gaining importance in menswear. Most men are still wary of the bold floral designs and for those people paisley will be the best choice. The dressy yet subtle style will definitely make you stand out from the group of people wearing usual shirts. In this article we discuss about mens paisley dress shirts and some tips on how to style them.

Cotton Dress Shirt For people who don't know already paisley is a design that is believed to have originated from Iran in the 17th century. The design consists of curved teardrop shaped patterns that are embroidered on fabrics and some are even woven with silver and gold threads. This design is considered to be traditional but the western world has modernised the design to create a rich classy pattern. In recent times the paisley pattern has become a favorite of spring and you can find them on any men's garments like shirts, pants and bandanas.

When you are purchasing for paisley dress shirts there are some things that you will have to note. It is a versatile garment that you can style with both formal garments like suits and with casual garments like jeans. Figure out the usage and then select the details that best suits the purpose. For example if you are getting the shirt for formal use it is better to go with paisley cotton mens dress shirts. These shirts are available in different designs like poplin, twill, muslin and such. They are lightweight and can thus be comfortable to wear with layers such as suit jackets and blazers. A cotton paisley dress shirt paired with a dark colored suit can be even worn to a casual day at office.

shiny satin mens dress shirts When you need a semi formal style you can go with linen paisley dress shirts. These shirts are best suited for summer use since they have better properties than cotton shirts. But they are avoided to be worn with suits and other formal garments since they tend to wrinkle easily. Thus it is best to reserve the linen mens paisley dress shirts for semi formal events like summer weddings or travelling. Other than these for dressy look go with luxurious fabrics like silk paisley dress shirts and paisley shiny satin mens dress shirts. These type of shirts will be sure to garner attention and thus can be paired with silk suits and velvet suits. Go for this ensemble when you want to be the best dressed gent in a fancy event.

While selecting the paisley pattern you should get to know the types to make the right pick. If you are new to the design you can go with subtle mens paisley dress shirts. The ones in dark colors like navy and black look solid when seen from a distance. When you get comfortable with the design you can go for bolder ones in brighter colors. Go for paisley dress shirts that come with lesser colors and denser patterns. The amount of white space that shows in the shirt should be reduced so that it does not look like a one worn by the Hollywood gangsters. Unless you are looking for a Hawaii vacation type shirt go with darker ones that have little white space in their design.

For example a navy paisley dress shirt paired with a navy shirt and a navy silk tie is a fail safe outfit. You can also style the navy button down mens paisley dress shirt with burgundy chinos for a stylish day to day look. When you go with bold paisley dress shirts that have lot of white spaces in it make sure to dress them properly. For example when a black and paisley white dress shirt is paired with light gray plaid chinos and black leather low top sneakers it will give you a perfect off duty look. Other than this you can go with black and White mandarin collar paisley dress shirt with navy chinos and black leather tassel loafers for a proper summer look.

The long sleeve mens paisley dress shirts are preferred more by men since they are versatile when compared with the short sleeve shirts. A long sleeve paisley dress shirt can be paired with a teal velvet blazer and black dress pants for a dressy look. You can also style the long sleeve paisley dress shirt with a pair of navy chinos and navy athletic shoes when you need a stylish youthful look. You can layer the paisley dress shirt with a white crew neck t-shirt, navy chinos and white canvas high top sneakers when you need a effortlessly smart style. But when it comes to short sleeve Paisley dress shirts you will have to go with casual styling. A green paisley dress shirt paired with white shorts and pink low top sneakers is an outfit of cool and casual vibe. A paisley brown mens dress shirt paired with brown chinos and gray suede derby shoes is a perfect foundation for a casual and cool getup. Thus if you are looking for a casual style go with short sleeve paisley dress shirts but if you are getting your first shirt then it is better to go with long sleeve mens paisley dress shirts.

As for the fit of the Paisley dress shirts you should select it based on the usage. If for formal purpose then go with paisley slim fit mens dress shirts and for casual use go for roomier fit like classic fit mens paisley dress shirts. A gray slim fit paisley dress shirt with top 2 buttons left open paired with a white suit is a great look for a beach wedding or rooftop party. For a classy yet laid back style you can pair the blue classic fit paisley dress shirt with a pair of black skinny jeans. Men who are on the bulkier side can go with big and tall paisley dress shirts.