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Stone Suits

Mens-3-Piece-2-Button-Suit There are very few colors that men feel comfortable to wear especially in formal clothing like suits and tuxedos. Navy suits and charcoal gray suits dominate the formal menswear. When the summer comes these colors tend to turn boring and thus the need for new colors arises. In this article we discuss the stone suits and how best to adapt them in formal setting.

When it comes to summer suits the challenges involved can be many. Starting from the material to the color of the suit there are a number of factors that you should carefully select for a perfect look. But once you get to know the basics the process becomes much easier. Summer and spring are the warmer months that get a lot of natural light. While the light colored suits like cream suits, tan suits, white suits and stone men's suits attract too much attention in the gloomy seasons like winter and fall they look great under the natural lighting of summer.

Three-Button-Stone-Color For people who don't know stone is a neutral color that lies between the taupe and brown in the color spectrum. Because of its neutrality stone pairs well with drabby hues like navy, brown and gray. The stone color in itself had white and gray undertones thus giving out a reserved vibe. The stone suits are usually recommended for summer and spring use but you can use the stone suits as separates when you go with traditional cold weather colors in summer. For example rather than pairing a navy blazer with white trousers you can pair the navy blazer with stone trousers since it gives a subdued look. This works to a great advantage since most men's wardrobe have a lot of navy clothing and there are very few innovative ways to style the navy outfit. Adding a stone suit to the mix can give you a lot of options to reinvent your usual navy wardrobe. Also because of its neutral look you can easily pair the garment with many garments making it a versatile pick. If you are convinced and thinking of adding a stone suit to your wardrobe then there are some things that you should note for the best purchase.

The main factor that greatly influences the performance of the khaki suits is the material from which the suit is made. You should decide on the material based on the purpose for which you are purchasing the suit. For example if you are getting a summer suit that you can wear for your office then cotton stone men's suits are the ones that are most recommended. Cotton stone men's suits will be breathable and light in weight when compared to the wool stone men's suits. Also if you live in a place where the summers are mild with winter being the predominant season then you can opt to go with lightweight wool stone men's suits.


When you are getting the summer suit for semi formal and casual use there is no better material suits than the linen. Linen stone suits will be light in weight and breathable making then the perfect summer garment. But the thing that people argue against linen is that they tend to wrinkle fast. This is the reason why most men avoid wearing linen suits for formal occasions. But the linen stone men's suits are best recommended for semi formal and casual events where the creases might not be a big problem. But if you are too concerned about the wrinkles then you can avoid pure linen and instead go with blends of line with silk and wool. This blend greatly reduces the wrinkling property and gives you a elegant look. But if you are still fixated on the pure linen there are some tips that can help with the wrinkling.The sleeves of the linen suit jacket are the ones that tend to wrinkle the most. So if you are thinking of wearing the Indigo suit then you can stuff a rolled towel before ironing the jacket.

Three-Button-Stone-Color Summer suits are mostly recommended for lighter colors and thus stone men's suits work well. Other than linen you can also go with textured fabrics like herringbone stone men's suits. Seersucker stone men's suits are also a good pick for summer since it is a lightweight material which can be crispier than linen.

Stone suits have the gray undertone and thus works well for most occasions. If you feel that the white suits and beige suits are a little flashy for the season then go with stone suits instead. Also pastel suits look great in summer but people might not take you seriously when it comes to work use. The summer suits should be of lighter shades when compared with the darker winter colors. Single breasted stone suits gives out a chic vibe with an effortless ease. These suits are the ones that are most recommended since you can wear it to both formal and casual events. Double breasted suits will give you a stylish look with a hint of authority since it is a more formal design when compared with the single breasted stone men's suits.

Two-Button-Navy-Wool-Suit You can also select the shade of the stone men's suits according to your need. Regular stone men's suits have a dark gray undertone and is the one that is most recommended for formal use. Tan stone men's suits and beige stone men's suits have a lighter look that is best for summer casual use. sripped suits have a brown undertone that is best for semi formal use.

Since stone men's suits is of lighter shade you should carefully note the fit of the suit since it shows nicely. Slim fit stone men's suits and regular fit sage suits are the ones that are most recommended for formal use. For semi formal and casual events you can go with regular fit stone men's suits and classic fit stone men's suits. 3 piece stone men's suits give a rich look that you can easily rock to the summer weddings. 2 piece stone men's suits are a more relaxed look and used for casual look.