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Linen Dress shirt

When summer heat starts makes you sweat know that it is time for the linen shirts. They are a good replacement for the T-shirts that we are ready to go with for the work. In this article we discuss about linen shirts and how to style them the best for this summer season.

Linen Dress Shirt What is so special about linen that makes it most preferable among all summer fabrics? Linen is a breathable fabric that has a natural property of temperature regulation. They are made from the flax fibers thus allow the air to pass well through the fibers. If you are a person who sweats much or overheat easily then linen shirt is the best option for you. The structure of the fabric will drape over the body softy without clinging on to it too much. Other than this the linen shirt also has some great moisture wicking characteristics. Cotton and linen are two fabrics that absorb the perspiration from your body surface. But while the cotton retains it for quite some time linen quickly released it back to air. This means that even though they absorb moisture it is unlikely for it to feel damp or wet. Linen shirts also easily conduct heat. This means that the heat of the body can be conducted through the fabric and thus will leave you cool. The heat conductivity of the linen is known to be atleast 5 times as that of wool. Other than this linen shirts also reflect heat and thus making it a perfect summer garment.

As for styling a linen shirt there are some ideas that you can try. For a cool summer look you can pair the linen shirt with a pair of shorts. But when you go with this combo it is important that you choose a nicely tailored pair of shorts that aren't tattered too much. As for the length it is recommended for you to go with shorts that are cut just above the knee. This gives you a slightly formal and sharper look. For casual look you can go with slightly shorter ones. A linen button down dress shirt is the one that is most preferred for the breezy look. When you go with long sleeve linen shirts the cuff of the shirt should never extend past your wrists. The fit of the linen shirt is another important thing that you should note about this style. Go for a classic fit linen shirt that does not feel too baggy.
White Linen Shirt
As with the color light colors are more preferred for a casual laid back look.Dress White linen shirt is the most versatile option you can get. You can easily pair them with both formal and casual garments. You can also go with light colors like light blue linen shirt or pastel pink linen dress shirt. When you need a good contrasting look you can go with pairing navy linen shirt with white shorts or beige shorts.

The next recommendation for you is to go with pairing linen shirts with jeans. It is best to go with slim fit jeans paired with button up linen shirts for a cool weekend look. As for the fit of the shirt go with linen fit classic dress shirts that aren't too loose. When you need a stylish look you can also roll up the sleeves of the shift halfway.

As for the color of the jeans try to go with subdued ones like black or indigo jeans. Contrasting look with the jeans paired with light colored dress shirts are the best for summer and spring styles. You can also go with darker shades of linen shirts for a tonal look. For example light blue jeans paired with linen dark blue dress shirt and white sneakers is a laid back look. You can also go with pairing indigo jeans with olive green linen shirt and white canvas high top sneakers for a simple stylish and summer ready outfit.

Dark Blue Short Sleeve Dress Shirt

A linen shirt with chinos is a great smart casual outfit for the summer. You can simply throw together the garments together for a coordinated look but you can also try out the versatility of the layering for a stylish look. Lighter colors of chinos work well for this ensemble and you can pair it with both light and dark colors of the linen shirts. You can wear the linen shirts with the sleeves up or down depending on the look you are going for.

When pairing the look make sure you go with nice contrasting combo that will make your look stand out. For example pastel pink chinos paired with white crew neck t-shirt and light blue linen shirt over it is a great look for any summer party. You can complete the look with a pair of white canvas high top sneakers. For a smart casual classy look you can pair the ivory linen dress shirt with a pair of gray chinos and gray leather suede loafers. For a more distinct dressy look pair the brown chinos with a burgundy linen dress shirt.

Slim Fit Dress Shirt Linen dress shirts can work well when paired with any jacket or blazers. For a formal look wear the linen shirt tucked in the trousers and add a jacket at the top. For a casual scenario you can leave the linen shirt untucked underneath the jacket. As for the fit you can go with linen slim fit dress shirts for a formal look.

Linen dress shirts can be paired with suits for a smart summer look. Linen dress shirts provide good contrasting texture even when they are of the same color as the other garment. For a dark suit, go with light linen shirt and vice versa. For example a navy suit paired with cream linen shirt is a good choice for an awesome look.