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Mens Wedding Dress Shirts

Going with a wedding? First of all, Congratulations! It is indeed one of the important milestones in life. It is also one of the major events you will host with all the attention focused on you. While this might be exciting for some we have also seen some men trying to escape the spotlight on their own wedding. Nevertheless the figurative spotlight is going to be there since you are the groom and thus it is best if you find the stunning wedding outfit. While choosing the outfit most tend to focus all their energy in finding the best tuxedo or suit but later ignore the wedding dress shirt. We advise you against this since the wedding shirt is also an integral part of your wedding attire and thus should be selected with care.

Most might be wondering what there is to “carefully note” when a white dress shirt is going to suffice. If you think that there is the standard white dress shirt option for all weddings then there is a lot for you to learn in the world of fashion. Each wedding is unique nowadays and thus choosing the wedding dress shirts also varies according to the event. If you are hosting the wedding or a guest at the wedding here are suggestions for you to choose the best wedding shirt for the event.

Royal Blue Shirt We will start with the groom since he is the star of the wedding but the basics are for all men to take regardless of him being the groom or a guest in the wedding. The color of the wedding shirt is the first thing that you should note. Usually men think that it is the simple choice of white since white dress shirt has saved all of us men from making the choices for a long time. While it is true that the white wedding dress shirts mens would perfectly pair with almost any colored suit your suit isn’t the only thing you should consider while choosing the color of your wedding shirt.

The bride is going to be dressed in white or off white and thus the choice of your wedding dress shirt should coordinate with the bride’s dress color for the pictures to be perfect. For example if the bride goes with a white dress then you can choose to go with white wedding shirt outfit. But if the bride is opting for an off white dress say in beige or cream. In this case it is best for you to choose an ecru or ivory wedding shirt color since the slightly darker color can do the trick of working with the beige dress. Pure white dress shirt on the other hand will make the bride’s beige dress dingy in the photographs and no one wants an unhappy bride on the wedding day.

The next thing that you want to note while selecting the wedding dress shirts is the fabric and the thickness of it. The fabric choice depends on the season and time at which the wedding is to be held. For example cotton wedding shirt dress is the most popular choice but if it is a beach wedding where you expect the temperatures to be skyrocketing the try going with a wedding linen dress shirt. When you need a classier and cool look you can also opt to go with the satin or silk wedding shirt. The sheen of the material will help you stand out from the usual dress shirt choices. If you are hosting a casual wedding with western dress codes then you can even choose the denim shirt wedding shirt but this is mostly recommended for the guests.

Regular Cuff Shirt As for the thickness of the wedding dress shirts think about how much opaqueness you can manage. Remember that there might be a moment where you take off the jacket in the later part of the ceremonies and if you aren’t comfortable with the sheer fabrics then go with the thicker ones or wear an undershirt with the thinner shirts. Our recommendation for the thinner shirts will be to go with broadcloth or poplin wedding dress shirts and as for the thicker fabrics you can choose pinpoint or twill wedding shirts. Thinner shirts with undershirts might be best if the event if held at the day since they have better breathability. But even when you wear an undershirt it might show when you decide to take off the jacket. If this is bothersome for you then the best choice is to go with the thicker fabrics of the wedding shirts. The thicker fabrics do not require an undershirt and also are better at wrinkle resistance than the lighter shirts.

The collar of the wedding shirt also matters. If you are going with a tuxedo or a suit then we would recommend you to go with the president wedding spread collar dress shirt. It suits almost all body types and also looks good when a bow tie or neck tie is worn. But if you want the look to be more modern then you can choose the English spread collar wedding shirt. If you are choosing the formal dress code with a perfect tuxedo then think going with a wingtip collar wedding shirt that is complete with French cuffs.

The length of the wedding dress shirt should depend on the type of wedding event you are going with. For example if it is a pretty formal event then you might have the dress shirt tucked in your pants for the whole event thus a longer shirt would be a great choice. But if you are looking for a beach wedding shirt and you expect the celebration night to get wild then it is better to go with the shorter shirt. This way even when you are showing your moves on the dance floor with an half untucked dress shirt you would still look cool.