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Mens Jacket

With the winter shopping focusing mainly on the fabrics that will keep you warm, it can get relatively easy when compared to the shopping for summer. The summer wardrobe still will need to keep their fabrics light but the style quotient is the deciding factor. It can be said that the styles purchased should be versatile so that they can be worn all around the year.

Mens jacket is one such garment that is worn over the outfits regardless of the season that you are in. By definition jacket is a short coat that can be worn by both men and women. As for mens clothing mens jackets is one staple wear other than the suits. Therefore, the styles on the market are numerous and you should spend time to learn the styles and decide on one. A well cut mens jacket that is designed properly can be worn over both formal and casual outfits.

Mens jackets like many other mens clothing have a long history. It was around 1857 that the style is said to have the written proof. It was a shortened version of the long morning coats that was defined as neither a tailcoat nor redingote that can be worn with skirts that reach the knee. It later became a popular style that became an essential item in both mens and womens fashion.

They are said to have originated during the Middle Ages that was a shortened version of older short tunic that were widely used by working class men. By the 18th century they became greatly popular among the working class who were employed in both urban as well as rural areas.

Soon the mens jackets employed more fitting cut as opposed to the loosely cut previous versions. They were mostly single breasted with darts beneath the arms and waisted pockets. Later the double breasted styles came into fashion by 1862 and were called as reefer jackets. Nineteenth century saw more styles and one version employed silk fronted lapels that were worn to dinner parties. This is the one which is called as dinner jacket and is still the part of the tuxedo. The 19th century style carried on and is still present to this day with only slight changes.

By 20th century the word mens jacket included a wider range of styles like sports jackets, anoraks, blazers and even bomber jackets. Originally they were only of natural fibers but now they are made of artificial fibers too.

Now selecting a right mens jacket for a specific occasion and outing can become tricky especially if you are an amateur in fashion knowledge. Therefore, it is ideal to know about the styles available and selecting the most versatile ones that can get you through most of the seasons.

Denim jackets are one of the most durable piece of clothing you can ever find. You may be surprised to find that this style has been in style from 19th century and still remains in style. Denim started out in 1880 but the popular versions we see now are mostly based on Levi's trucker which was the first to introduce the neat fit we have now. This denim jackets are the most versatile ones especially if they are mid weight and can be dressed up and down depending on the occasion or the weather. They are hard wearing and this is the only garment that can still look stylish even when is worn out.

When in summer it is best to keep the layering to minimum. Wear it with a plain t-shirt and a pair of trousers or chinos to get a cool outfit or if you are confident enough you can pair them with denim pants to get a double denim look like Brad Pitt in Once upon a time. When wearing a double denim look make sure to wear a darker shade in pants that can give you a decent contrast between the two pieces.

Varsity jackets is a smart casual menswear that gives you a youthful look. You don't have to spend big to get this classic look since there are plenty of options without you stepping onto any of the campuses the name of which your mens jacket carries. It is best to get a simple clean version of this mens jacket which ensures that it can be versatile and also use it for years. If you would like a mature style than the high school ones then you can choose premium fabrics like suede, pebbled leather and wool which can give it a sophisticated look. If it should be inside a tight budget then stick to dark colors like black, navy and gray that looks grounded and pricier than the colorful ones.

As one of the mens jacket classics field jackets are a versatile wear that can also be worn over the seasons. You can go for a heritage design or a vintage one this style can work equally well both in spring and summer. They have a military origin that dates back for a long time but the style has barely changed over the years. The washed out shades of stone and pale green are some of the go for colors when you want to deviate from the khaki. It is best to stick with original design and look for hardware that are contrasting that is of a loose fit with oversized pockets.

Let's face it. It can rain in summer. It can rain at unexpected times when you plan to go on an outing and you will need to cancel the plans. While this may not be helped on the days when you see a possibility in the sky anorak is going to be your savior. Anoraks are pullovers that are made from waterproof fabrics. This stylish mens jackets are hooded, drawstring waisted and are in trend.

The retro style mens jacket can be paired with the mid wash jeans and trainers in classic colors. They can be worn over plain t-shirts but if you are feeling a bit bright you can play around the patterns and colors of the T-shirts.

Another classic casual wear in mens jacket is the trucker jacket. This 150 year old style can be worn with layers during the cold months but can also be pulled off as a fashionable wear in the months you don't need a mens jacket to keep warm. This American work wear can be worn with jeans and boots that gives the wearer a stylish look with a masculine aura. This versatile wear should be chosen with careful consideration of the fabric. It is best to choose wool, corduroy while the denim is an evergreen pick. Stick to darker colors but if you must select stone wash color but never go for lighter colors. And never I repeat never wear them with trucker caps. Just because the names match doesn't mean the styles match.

Bomber jackets were originally designed for fighter pilots who flew around in topless cockpits!! How they survived that is still a question but these mens jackets were designed with heavy fabrics to protect the pilots from cold. The mens jackets as opposed to the constant denim jackets have undergone a lot of changes in style over the years. As they were designed to fight the cold they can be pretty hard to wear at other seasons. Thus, a lightweight nylon replica or cotton style bomber jackets are the best pick if you already have a winter coat.

It is best to keep the bomber jackets color to neutral and simple. A plain khaki mens jacket is a versatile wear that can be worn with cargo trousers and sneakers but also can be worn with dark trousers and patterned shirts. Bomber jackets are the best for people of leaner build since it can add bulk to your frame with the fit that is slightly big.

Who wouldn't have dreamt of putting on a nice leather biker jacket and ride in style? This century old classic menswear has proven to be one of the timeless fashion pieces in men's fashion. This garment has its own appeal that when worn makes to look instantly more badass. This mens jacket was designed for riding and hence there is no proper season to buy this style.

The most important thing to note in this mens jacket is its cut. It should be short, asymmetric and fit close to the body since you wouldn't look so badass with a cheap loose cut one. For keeping updated on contemporary styles you can select mens jackets with epaulets and contrast zips.

Chore jackets were made in the 1900s for factory workers with the designs specially made to aid their work. The large patch pockets were used to carry tools and the rugged construction was to survive their hard work. This boxy utilitarian outfit surprisingly has found a new generation of fans for its multi use and durability. They are made from heavy indigo canvas with some styles even extending to cobalt and off white. Apart from the heavy fabrics they are also made from lightweight materials like cotton.

As opposed to the mens jackets origin it is considered to a casual wear but can be dressed up if you put in effort. A proper chore jacket can be paired with unlined navy blazer to give a casual smart look. You can also pair it with a plain white t-shirt or a pale blue Oxford shirt and navy chinos.

The suede jackets have been in style for over a decade. Though you have an array of mens jackets of various styles but it is good to have a short, buttery soft style that is comfortable to wear. This low key dressing along with the suede protection makes you feel assured even when you get caught in an unexpected shower. Dark colors like black and navy are the safe option on the suede jackets. You can also go with lighter hues like rust, orange and burgundy that can add a pop of color to your wardrobe.

Next comes the track wears. The benefit with the track jackets is that you can add some bold colors to your outfits with ease. It is best to split up your sportswear so that you can steer away from the shell suit look. A black track mens jacket along with a plain tee and mid blue denim shorts gives a cool casual outfit and can be completed with a pair of running shoes.

Harrington jackets became another sensational fashion among teenagers throughout half of the 20th century when great icons like Steve McQueen and James Dean rocked the style. While the original design features mostly got retained some little developments were made to give it a fashionable twist. The original styles had checks in the inside and pared back on the outside but the recent styles have it reversed with exterior checks.

Continuing on the topic of cool mens jackets next comes the coach jackets. It is one of the latest styles that gained popularity in a short time when the style was adopted by the NWA's in the early 90s. This lightweight style is made of watertight nylon and can be characterized by features like pointed collars, snap button closure and drawstring waist. The style was prevalent in American football fields but soon have returned in style among the skaters and the street wear crowd.

If you are going for a coach jacket style the key is to keep it simple. A simple coach jacket worn over graphic t-shirts paired with wide legged trousers will give you a cool skater boy look.

Parkas are the hip length mens jackets that are specifically designed for people who live in the coldest parts of the country. They are usually provided with a fur lined hood that protects the wearer's face from blizzards and the harsh snows. Also, the warm design is perfect for any informal winter outings like a sporting match you cannot skip regardless of the weather.

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Now knowing all these varieties available it may become easy for you to choose a style that fits your need and style. That all being said only one more thing remains. Happy Shopping!!