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Mens Light Orange Dress Shirt

Pairing colors might be a hectic endeavour in menswear especially when it comes to formal clothing. Thus we mostly stick with the usuals which is navy, black and gray. If for dress shirts we go with white, light blue or light pink. But there are many other colors you can try. One of the most underutilized color in menswear is orange and today we are going to discuss about light orange dress shirts.

Orange is a color that can make you elegant and dapper but you will have to know how to rightly style it. A full orange suit isn't going to work without you looking like a clown. Therefore orange is best utilised as separates rather than a whole ensemble. Other than this you will have to select the right shade of orange for the garment to work. When it comes to dress shirts mostly it is recommended to go with light colored ones and thus light orange dress shirts are recommended. People tend to avoid wearing orange thinking that it is hard to pull off but even the brightest of orange shades can be pulled off when you style it right. For example the bright shades of orange can be restricted to smaller elements like neckties and pocket squares. This way they do not overwhelm the outfit and become a nice complementing piece.

For properly styling the light orange shirt you will have to first understand how the shades work. Dark and bright shades of orange are mostly used for accessories like ties and socks. When you go with the bright orange shirt it is best to restrict their usage to casual events. The lighter shades of orange are good choices for summer and spring. When styled right you can use them for both formal and casual events. Thus adding a light orange shirt to your wardrobe can be a versatile choice.

As we mentioned before light orange shirts are best for summer and spring use when the climate can be not. Hence it is best to go with lightweight fabrics that can keep you cool. As for formal use it is always recommended to go with light orange cotton dress shirts. They are breathable and can keep you warm even when your outfit involves layers like jackets and vests. If you are getting a slightly casual style then opt for light orange linen dress shirts. Linen is the ultimate summer fabric and has better moisture absorption properties than cotton. But the pure linen garments tend to wrinkle fast and thus it is mostly avoided for formal use. If you are working in an institution with relaxed dress codes then you can go with blends of linen with cotton or wool since the blending reduces the wrinkling to a great deal.

Herringbone-Tweed-Stripe-Orange-Shirt Mens-Black-with-Orange-Shirt

The linen and cotton light orange shirts are used for formal and semi formal events since they are subtle styles. But when you want fabrics that makes you stand out from the crowd and bring your inner fashionista to like silk light orange shirts and light orange light orange shiny satin dress shirts are the best. These light orange fancy dress shirts have a sheen about them that can make you look stylish and sophisticated. Also the orange when combined with the luxurious fabrics like silk and satin creates a brand new look when compared with that of linen and cotton. This flashy look is best for special events like dinner parties and award events.

As for styling the light orange shirts here are some tips that you can refer. To style the light orange shirts you will have to know the colors with which the orange works best. First of all, orange works great with warm colors especially the brown tones. Other than this you can also easily pair it with charcoal gray and navy which are the like the two pillars of formal wear. This is one of the reasons why we recommend light orange shirts for formal use.

Mens-French-Cuff-Orange-Dress-Shirt Light orange shirt paired with a deal brown shirt and tobacco leather Oxford shoes is for people who love sophistication with a twist. Pairing a full sleeve light orange shirt with brown wool vest, brown blazer and navy dress pants is a sartorially savvy choice. You can still more up the look by adding a red scarf and beige wool hat. For a smart casual look pair a light orange shirt with a navy blazer and navy dress pants. You can lose the tie and leave the top two buttons unbuttoned for a cool look. When going with any type of formal or semi formal look make sure to select the long sleeve light orange shirt. Also when you go with the formal look opt to go with light orange slim fit dress shirts since the formal clothing involves layers. Going with bigger fit shirt might bunch up at sides when worn with the jacket and create an undesirable look.

For a smart casual and casual look you can pair the light orange shirt with jeans and chinos. A light orange floral dress shirt paired with beige dress pants and brown leather Chelsea boots looks awesome for a casual look. If you want a look that you can wear to summer weddings you can go with light toned colors. For example a light orange plaid dress shirt paired with a white suit and orange plaid pocket square is a great look. For a little more toned down look go with full linen ensemble. A light orange dress shirt paired with a light blue linen suit and multicolored pocket square is a neat refined look. For a laid back look pair the light orange short sleeve dress shirt gray chinos and white low top sneakers. Other than this you can go with patterned ones like light orange paisley dress shirts and light orange checker dress shirts. When you go with casual style opt to go with light orange classic fit dress shirt.