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Mens Slim Fit Dress Shirts

There are a surprisingly varying number of styles in mens dress shirts. This means that there is a style and fit for every man regardless of their taste and body type. But for some this variety can make purchasing for dress shirts a daunting task. Knowing the basics of the styles available can make the picking easier and thus we discuss about the basics of slim fit dress shirts.

There are a lot of things that you will have to consider while selecting the mens dress shirts but among them fit of the shirt is the most important thing since it is first thing that captures the attention of the viewer. A well fitting dress shirt can make you look perfect regardless of the quality and the cost. By a well fitting shirt we mean the one that accentuates your body and at the same time keeps you comfortable. Most of the time custom made dress shirts are recommended but not everyone can afford the high price. slim fit dress shirts are the next best choice especially for formal events.

In the recent times wearing a dress shirt without a jacket has become acceptable. This was not the case in the early times and thus the fit of the dress shirts at that time were not much considered. But since there is nothing to obscure the view of the shirt the fit of it has become an important thing. A mens slim fit dress shirt is considered to be a good pick when you need a nicely fitting garment that can complement your body type.

The mens slim fit dress shirts are fashionable since they avoid using excess fabric when compared with the classic fit dress shirts. These slim fit dress shirts have a high armhole stance that makes the shirt fit closer to the body of the wearer but without being it too tight. The darts in the mens slim fit dress shirts makes the shirt have a accentuated back. The mens slim fit dress shirts is tighter in fit and thus can be less comfortable for men who are used to the classic fit shirts.

Linen Dress Shirt The slim fit dress shirts is a common option. The slim fit dress shirts have a tapered body and waist and thus can a little fitting in the upper body. This fit is mostly recommended for slim or slightly built men since it can be a little constricting for men of athletic build. When buying the slim fit dress shirts there are some things that you will have to note to make the perfect choice.

The quality of the mens slim fit dress shirts is another important factor to note. When selecting the fabric of the slim fit dress shirts you can buy the ones that can survive for atleast two seasons. Cotton slim fit dress shirts is the one that is most recommended especially for pairing with formal garments like suits and blazers. They are comfortable to wear and lightweight when paired with layers. For casual summer use or for travelling you can go with mens slim fit linen dress shirts. As for fancy events you can go with silk mens slim fit dress shirts and satin mens slim fit dress shirts.

The next thing that draws most attention other than the fit is the color of the shirt. Make sure that you select the color depending on the nature of the event that you are attending and the climate at that time. When it comes to formal events you can opt to go with light colored dress shirts.

light blue Slim fit shirt White mns slim fit dress shirts are the one that is most preferred for formal settings. You can pair this shirt with almost any formal garments and it would never look out of place. This is the most versatile dress shirt available which you can wear to formal as well as casual events. Other than these mens slim fit light blue dress shirts and light pink slim fit dress shirts also works best for formal use. When you go with shirts for casual use then try to go with darker and brighter colors.

A navy three piece suit with a white dress shirt and navy tie is a great look for any formal setting. You can style the same shirt with a pair of navy jeans for a laid back look. If you are not a fan of the bright nature of the white shirts you can try out the subtler ones like cream slim fit dress shirts and ivory slim fit dress shirts. The slim fit ivory mens dress shirts have a subdued look that will blend well with the outfit.

French Cuff Slim fit Dress Shirt
A light blue mens dress shirt paired with a navy suit and blue striped tie is a great tonal look for a casual day at office. People who like a little contrast in the outfit can go with pairing charcoal gray suit with light pink shirt and a gray tie. There are a lot of variations in the styling and you can choose the one that best suits your purpose and taste. For formal use mostly it is recommended to go with long sleeve slim fit dress shirts. When pairing it with the suit jackets or blazers make sure that the sleeve of the jacket is a inch or half shorter than the shirt sleeve. You can style the long sleeve mens slim fit dress shirts as casual garments with the sleeves rolled back. When you get the garment to be paired with tuxedos then you can try the mens slim fit French cuff dress shirts.

A black mens slim fit dress shirt paired with a black suit and a black tie is a classy look. A red mens slim fit dress shirt paired with beige dress pants is a cool look for a date or any such thing. Short sleeve slim fit dress shirts are rare since people prefer a roomier fit for casual use.