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Mens Fancy Dress Shirts

When it comes to dress shirts most men would have an array of white dress shirts with little to no variations and a sprinkle of light blue dress shirts or light pink dress shirts. This is because of the fact that these dress shirts are the ones that are used to be worn with the formal clothing and white dress shirt can work for any type of event. While it is true that white dress shirt is the most versatile choice it does not mean that you need to stick with the same style for every event. When you attend a special occasion that requires you to dress up try something different. In this article we discuss the fancy dress shirts and all that you need to know about them before you purchase them for yourselves.

Fancy dress shirts true to their name are fancier and more eye catching than the usual dress shirts. Fancy shirts are available in various colors and you can choose the one that will be best for you. Now depending on the type of event and the dress code involved you can style the fancy shirts for both formal and casual events but especially the latter. While getting the fancy shirt mens there are a few things that you should note for the selection to be perfect.

Pink Shirt Satin Shirt Silk Shirt

The first thing that sets apart the fancy shirts from the usual dress shirts is the material. We are used to wearing cotton dress shirts since they are the most preferred choice and also is the most comfortable. Other than this you can also be used to the linen dress shirts and the blends. All these would give your outfit a grounded look and perfectly complement the main element of your outfit whether be it the suit or the blazer. But when it comes to fancy shirts they have the potential of being the main element of your outfit.

Fancy Satin dress shirts are the ones that are most preferred when dressing for special occasions like weddings and such. Other than this you can also try going with the fancy dress silk shirts. since they give out a similar look. These fabrics have an original sheen about them which makes the outfit look richer and more sophisticated in an instant. It can also make you look dressed up for the occasion without even trying too much. This is one of the reason why these fancy shirts are avoided when dressing for work or any formal events. But if you consider these natural fabrics to be too expensive for your budget then you can try going with blends of the fabric with synthetic fabrics. Fancy polyester dress shirts and blends of it might not produce the same type of look and comfort that the natural fabric ones offer but are the best choices for men who are looking for cheap fancy shirts.

The next thing to note is the shininess of the fancy dress shirts. We have already mentioned that these fancy shirts have an inherent sheen about them but the fake ones like the polyester fancy shirts and the blends of it will create a faux shininess which is too much. This type of shinny fancy shirts will make your outfit look cheap rather than a sophisticated look. Thus when you go with the fancy shirts make sure that the shininess of the fabric is not over the top and instead would be something that is easy on the eye of the viewer.

As for styling the fancy shirts here are some ideas that we think might help you style them in the best way. When you are trying out the fancy shirt style for the first time and would like to start slow with something subtle then you can choose to style the fancy black dress shirt with a black three piece suit, black tie and a black pocket square. You can complete the look by adding with the outfit a pair of black suede Chelsea boots. This all black ensemble would give out a balanced look that would not attract much attention on the fancy dress shirt.

When you want to take up the styling game to the next level you can style the black silk fancy shirt with a black silk blazer and a pair of burgundy chinos. Complete the look by adding with the outfit a pair of black suede double monks. The contrast in the outfit choices will make the whole ensemble more interesting and would provide a great place to experiment the fancy dress shirt look. On the contrary if you want a dressed up look for an formal occasion then you can choose to style the black fancy mens dress shirt with a dark green vest, dark green blazer and a pair of black dress pants. To perfectly complement the look you can add with the outfit a pair of black leather Chelsea boots.

While the black fancy shirt or any other dark colored ones like fancy navy dress shirts might not attract too much attention this is not the case with light colored fancy shirts. They have an unique look and thus tend to attract attention. Thus when you go with the light colored fancy dress shirt outfits you should pull them off with confidence. For example a ivory fancy shirt paired with navy check suit and dark green silk tie might be a great choice for bold dressers.

To start off you can turn to the safe haven which is the fancy white dress shirts . For a cool and simple look you can choose to style the white fancy slimfit dress shirt with a pair of black ripped skinny jeans. For a awesome yet simple look you can choose to style the white fancy formal dress shirt with a black striped suit and a pair of black leather Oxford shoes.