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Mens Gray Dress Shirt

When it comes to clothing, a neutral wardrobe is easy to style. This is especially true for formal clothing since we aim to blend in with the work surroundings. This is one of the reason why gray is most preferred for formal clothing. Gray falls in the middle of black and white in the color spectrum and thus can be mostly regarded as colorless. One of the most preferred formal garments is the gray dress shirts and today we are going to look into the variations available and some styling tips for the garment.

Mens-Charcoal-Color-Shirt There are a lot of variations in gray and first you need to select the shade that best works for you. As for mens gray dress shirt that you pair with formal clothing like suits it is best to stick with lighter shades. This is because of the fact that the formal clothing like suits are mostly of dark colors like navy and charcoal gray and when you add a light gray dress shirt to the mix it will greatly complement your outfit. When you purchase the mens gray dress shirt for casual use then you can go with darker shades of the shirt. You can easily pair them with chinos or jeans for a laid back look.

One of the main things that you will have to know while assembling your outfit is to know the colors which pair well with your main color. As for gray dress shirt the options are endless since gray is a neutral color and neutrals work well with almost all colors. But we have listed out some colors that we think pairs incredibly with gray.

We shall start first with the navy since it is one of the most sought after color for formal clothing. Navy is definitely the saviour of the men who have to suit up daily. The middle of the road look of the navy gives a perfect background for the men to style the garment as per their wish. For a simple office attire pair a navy wool suit with a mens gray cotton dress shirt and navy striped tie. You can complete the look with a pair of black leather Oxfords. For formal use it is best to stick with cotton dress shirts since they are lightweight and breathable, thus you would not feel too stuffy when you wear it under jackets and blazers. For a smart casual look you can pair the mens gray dress shirt with a navy wool shirt jacket, charcoal wool dress pants. You can properly complement the look with a polka dot gray wool tie and burgundy leather derby shoes. Other than this you can pair the gray dress shirt with a navy blazer, charcoal dress pants and charcoal tie when you need an indispensable menswear style. Complete the look with a pair of black leather loafers. For a casual look you can pair the long sleeve gray mens dress shirt with a navy cable sweater and black jeans. For a unique look pair it with bright colored garments like red overcoat and then a pair of gray suede low top sneakers.

Herringbone-Tweed-Stripe-Gray-Shirt mens-gray-dress-shirt Shiny-Light-Gray-Shirt-Tie Gray-Slim-Fit-Dress-Shirt

The next color that we recommend you to pair with mens gray dress shirt is green. When you pair gray with green make sure that you opt for subtle shades of green so that they blend in well with the neutral shade of gray. For a polished look you can pair the gray dress shirt with beige wool dress pants, olive green wool blazer and an orange tie. You can complement the outfit with a pair of dark brown suede tassel loafers. For a casual pairing of gray dress shirt you can wear it with a pair of black chinos, teal blazer, gray tie and a gray overcoat. You can make the whole outfit come together by adding a pair of brown leather brogue boots to the mix. Pairing the long sleeve mens gray dress shirt with an olive cardigan and blue dress pants is a timeless classic look. You can add a olive wool hat, a pair of olive sunglasses and olive leather derby shoes for a coordinated look. Green is a good color when you want to go with casuals. You can simply pair the mens gray dress shirt with a black cardigan, blue jeans and olive military jacket. This perfect weekend style can be completed by adding a pair of black leather derby shoes.

Other than these colors it is also a good look when you pair the gray dress shirt with other shades of gray. Charcoal gray is a shade that is most often used in formal clothing. You can choose a lighter shade of gray to pair with the charcoal gray formal clothing.

mens Mens-Daniel-Ellissa-Gray-Shirt A charcoal gray double breasted suit paired with a light shade french cuff mens gray dress shirt is a great look for modern savvy gentlemen. To include an extra zing to the outfit you can add a pair of burgundy leather tassel loafers. When you go for formal style it is always best to opt for mens gray slim fit dress shirt. For a simple yet elegant outfit you can pair the gray dress shirt with a charcoal gray vest and black jeans. Create a contrast for an interesting outfit with dark green striped tie and brown leather Oxford shoes. When you need a summer style you can opt to go with mens gray linen dress shirt paired with a light gray plaid suit and a charcoal tie. Complete the smart casual outfit with a pair of gray suede double monks.

For a casual style you can go for mens gray short sleeve dress shirt paired with jeans. But with casual style you can go with classic fit gray dress shirt. You can also include patterns for a unique look. mens gray Plaid dress shirts and mens gray windowpane dress shirts for formal use and mens gray floral dress shirts for casual use are the ones recommended.