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Mens Pimp Attire

When we hear the words dress code most of us often associate it with the rules on the outfit we wear to the workplace. But in reality the dress codes are not only for workplaces but is a part of our daily life. It is just that we see the words in writing more when associated with the workplace. Dress code is simply the outfit that is appropriate for the event and even the place you are wearing it. If you disagree with this try going to a weekend baseball game in a full blown velvet tuxedo. You are definitely going to get the stares since you don't blend with the crowd and also the outfit you are wearing is not in par with the environment of the event you are attending.

The major point in this mens attire is that every place requires from you a dress code, some asked explicitly and some just expected to be known by yourself. This may come as a horror story to some people especially to some men. Most men ( the keyword being most) do not intend to spend much of the time contemplating on what to wear and consequently on what to buy. Thus, this proper mens attire may become a bit of a hassle when you become integrated in a society that requires it from you. When being a boy, everything seems acceptable with most mishaps ruled out as cute mistakes the real struggle begins when you attain the age when they start to care about what you are wearing. It becomes worse when you get a workplace that you have to visit on a daily basis.

This all being said the main thing with mens attire is that you don't have to panic. While the dress codes are designed to offer guidance on how to dress, the varieties of outfits available may make your choice harder but the key is to break it all down. There are some standard mens attires which if you get properly you can manage any type of mens attire situation the life throws. In this article we are going to focus on these general mens attires, what constitutes it and where are the places it can be appropriate. Just make sure you know the basics and then you are ready to build your stylish wardrobe.

First let us start with the most important one of all mens attire- Business mens attire. This will be the look that is most required of any working men. Most professional people some being lawyers, professors and bankers have this look as their uniform. This mens attire is for very professional environments where the decorum and the professionalism should be maintained. A proper suit complete with accessories like watch, tie, cuff links and polished shoes is the proper business mens attire.

Now the first step in knowing this mens attire look is to assess the environment. Most organizations nowadays clearly state the dress code that is required of its participants so the work becomes relatively easy. When a man is seen wearing this sharp mens attire then it means serious business and commands respect.

As for the color of the suit it is best to go with navy since it is a fool proof color that works well with all age groups. But you can also opt for gray and black which also constitutes strong business suits. It is always better to go with crisp white shirts that are plain but you can also try light shades of pink or blue. There is also an option to go with textured shirts or those with subtle patterns.

Now for the accessories to pair with mens attire you need to get the basics right. Other than ties, watches and shoes others like bracelets and chains may be an overdo. The color of the ties should complement the color of the suit and never should be in bright contrasting colors. Blue, black and gray are the standard colors for business suits. This does not mean that it should be boring since there are various shades available and some come with acceptable patterns like polka dots and stripes.

Cuff links are mostly optional but it is better to add them. The main thing to note is to get the color of the cuff links right. If you are wearing any metals match the colors be it gold or silver. Pocket squares can be white straight folded kerchiefs and this completes the sharp look. You can also wear colored pocket squares but as said before assess the environment.

Shoes are another major accessory that you will need to focus on carefully in any mens attire. Shoes attract a large part of the attention and therefore it is best to go with a properly polished and shined classic shoes preferably Oxfords. It is important that the color of your shoes should match the color of the belt. If you are wearing a leather strapped watch then make sure to get the colors matched since all the leathers in the outfit should coordinate. Black is a standard color but brown also works equally well if you get a proper shade ( preferably dark). Make sure that the socks matches the pant leg of the suit. Stick to solid ones since patterned ones can bring down the formality of the whole outfit.

Next is the business casual mens attire. With changing times we are going down a path where the rules have been relaxed on mens attire especially in the work environments. Though not all institutions many of them are flexible in the dress codes of their employers putting comfort before tradition. While these outfits are a pinch down in the formality quotient they still stand equal on the levels of professionalism.

Now the business casual mens attire has become to include a wide range with various organizations issuing their own set of rules for their acceptable level of casualness. While some still maintain it at suits with no ties, some have reached heights where a nice set of trousers with button ups or even slacks with polo shirts will make the cut. Thus, it all depends on your own workplace culture and it is better to follow it since there is no proper standard for this business casual mens attire.

One main thing that constitutes this mens attire is the no neck wear look. The collar of your shirt can either be open or closed but there is no requirement for you to wear a tie. If you choose to wear your shirt with the top button undone then it is best to go with magnetic collars so that it does no droop down and your look remains sharp. With suits, you can go with colorful pocket squares and lapel pins. You can add more colors to your shirt. As for shoes the options become more. While Oxfords is still a good look you can go with some smart casual styles like loafers, double monk straps and moccasins which you can wear it with or without the socks.

When it comes to formal mens attire, there are three different categories - Black tie, creative black tie and White tie. White tie is the most formal mens attire among the three and is mostly reserved for high society events that require you to dress up like formal balls and evening weddings. It is similar to tuxedo style which is considered appropriate only after the day darkens. While the dress coat may be black or midnight blue with matching trousers the shirt should be of plain white cotton. The dress coat has silk facings while the trousers have one or two matching silk stripes running along the sides of the legs. You can wear them with a waistcoat or suspenders. The waistcoats must be white and low cut with matching white ties and shirt. The shoes should be black paired with black silk socks or stockings.

The black tie mens attire is considered less formal than the white tie and is appropriate for social functions or relatively casual evening events. A jacket with shawl collar or peak lapels complete with silk facings. The trousers have silk or satin braid that covers the outer seams. The waistband of the trouser should be covered with a black cummerbund or a low cut waistcoat. Again a crisp white shirt is the standard complete with French cuffs and cuff links and a wing collar that can be a turn down or a detachable one. The bow tie should be black made from silk that matches the facings of the lapel. The shirt studs on the white shirt and cuff links are optional that depends purely on the wearer's taste. The dress shoes selected should be black and is best to be of patent leather Oxfords or patent leather court shoes. The socks worn should match the color of the shoes.

Creative black tie mens attire is the least formal mens attire among the mentioned three in the formal wear category. As the name suggests it offers a twist in the regular traditional wear of formal wear. This is the look you will see most on the red carpets of the Hollywood award events and even prestigious occasions like the Oscars. This creative mens attire look helps you integrate your personal preference into your outfit in the forms of colors and patterns thus helping to reflect your personality in terms of your outfit. Most formal mens attire look like uniforms while this style helps you stand out of the crowd with your individuality. This style is the popular one among the millennials who have their own strong sense of style.

A tuxedo jacket paired with tuxedo trousers complete with a white shirt is the classic mens attire option. While the waistcoat or cummerbund depends on your preference. The bow tie should match the color of your jacket. The dress shoes should be polished and shined properly. It is same as the black tie mens attire but you can choose colors and patterns as per your preference. People who would like to stand out of the crowd go with bolder colors like red, green and sometimes even pink.

Like earlier times you cannot wear anything you want when it comes to casual mens attire. It also has some standard styles so that you can keep in trend. You cannot dress in extremes like with faded dad jeans and an oversized t-shirt but you cannot also go with jersey and gym shorts. While these styles are acceptable when you are your own space when you go out on an outing you will have to choose the mens attire carefully. This weekend mens attire should be comfortable to wear and at the same time stylish and flexible.

This mens attire look is actually undefined and can range from anything between a pair of well fitting denim jeans with a t-shirt and sneakers or the t-shirt with khakis and a pair of boots. This look should work regardless of what you are doing for the day thus keeping you stylishly comfortable.

Chinos are a good look for this casual mens attire. They can be even dressed up with blazers. Polo shirts are a versatile style that you can easily pair up with jeans, shorts or chinos. Other than the polo shirts casual t-shirts are also a useful commodity when it comes to casual style. They can be either solid colored or patterned. Sneakers play a great part when it comes to any casual mens attire that are also comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

The ultra casual mens attire is one which is best for summer and spring seasons. This mens attire is the simplest look to pull off and again focuses on comfort and style. This warm weather outfits are better to be kept light in color since the sunlight complements the lighter colors more. T-shirts are one of the best garment when it comes to increasing temperatures. It can be crew neck or v neck based on your preference. Again for hotter months go with shorts that may be below or above the knee the deciding factor being your height. Sneakers are the best shoes that complements this whole cool look. You can also pair it with accessories like bracelets, necklaces and watches. This mens attire is the best for times like when you go on beach visits with your families or friends or hiking. Some of the best available collection in our online site are shawl collar tuxedo jacket, red tuxedo jacket, slim fit tuxedo jacket, velvet tuxedo jacket, colorful tuxedo jacket and many more.