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Mens Prom Dress Shoes

Shoes are one of the accessory that can effortlessly make or break your look. When they occupy a very small part of the whole outfit they create a great impression on a person's first look. Therefore, it becomes important to give ample time to select a proper set of shoes.

It may seem simple but for a person who is an amateur it is going to be hard. The styles present are numerous and the increasing quality of the options only make it more hard to choose from. The details available are limited as compared to the ones present about other important garments like suits and jackets. There are the varieties that are appropriate for formal clothing and some that are best for casual clothing.

Prom is one of the most important event that comes only once in the life of any person. After the excitement of knowing the date wears off comes the obvious worry of selecting a proper outfit so that your date don't ditch you. For men, it may become a major stress thus it is better to seek advice from someone who knows what they are saying or better yet gather info from a reliable site about the prom necessities. After getting a proper suit make sure that you pair it with a good pair of mens prom dress shoes so that you can rock the prom night.

The mens prom dress shoes are the ones that are deemed appropriate to wear with the formal clothing like suits and tuxedos. But there are varieties available in that too making the selection complicated more. All mens prom dress shoes are not made equal and one set cannot be worn everywhere with all the styles. Therefore, it is best to know the styles and designs that are in the market before spending a hefty amount on it.

This becomes more imperative since most mens prom dress shoes are made of leather and this means that you should spend a proper amount to get the right quality. Before deciding on the right kind of mens prom dress shoes it is better to take into consideration the occasion for the shoes and the wardrobe that you are going to wear it with. This article is for you to know about the shoe styles available, the events that it is needed for and how to select the best mens prom dress shoes.

While the footwear have been in history for a long time, mens prom dress shoes are the refined version of the historic footwear. Now some of the styles that are the most famous among the other styles is being discussed in this article. Knowing about these styles and the little history behind them will help you understand their usage.

First comes the basic mens prom dress shoes style that is an all-time favorite. The Oxfords. This classic English style mens prom dress shoes is said to have first originated in Scotland. Even now some refer it as Balmoral the name that came into existence when it was named after the Balmoral castle. This style of mens prom dress shoes came into Europe as early as mid 1600s but only became popular in the 1800's when the prestigious Oxford school adopted this mens prom dress shoes' sleek silhouette. Hence, the name. The lace up style was an improvement but before that these high topped mens prom dress shoes were fastened using buttons. Soon this style gained the favor of American businessmen and entrepreneurs when they adopted this blend of professionalism and classic heritage.

Now the style has become the one style that is a staple in any men's closet. The basic characteristic of this style is the closed lacing system that has stitching across the bottom part of the mens prom dress shoes. They have a low heel, non-rubber sole and short back that gives it a clean polished look. Cap toes are common among Oxfords but remember to keep the mens prom dress shoes sleek so that they look formal. Oxfords are the best mens prom dress shoes that can be paired with any formal outfits and is appropriate for any formal occasion.

The derbies are another common style of mens prom dress shoes that has open lacing but otherwise similar to the Oxfords. When compared with Oxfords they are considered to be less formal since the underlying structural parts are exposed as opposed to closed nature of the former.

Derbies are also called as blutchers and this name has its origin intertwined with Prussia's military history. Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher the man who the style is named after issued the order to replace the then standard boots with low ankle mens prom dress shoes with laces that can be put on and off with ease. His army soon became the one that defeated Napoleon Bonaparte in the Battle of Waterloo thus gaining a great historical importance.

While these mens prom dress shoes are considered less formal then a good pair can work well with most of the suits. The open laced silhouette in which the leather runs parallel around the laces and over the vamp serves to be a versatile style that makes it look equally good with both jeans and tweed trousers. This is the perfect style if you want a pair of mens prom dress shoes that you can use both as office wear or for weekend outings.

Brogues is probably the most popular dress shoe style that is present till date. These styles have numerous interpretations some from even famous designers like Thom Browne. This style has a good inspirational story where it was first designed as field shoes it soon rose in popularity that made it acceptable in boardrooms and formal settings. Brogues can be either Oxfords or Derbies that is they can be either close laced or open laced. The name Brogue originated from a Gaelic word called 'brog' which meant shoe and also came to refer the perforations provided along the exterior of the shoe that are put there for decorations. These perforations are purely decorative now but earlier they were put there to drain off the water after wading through the Scottish bogs.

When it comes to brogues the silhouette becomes secondary while the main focus is on the details that goes on top of it. The once functional and now decorative perforations has become a mainstay in the modern mens prom dress shoes. The patterns are based on four main cap styles - full wingtips, semi- , quarter- and longwings. In the wing styles the shoes have decorative wings that fan out from the toe of the shoe. In longwings the wings wrap all around till the back of the shoe while in shortwings they end about mid foot. This brogueing may be found also in cap toes and other styles like derbies, Oxfords and monk straps.

Monk strap is now a popular style among the classic mens prom dress shoes styles, but they were originally designed as a more refined, durable, dressier alternative to the sandals that were worn be European monks. The original design consisted of a cap toe to give additional protection. They are similar to blutchers in terms of the build but in the place of laces they have buckles one or two in number thus making them easy to take it on and off. In terms of appearance they look like a blend of a derby and a loafer and also has the same place in terms of appropriateness and formality.

This stylish dress shoe can be worn with a number of formal looks and can look good for anything from a business meeting to a casual night out. It is a good choice for men who would like a different style than that of regular Oxfords and Derbies. Make sure to select a leather style that has a bit of shine to it so that the shoes can maintain the polished look for a long time.

Loafers are mostly considered to be casual wears that cannot be paired with a suit. But with the increasing trend of accepting casual styles combined with the relaxed dress codes in corporate sector loafers may be the new fashion storm. This slip on style came into existence when a need arose for a style of mens prom dress shoes that can be put on and taken off easily compared to the basic lacing system. Also, it was the mixture of styles with the footwear that the farmers wore in a place called Aurland. This soon spread around the world when the Americans started to travel and brought this style with them to their homeland. Soon this comfortable style got adopted by masses and celebrities. Many designs of loafers came into existence some of the popular styles being penny loafers and tassel loafers. When Gucci got this style and designed it with decorations of horse straps the style took on a whole new turn making them a staple wear of that time. Soon this sleek style became a part of uniform for businessmen and men in Wall Street.

Now this slip on style comes in various styles and shapes that are appropriate to be worn with even your most formal suits. Some of the iterations like penny loafers have a strap across the shoe with a cutout. This is said to have put there so that they could hold a penny which at that time was enough to make a call. This is better understood if you know that penny loafers were common among school students of that time. Bit loafers may not have a fancy story for the metal piece that is put across the foot but it does sure look fancy. Another major benefit of loafers is that they can be dressed up and down easily making them the most versatile piece of footwear in your wardrobe. This stylish wear is a perfect pick for younger generations for events like proms and graduations.

Chukkas are a tricky selection that depends on the choice of your style. While some of the designs are best to kept for the moat casual use, some designs can be every bit classy as the most formal mens prom dress shoes available in the market. The key to this selection is to focus on the details of its streamlined silhouette and quality construction. This shorter than average boots should have a narrow toe and clean lines that reach up to the ankle that will end perfectly below the pair of your well set trousers. Make sure that the sole of your chukkas is not too chunky since it can give a look of cowboy boots.

As for mens prom dress shoes the main thing to note is the leather. Glossy leather is a perfect choice that works well in most of the cases. The leather without the shine is still dressy but is considered less formal. Suede is a still lesser formal choice but still is a smart choice. These are the basic ones but other exotic styles of leather are also available some of them being Ostrich and Alligator skins.

Now if you have decided on getting a good pair of mens prom dress shoes then before going to shop or visiting an online portal there are points to consider. Real leather must be your go for choice since they breathe better and with time accommodate to the shape of your foot which makes them comfortable to wear. Some manufacturers even have an option of refurbishing. But if you are a person opposed to this real leather type faux leathers is your obvious choice. The soles of your mens prom dress shoes also should be made of leather. It is better if they are stitched to the bottom of the mens prom dress shoes rather than it being glued. Make sure that the lining of the mens prom dress shoes are made from quality calfskin or real leather and never from synthetic materials. Mens prom dress shoes without lining is better to be tossed off. Another thing to note is the stitching because they should be neat and noticeable for it to be a quality wear.

The last thing after knowing all this details comes after the purchasing the mens prom dress shoes since the maintenance is the factor that contributes the most for its longevity. Make sure to have multiple sets to rotate the usage and also air the mens prom dress shoes out often to avoid foul smells.

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