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Mens Dress Sandals

When the temperature starts to rise, wearing the usual thick clothes starts to feel stuffy. Same goes for accessories like shoes. If you are one among the people who are worrying about wearing shoes to work in the hot months then you need to consider getting a pair of mens dress sandals. Mens dress sandals are enjoying the height of popularity in the recent times. In this article we are going to discuss the styles of mens dress sandals and how best to style them for an appropriate look.

Closed toe shoes are the ones that we mostly go for when it comes to office use. Most tend to shy away from the open toed ones simply because they aren't used to this style. Also when it comes to formal use, most wonder if wearing the sandals is an appropriate look. But the times aren't the same as before and many organisations have started relaxing the dress code rules of the corporate environment. With the dress codes becoming comfort friendly it is the perfect time to go dressed in mens dress sandals. But not every sandals will make the cut for the formal style. There are a lot of styles in the sandals and you need to select the right one that will look appropriate with the formal outfit that you are wearing.

Mens sandals come in variety of styles and there is a choice for everyone. For example if you are into outdoor activities then you can go with hiking style sandals or sliders. If you are focusing more on the comfort factor then you can go with soft sandals. But if you want a smarter stylish pair that you can wear with tailored trousers then you should go with mens dress sandals. However styling the mens dress sandals is an important factor. One misstep can lead you looking like a lost tourist in the city. So make sure that you get the basics right and then rock the mens dress sandals look.

Mens Black/White Synthetic Closed Toe Dress Mens Dress Sandals
Mens Gray Mens Dress Sandals
Mens Black Mens Dress Sandals
Mens Black Mens Dress Sandals

The first thing is for you to decide on how you are going to pair the mens dress sandals with the outfit that you are wearing. The main advantage with the mens dress sandals is that they are a versatile pick and hence can look great with almost any outfit that you choose to pair it with. So select the one that you want and then get the look that you are aiming for.

Many still doubt the fact that the sandals can be worn with suits. But in recent times there are no more rules especially in fashion and anything that looks good is accepted. Mens dress sandals with suits is definitely a good look if you style it right. But there are some things that you should keep in mind while going for this look. First of all never add socks to the suits with mens dress sandals look. Also the type of the sandals that you choose is also of utmost importance. You can never pair flip flops with suits. Go with mens dress sandals that complement the formal look of the suit that you are wearing. Navy mens dress sandals and black mens dress sandals are some of the most recommended options to be paired with suits or any other formal garment.

If you are still not convinced with pairing the mens dress sandals with suits then you can go with suit separates. This way you can break the formality level of the suit. The mens dress sandals and the trousers that you choose to wear is better to be in darker colors to conform with the formality. When you select the mens dress sandals for formal look then you can go with leather mens dress sandals which look smart and dressy. Blazer with mens dress sandals is also a good look.

Other than the suits you can pair the mens dress sandals with blazer and chinos look. This a perfect summer look for any semi formal or casual event that you are attending. If you are attending a fairly formal event then go with darker shades of both chinos and mens dress sandals. Gray mens dress sandals, black mens dress sandals or any other earthy shades will be a good choice for these type of formal events. But if you are attending a  casual event then you can go with lighter colored ones like tan mens dress sandals and cream mens dress sandals. So keep in mind the event that you are attending while selecting the type of outfit and mens dress sandals.

The next option is for you to pair mens dress sandals with jeans. This is a great look for summer and spring. A pair of full length denim jeans with mens dress sandals will give you a good look. If you are wearing the jeans with blazer or sport coat then wearing mens dress sandals will make the perfect choice for the handsome pairing. If you are going for a more casual look then you can go with pairing a light colored mens dress sandals with light wash jeans. These jeans should be of slim fit for the laid back vibe you are going for. You can pair the jeans with a loose t-shirt or a lightweight knitwear to complete the cool look.

Mens dress sandals with tailored trousers might sound complicated but if you get the basics right then it is an easy look to style. When you are selecting the tailored trousers go with a slightly wider legged ones which taper down to the ankles. As for the length of the tailored trousers it should end an inch or above the mens dress sandals. If your office has relaxed dress codes then pairing a dark colored leather mens dress sandals with the tailored trousers might be a winning look for a scorching day. For a smart casual style you can pair the leather mens dress sandals with tailored trousers and Cuban collar shirt. For this look go with mens dress sandals with chunkier rubber sole. The thick sole will give you good impact protection and also make the accessory to last for a long time.

accessoryMens dress sandals with shorts is a perfect summer time look. Mens dress sandals are the ones that you should go for when you need a breather from the closed toe shoes and socks. Same way you can also give a breather to your legs from the tight trousers with the shorts. Mens dress sandals with shorts is a great holiday look that is perfect for beach parties and such. You can pair the shorts with a well cut t-shirt and mens dress sandals and you are ready to go. Also another major style that is on the rise is the tailored shorts. Tailored shorts with suit jackets and blazers is a recent summer look. Mens dress sandals when added to the mix will be the perfect choice to conform with the formality of the suit jacket or blazers and also with the casual look of the tailored shorts.

These are some of the style ideas for pairing the mens dress sandals with the existing wardrobe of yours. Now when you are selecting the mens dress sandals there are some things that you will have to keep in mind. The material from which the mens dress sandals are made from is a point to be noted. Since you are intending to use the mens dress sandals as formal style then it is best to go with a good quality leather one. Calfskin sandals are the ones that are most preferred when it comes to leather mens dress sandals. This way you can pair them with both formal and semi formal outfits and also the leather dress sandals will last for a long time. If you think that the cost of the leather sandals is too much then you can go with synthetic closed toe sandals but they will not be as durable as the high quality leather ones.

Other than this people looking for dressy mens sandals can go with exotic skin sandals.Alligator sandals and crocodile skin sandals are the ones that are most preferred. Apart from this you can also go with options like python sandals and ostrich sandals. These animal skin sandals will be best to pair with formal outfits when you attend a dressy event. The cost of these sandals will also be high when compared with the leather ones. Also there are a lot of fake ones in the market and therefore it is always best to go with products from trusted brands like Belvedere sandals and Stacy Adams sandals to ensure the authenticity and quality.

The next thing that you will have to note is the color of the mens dress sandals that you choose. Go with dark colored ones if you are intending to pair it with formal clothes. Black sandals and brown sandals are the ones that are most preferred when it comes toformal sandals. On the contrary if it is a semi formal event like summer weddings then you can go with lighter colored ones like beige sandals and cognac sandals.

white sandalsBeach weddings are one of the best events for styling the mens dress sandals. When you attend the beach weddings most of us get confused on what footwear to go with. It is hard to wade through the sand while wearing shoes and the heat also catches up when it comes to closed toe shoes. In these cases mens dress sandals are the best choice to go with.White sandals and cream sandals are some of the recommendations when it comes to beach weddings. The lighter colors stand out too much in winter but with summer they work great. Other than this you can also go withtwo toned sandals for a more stylish look.

The comfort of the wearer is the main purpose of going with mens dress sandals. So make sure that you select the right size of the mens dress sandals. Getting a right size will make you uncomfortable while walking. So if you are getting it at a store then try it on before you buy it. If you are getting the mens dress sandals from an online site then get the measurements, compare it with the size chart and then make the right pick.

As for some of the styling ideas for the mens dress sandals we are going to suggest some looks that you can go with. For a smart casual look you can pair the black mens dress sandals with white chinos, grey crew neck t-shirt and a gray blazer. You can complete the look with black sunglasses and silver watch. For a summer wedding look you can pair the mens closed toe sandals with a white suit. Add a light blue dress shirt and multi colored plaid tie to the mix.

For a casual weekend vibe you can pair the brown sandals with khaki chinos and white linen long sleeve shirt. You can add a pair of dark green sunglasses and a brown leather watch to the mix. For a more youthful look you can pair the black sandals with navy chinos and gray crew neck t-shirt.

dark brownDark brown sandals with white suit and mustard polo is a good look for summer weddings. For a party look you can go with black leather sandals with navy print chinos and navy crew neck t-shirt. For a beach party or cocktail party look you can simply pair the navy blue sandals with light blue chinos and a white long sleeve shirt. You can also go with brown sandals with burgundy chinos and light blue long sleeve shirt for a statement look.

If you are thinking of pairing the mens dress sandals with shorts then here are some suggestions. Green sandals with tan shorts and plaid long sleeve shirt is a cool look. You can also pair black sandals with navy shorts, white t-shirt and light blue denim shirt for a laid back look.