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Mens Sweater

With the temperature starting to take a chilly turn, it has sent us scurrying back to our wardrobes in search of thick garments to bundle up. Among all other winter garments sweater is one of the best ones that help you get through the colder months. If you don't have one that is functional it is best to get it before the weather turns cold. In fact, it is better still to have an array of selections that you can rotate. Mens sweaters are usually worn for their insulation properties thus keeping the wearer warm in the cold months. Most of the men consider sweaters as a garment that is more for function than for fashion. Whether you are shopping for necessity or for style it is better to know the details and then get a style that suits you best.

Mens sweaters are basically thick garments that are made of hefty materials like wool, cashmere or a heavy gauge cotton knit. A sweater can be called as jumpers or pullovers depending on where you come from. These winter garments are knitted and covers the upper body and sometimes arms. Depending on the cut it can sometimes cover parts of the neck too. Mens sweaters usually come in subdued colors. There are mens sweaters that can be worn in spring, and they can be distinguished from their winter counterparts by the lighter knits and bright colors. So if you are the one questioning this style and ask why men have to wear sweaters then the best answer for it is that the sweaters are a versatile winter garment. This garment pairs well with both formal and casual suits while providing the upper body insulation you will need in the cold. It actually is a perfect choice when you want to dress down a formal outfit or dress up a casual outfit.

The mens sweater scores equally well in aesthetics as it does in functionality. A quality sweater fits snugly with the body and complements any body type. It streamlines a heavy physique and helps add bulk to the slimmer one. You can add variety to your wardrobe that is mostly filled with conservative pants and shirts.

The history of this winter garment as like for many of the mens garment is a functional one. The first use of this garment is traced back to the fishermen who needed warm and durable garments that helper them protect themselves in adverse weather conditions. Most of them wore hand knitted garments which were tightly spun and of knitted wool. Mens sweaters were known as guernseys named after a place in the Channel Islands where they were extensively used. These sweaters were told to be of close knits that even repelled the seawater. As the trade flourished this style became famous among other fishing communities across the British Isles and North Sea where they modified some details according to their need. These modified styles were known as ganseys and had a distinctive pattern. By the mid nineteenth century the Royal British navy adopted this style and were worn as a part of their uniform as well as in some parts of the British military. Even for a first few decades of the 20th century the sweaters remained to be functional garments worn mostly by certain communities that needed it. This quickly changed when fashion became one big driving factor influencing the mens clothing style.

The start of the 1920s saw the rise of one of the greatest trendsetters of all time - The Prince of Wales. He was a fashion icon of his time and people regardless of their class and status looked up to his impeccable style of clothing. He was given a Fair Isle sweater vest, and he wore this in public. He was like the best selling model and many garments that he wore sold out crazily and The prince always helped promote British products. He wore this mens sweater with socks thus creating a trend of crew neck and V neck sweaters making them a wardrobe staple among men of all classes. This was also the time that turtlenecks rose in style and were also called as polo neck sweaters. By 1950s an article in Vogue magazine profiled Aran sweater that boosted its demand thus making Ireland its production hub for worldwide sales. Soon the Hollywood stars picked up the style and the resulting popularity was humongous.

While mens sweater on the whole is a simple garment its styles can vary according to the different characteristics of it like the cut, pattern or the knit. When buying a sweater you will have to consider all these characteristics and choose the one which fulfills all you needs as well as matches your taste.

When it comes to the cut of the mens sweater there are some basic styles. Crew neck is one of the famous pullover style that has a rounded, close fitting neck. They were named after the fisherman who wore it first and is still a very popular style. They are usually wore over the collared shirts without a tie.

V neck mens sweaters are mostly similar to the crew neck except that the neckline of these sweaters are cut in a V shape. This type of sweaters can be worn with collared shirts but the V neck allows enough space to add a tie with the ensemble thus making them perfect as an office wear.

Turtleneck mens sweaters also known as polo neck sweaters are another popular style especially among fashion conscious people. This style has a high neck that covers some or most of the neck. The turtleneck has the highest neck closely followed by a roll neck and with mock neck being the shortest one. They are considered to be a casual style and are mostly worn with chinos or jeans but can also be pulled off as a smart casual look for any casual days for offices.

Shawl collars on mens sweaters were first designed for military purposes. This style had a rolled neck that is crossed or uncrossed along with a v neck shape. These sweaters have one to three buttons that can be either functional or simply put there for aesthetics.

A cardigan is another style of mens sweater that can be opened in the front like a shirt and closed with buttons or toggles. They like the jackets are mostly available in single breasted styles but now some retailers have started selling the double breasted styles that look like a cross between a pea coat and a single breasted cardigan.

The half zip sweater style of mens sweater has a high collar which can be opened and closed with zippers than the buttons. They are a recent style when compared to others and are mostly worn with the front open.

Tennis sweaters are a classic style of mens sweater that come with deep V neck with brightly colored neckline and sometimes colored hems and cuffs. They were originally in light colors like white and cream but nowadays are available in various colors.

The main function of the mens sweaters is to provide warmth during the colder months so the fabrics of which it is made from is one basic detail to note. It is always better to choose a heavier fabric if you aren't a great fan of the cold. You should also consider the one that conforms with your budget and the functionality. Also, it is better to get the natural fabrics to get the best quality that justifies the amount you spend.

Wool is one of the most famous fabric when it comes to mens sweaters. The woolen fabrics have great insulation properties which gas made it one of the fabrics that the most staple winter garments are made from. This fabric however need to be taken special care of since they can lose their strength easily when soaked. It is the most traditional fabric and wearing them with button down shirts gives you an elegant look. Mens sweaters of this fabric are best to be paired with shirts and jackets that are worn to offices.

Cashmere is the refined style of wool and is considered to be the luxury fabric in mens sweaters. This material is highly favored because of its softness and extra warmth it offers which can eight times higher than that of normal wool. All these extras of course results in increased cost but it is all worth the price. But it is important to conform to the standards especially since you are going to spend a hefty amount.

While it comes to cashmere even if they are all made from the hair under the cashmere goat they can vary in terms of softer or rougher fibers. It is important that the sweater fits your body shape properly and in a color that can be worn all around the year. The Finest quality of cashmere are made from long, thin fibers and are the most durable fabric. Test the fabric for quality by pulling it between your fingers to see if it stretches. If the fabric springs back again into place then it denotes fine quality of the mens sweater.

Alpaca is a fabric that are considered to be softer than cashmere, and they are also warmer than the cashmere because of the microscopic air pockets that trap the air. This fabric is elastic and best for people who consider wool and cashmere to be itchy or allergic. Rather than getting the mens sweater in full alpaca it is better to get it in blends with other natural materials.

Cotton is another natural fabric that is famous for its lightweight qualities. This makes them cooler than their woolen and cashmere counterparts thus making them ideal for spring season. These fabrics does not allow the heat to stay for long because of the pores present in it. Also, one of the benefit that makes it popular more than the other fabrics is that they are available in lower price ranges thus making it famous among all other fabrics.

If you are not a fan of natural fabrics and if allergic then it is better for you to stick with synthetic fabrics. While these fabrics provide you with the same level of warmth and comfort with lesser maintenance in terms of washing and handling these are still available in lower costs. But the drawback with this is that they have lesser durability than the natural materials.

Another major thing to note is the weave of the mens sweater. The weave of the mens sweater directly influences the insulation ability of the garment. While the heavier patterns on it makes the sweater thicker, the plain woven sweaters are less elastic in nature. The heavier styles are best for coldest months while the lighter ones are more suitable for the slightly cooler ones.

Cable knit sweaters are one of the most famous style of weaves. This distinctive knit adds texture to the mens sweater that gives them an elegant, relaxed look. They can be worn with blazers for a more casual style.

Ribbed knit is softer than the cable knit and offers the same level of texture but with lesser bulk. They have a corduroy finish and also have a cord pattern. When it comes to the color of the sweater it purely depends on the taste of the wearer. The basic rule is to stick with darker colors for formal occasions. Darker colors are also most versatile and can be worn with almost any colors. Also, the darker shades work well in winter times due to the reduced light. Bright colors work well in summer and are the best for casual occasions like parties and such.

The last thing you will have to note while buying a mens sweater is the fit of the garment. The mens sweater should fit comfortably over the shirt that you wear underneath without the extra fabric bunching near the armpits. The higher armhole, tapered waist and the shoulder seams that stay well at the point that the shoulders meet the arms are some details to note. Choose the neck according to the event and which works well with the usage of tie. In our online site we offer great deals for best collection of mens sweater and also designer brand of mens shoes sweater. Check out our collection of turtleneck sweater, v neck sweater, lightweight sweater, three button sweater, fur sweater and many more.

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