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Suits have occupied a major part of mens lifestyle for a very long time. They have a long lineage that dates back to at least a several century. Due to this long history there is a lot of options and styles of suits to choose from. Starting from the fabrics which the suits are made from to even minute details like the type of lapels the jacket has there are options available which includes variety to your choice but for some this may be a bother.

You might wonder what is so hard about choosing a suit. Finding a suit is easy but getting one that matches your taste but is also useful is the challenge. For example the woolen suit you have now might not be useful when you are to attend a party or a wedding.

Suits worn in winter may not be appropriate when the sun shines hot. When the temperature rises high the suits that provided warmth during the cold months may turn suffocating to wear all day. Thus, it is ideal to stock your wardrobe with light suits so that you don't sweat much during the hot months.

What you first need to decide on for your summer purchase is the fabric of the clothing. The fabric that you wear for summer should be lightweight and breathable. Heavy fabrics like wool and fur do not work well in summer. Though wool has great breathability still the material is heavy which may become uncomfortable to wear the whole day.

One of the best fabrics for summer is mens linen clothing. It is considered to provide the best look cool sophisticated look. Linen is a natural fabric that is derived from the stalks of the flax plant. There are evidences that prove that the mens linen clothing were made in Egypt over at least 4000 years ago. When the tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh was found in 19th century the linen wrappings were found in perfect state even after 3000 years. Later the manufacturing process carried over to other parts of Europe. After some time in Victorian era, Belfast in Northern Ireland adopted the technique and accounting to almost all the fabric production thus becoming the linen hub of the world.

What makes this particular fabric best for summer? Mens linen clothing are highly breathable allowing the air to pass through the fabric easily. They are even better than cotton as it has lower thread counts. The moisture absorption of mens linen clothing is good compared to cotton clothing as the mens linen clothing absorbs moisture and evaporates it quickly while the cotton retains it for quite some time. It is also hypoallergenic meaning that the sweat is less likely to break down its fibers. This also means that the mens linen clothing is durable and the fabric is also 30 percent stronger than cotton. Though a brand new linen shirt may be rough to touch but the fabric gets its best after it is livened in for some years. The flax fibers do not stretch much therefore and they are resistant to abrasion to a certain degree. Mens linen clothing is a conductive material which makes it cool to touch. This was the reason why they were highly sought after as bed fabrics. The soft and cool feeling of the fabric against the skin made it very popular and for sometime possession of this bed linen was considered a symbol of wealth and high social status.

The fabric was used mostly for making textiles like drapes and bedding and only by 1990s they entered the clothing apparel. This fabric can be a little expensive than the cotton or synthetics since the production process of mens linen clothing is hectic and involves much labor. If you feel it is too much for you then mens linen clothing blends can become your choice. These blends have relatively lower price than the pure mens linen clothing and also wrinkles less.

One major drawback of mens linen clothing is that it wrinkles fast but it may be of concern only if the event you are wearing it to is very formal. Otherwise, the creases of the textured mens linen clothing is not too bad and gives a cool look. Again the blended mens linen clothing creases less but the elegant creased look is a part of the mens linen clothing look and therefore wear mens linen clothing blends with wool or silk only if you are very concerned about looking refined.

Linen suits of lean slightly towards to the casual side of the mens linen clothing. You can effortlessly rock a linen suit to a summer wedding or a rooftop party. This fabric is the best for outdoor events when the sun decides to roast you but you still have to show up. But if you only limit it to parties and weddings then think again. In this evolving world of business casuals an ensemble of a linen jacket paired with a nice shirt and matching pair of trousers can be the smart casual look for your office. With increasing number of organizations allowing relaxations from the strict formal wears this might be the best time to purchase a linen suit.

If you decide on getting a linen suit then there are some basics details to note. The linen suit is always better to be partially lined so models with buggy linings which covers only the back shoulders of the jacket are a good pick. The trousers are better to be unlined and the side pockets should be less bulky than the traditional ones. If you are a bulky person then you can opt for unstructured style since they have less bulk but can sometimes seem shapeless. You will have to embrace the fabric's crumbliness for you to rock the look with confidence. Lighter colors look the best in summers since the light complements it. Tan, beige and camel are some of the best colors for summer but if you getting it for office use then darker colors should be purchased. Classic colors like navy blue and gray can never go wrong.

The benefit of mens linen clothing is that you can easily dress up and down with the fabric. They are naturally more casual than the wool fabrics but still can be a smart replacement to the usual wool suits especially when the office becomes an unusually hot place to work in. But better avoid pairing the linen suit with a linen shirt since that whole mens linen clothing look can look too casual. But when the linen suit is mixed and matched with a crisp cotton shirt then it looks far superior and calculated the full mens linen clothing look. As for the tie go with a patterned one that blends nicely with the smart mens linen clothing look. This look is the best for very formal events and can also be worn as office wear.

For summer weddings a smart casual look of the mens linen clothing works the best. This laid back look gives a good option for casual events and better yet beach weddings. As unbuttoned shirt pairs well with the linen suit but you can also take it a notch higher and swap the dress shirt with a pique cotton polo shirt. The textured pique shirt works well in summer and perfectly disguises the perspiration.

As for a cool casual look you can pair the suit with a proper t-shirt. A good gray or white t-shirt looks the best in summer and when worn with a darker colored suit gives you the best casual look. As for the shoes you can pair it with a nice pair of sneakers.

There is also an option of single breasted and double breasted style. The single breasted style of suits are versatile and can be the best choice if it is your first set of linen suit. The double breasted styles are considered more formal than the single breasted suits and are the best for very formal events.

As for the maintenance mens linen clothing requires it a little more than your cotton suits but is worth it. The wrinkling of the fabrics requires some attention and ironing or steaming the fabric is the traditional way. But if you are travelling this may not be the best way since you cannot carry a steamer everywhere. Another best way is to not care too much. The creases do not look shabby unless you are attending a very important business meeting so embracing the mens linen clothing wrinkles for its own beauty is a breezy approach. The lived in look of the linen shirt gives you a relaxed carefree look which suits the summer attitude.

But if you are wearing it as a formal wear to your office worry not. There are still ways to keep the wrinkles at bay and take the wrinkles out. While doing laundry it helps to remove the mens linen clothing garments out quickly. The longer they are in the washer wrinklier it gets. Thus pulling it out when it is slightly damp and laying it out to dry fast can be of great help to reduce wrinkles. Next is the traditional way of steaming. Nowadays small size steamers are available that can even be packed easily while travelling. You can also hang the fabric and spray it with water in places where wrinkles are the most. After spraying, you can lightly stretch the fabric until the creases come out. This spray and stretch technique may look simple but is an effective method in terms of getting the wrinkles out.

The wrinkles on the mens linen clothing is mainly due to how its woven. The major things that cause the fabric to crumple are the folds, movement and the pressure on the fabric. The lines that arise in the places where the movement is maximum like the elbows and waist are natural. These crumples are not frowned upon and are even considered attractive. You just have to avoid huge all over wrinkles that arise from neglecting the garment for too long or dressing carelessly. Improper washing and hanging of the fabric can turn your fashionable outlook into a disaster in a minute.

Starching the mens linen clothing often is taking it too far. This method while keeping your garments wrinkle free will make them stiff and this contrasts the whole idea of wearing comfortable mens linen clothing. The main point is to leave your house wrinkle free. The creases and wrinkles that arise out of the movement and travelling thereafter is totally acceptable and sometimes even considered stylish.

Mens linen clothing may be strong but it does have a high potential for shrinkage. Thus think before tossing your mens linen clothing into hot washer since the fabric can get stiff and crinkly. And if left for long the creased may get harder to take out. For every problem there is a suitable solution. The shrinkage problem can be avoided by washing the mens linen clothing in cold water only and dry them fast by laying them out in a drying rack or some similar provisions. This can minimize the shrinking of the fabric to 5% or even less while the hot water treatment can accelerate the shrinking to a whopping 15% which might not be a good choice.

The shrinking of the mens linen clothing can also be countered by getting the garment one size big while purchasing it. Or if you have garments that are big for your size you can shrink it without taking it to the tailor. You just have to wash it in the warm water, let it dry and then try it on to see if it fits. If it still needs reduction you can wash it again in hot water and put it in the dryer in medium heat. This shrinking in stages works better.

With all the quirks and special care needed, mens linen clothing is still a good investment to make. If you feel it is a little too scratchy for your taste don't be so quick to judge especially if you are getting the material for the first time. Mens linen clothing look better with time becoming softer and shinier with each wash. If it still doesn't satisfy you get yourself a set of mens linen clothing just because they look damn good on a man.
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