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Khaki Suits

Mens-Two-Button-Khaki-Suit As the summer approaches most of us will look forward to updating our summer wardrobe. While winter is great with the Navy and charcoal suits summer has the celebratory vibe to it making way for the brighter and lighter colors. One of the colors that we instantly turn to when it comes to summer or spring is the khaki. While khaki started out as a informal color soon it gained a lot of importance in the Western fashion is now entering the formal wear too. Khaki suits are one of the most preferred styles among the younger generation. Thus in this article we discuss the khaki men's suits and why you should get one if don't already own it.

When it comes to khaki there is still a lot of confusion since it does not have it's origin in the Western nations. To clear it all khaki is a word that refers to a certain color not a fabric or a cut. It is a light shade of brown that has a yellowish tinge to it. Most men tend to think that khaki is another word for chinos or a garment that is made of light weight cotton twill. The interesting color has a long and diverse history which is also fascinating to hear. It has traversed all the paths before entering into the formal wear. Ash suits have a nice look to it that made it a instant favorite among the men of all generations.

Two-Button-Tan-Color-Suit-29176 As for some of the history the khaki color dates back to over than a century. Khaki color like many of the classic menswear staples have a strong military connection which makes it still relatable. Khaki is a hindustani word which translates to soil colored. During the second World War the military uniforms worn by the British Indian Army were of khaki color. By the end of the 19th century the British realised that their red uniforms were unpractical because of the changing warfare at that time. While before that the fights were mostly physical the bright uniforms helped them differentiate among the allies and enemies. But soon the warfare changed to carrying arms and trenches thus direct contact with the enemy became scarce. Thus more than identification camouflage was the one that was most required. Also the heavy fabric of the red uniforms also weighed down the soldiers a great deal. The idea became clear when the English officers noticed that their indian privates wore lightweight cotton garments and smeared mud and sometimes even tea to blend in with the surroundings of the trenches. Thus in 1848 the first official khaki uniforms were produced but it took almost 50 years for the British Army to fully adopt it.

With the great military origin khaki soon became a style favorite even among the civilians. Wearing khaki garments even in casual style meant that you support the army at that time and was seen as patriotic. Slowly the versatility of the khaki color was recognised and soon recognised for better use. Khaki pairs well with almost all colors and thus can be one of the best picks for this summer.

If you are convinced and thinking about getting a khaki suit then here are some recommendations that might help you in the process. Khaki being a monochromatic color makes a great addition to your wardrobe. The khaki men's suits give a crisp, simple look that makes for a subtle garment. If you are a person who is so used to the Navy and charcoal suits and would like to try out a new style then you can go with khaki suits. Khaki men's suits give you a subtle yet bold look that is balanced on every level.

Khaki-Color-Military-Style-Suit As for the fabric of the khaki men's suits since it is a summer style it is best for you to go with lightweight ones like Burgundy suits or linen khaki men's suits. They are light and Breathable making for a comfortable fit for the warmer months. If you live in a slightly chilly place then you can go with lighter weights of wool khaki men's suits or tweed khaki suits. All the above mentioned ones are natural fabrics but when you need a cheaper priced one then you can opt to go with synthetic ones like polyester khaki men's suits or rayon khaki men's suits.

As for styling a khaki suit as mentioned before it is more of a casual style rather than a business garment. You can wear them to formal events that are not related to work like weddings and formal parties. The details on the ivory suit makes it more noticable and thus you will have to select it with care. For example a single breasted khaki suit is more versatile when compared with the double breasted designs.

Two-Buttons-Khaki-suit A single breasted notch lapel khaki suit paired with a Navy crew neck T-shirt is a great smart casual look. For a little more serious look you can pair the double breasted khaki suit with a black turtleneck and black leather Oxford shoes. If you are attending a formal summer wedding then you can pair the peak lapel khaki suit with a white dress shirt and a black tie. You can complete the look by adding a pair of brown leather monk strap shoes.

As the beige suit is a casual garment and is also a light colored one it is important that you concentrate on the fit of the suit. A slim fit khaki suit paired with a black print casual shirt and a pair of white sneakers is a good look for a casual day around the town on a summer day. Flat front pants khaki suits work the best for semi formal and casual style. For a little more formal khaki suit look you can pair the classic fit khaki suit with a white dress shirt and a Navy tie. A skinny fit khaki suit is a more casual style when compared to the above two fits of the suits.