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Mens Windowpane Dress Shirts

Even if a person magically manages to get through his work week with 2 suits it is almost impossible for him to do without atleast 5 dress shirts. White dress shirts are the universal favorite but we cannot make do with the same look of the dress shirts especially if you want to try different looks with the same suit. Thus it is important for you to choose variety of dress shirts and this includes patterns. Today we have a suggestion for you when it comes to patterned dress shirts. Windowpane dress shirts are a great choice for men who are starting out with the patterned dress shirts since they give out a subtler look when compared to other popular styles like plaid dress shirts and such.

Red Shirt

Windowpane is a pattern that has been in use for a long time now but they have been in and out of style. But in the recent times the windowpane pattern came back with a vengeance and it worked. You can now spot windowpane suits and windowpane dress shirts more often than in the previous decade. Windowpane pattern has become one of the most popular styles in menswear now and thus it is time that you include it to your wardrobe collection that is if you haven't already. Windowpane dress shirts are a versatile style and thus can work for almost anyone be it a subtle or extravagant dresser.

For people who are new to the windowpane style we are here to explain it for you. Windowpane is basically a checked pattern whether the perpendicular lines cross each other to form slightly elongated rectangles instead of the perfect squares. Since the rectangles resemble the pattern of the old style of the window panes the pattern is names after it. If you are used to the plain garments and minute checks then you might find windowpane dress shirts to be a bolder style. But once you get used to the look you will find it to be versatile and thus a great addition to your formal wardrobe.

There are various ways in which you can style the windowpane dress shirt mens but you should first select the right style that suits you. The fabric of the windowpane dress shirts is the one that should be noted carefully. Depending on the weather at your place and the reason for which you are purchasing the garment you can make the right pick.

Pink Dress Shirt Formal windowpane dress shirts

For example if you are looking for a formal windowpane dress shirt that you can style with the suits and blazers then we would suggest you to go with the windowpane cotton dress shirts since they are the most comfortable choice. If you find the 100% cotton shirts to be too expensive then we would suggest you to go with the blended cotton shirts.

The color of the formal windowpane shirts should also be carefully noted. If you want to be on the safer side then we would suggest you to go with the lighter side of the shirt colors. Our first recommendation is to go with the mens white windowpane shirts since they are the most versatile. You can style the white windowpane check shirt with almost anything and thus would make for a cool formal style. While styling the windowpane mens check shirt the only thing that we want you to keep in mind is to choose simple combining garments. For example styling the windowpane dress shirt with patterned suits can make the patterns clash with each other leaving the outfit to look clumsy.

Other than white windowpane dress shirts you can also go with light windowpane dress shirts like light blue shirts and pale pink shirts. The light color of the shirts help blend in well with any color especially with the dark colored work suits. Here are some of the windowpane dress shirt outfits that would work for you.

For an elegant and formal look you can style the white windowpane pattern dress shirt with a navy fair isle sweater vest, navy plaid wool blazer and a pair of tobacco dress pants. If you want to finish off the look in the same classic style then we would suggest you to add with the outfit a pair of dark brown socks with dark brown fringe leather loafers. If you are dressing for a boring summer day work you can choose to style the light pink mens windowpane dress shirt with a tan double breasted blazer and white chinos. To complement the style in the perfect sense you can add with the windowpane dress shirt outfit a pair of dark brown leather loafers.

Casual windowpane dress shirt

If you are still not very confident about styling the windowpane dress shirt for the formal use then you can start with the casual events. Throw on the windowpane dress shirts when you are styling the outfit for an off day or for a casual outing with your friends. with the various fabric choices. For example if you are purchasing for summer use then go with windowpane linen dress shirts. Usually people avoid linen for formal use since they tend to wrinkle easily but when it is for casual use then linen is a great choice. When the event is more of a fun and dressy one then you can try going with satin windowpane dress shirt and such. Choose whichever fabric in which you will feel comfortable.

As for the color you can try going with the darker colors like the windowpane mens navy shirts or mens windowpane black dress shirts. The fit of the windowpane dress shirt also matters a lot. When you are intending to style the garment with chinos and without jacket make sure to go with fitting styles like windowpane slimfit dress shirts but if you are looking for casual style like mens windowpane sport shirts then you can go with more comfortable fits.