Mens Dress Loafers

All About Men's Loafers

Loafers are one of the best slip on shoes out there for a man. They have so many different purposes. Loafers can be worn when you dress up or you can wear them when you are just lounging around. Loafers have been around for a very long time, but are becoming more popular as time goes on. Being able to just slip your shoes on and go is one of the best feelings ever. This is why so many people are turning to loafers as their favorite footwear. 
Different Looks Of Loafers

Loafers come in many different looks. You can get them in different materials including: 

• leather
• suede
• and more

You can find loafers that have laces and you can find them without laces. Loafers also come in many different colors. The most common colors are brown, black, and grey but you can find them in more colors than that. All of the different materials and colors make it easy to be able to mix and match your loafers with your outfits.

Loafer Styles

You can find loafers in many different styles depending on what look you are going for. Some of these styles are the penny loafer, the tassel loafer, the horsebit loafer, and many others. Some more styles include the crocodile loafers mens, cognac loafers mens, leopard loafers mens, and italian loafers mens.

Being able to have so many choices of loafers for mens feet makes it a little more difficult to shop for mens loafer shoes. Mens casual loafers are great for everyday wear. The leather loafers for men and the mens velvet loafers are great for dressing up.

Best Loafers For Men

Deciding which pair of loafers is the best is totally up to the man that is wearing them. Shoes feel different to every single person so no one can decided which pair is the best but that person. Whether you need stylish loafers mens, mens formal loafers, or you just want a good pair of shoes that are mens slip on loafers you cannot go wrong buying loafers.

The one thing every man requires of a clothing or an item before buying it is its versatility. This is because of the fact that men refuse to be bothered on a daily basis on what to wear and how to wear it. Versatility of any item you buy is the key to minimalism.

And this is why mens loafers matter. Be it for suits or for casual outfit the mens loafers do not disappoint. They can be easily integrated with most of your outfits especially the summer wardrobe. This is exactly why the mens loafers have been in style for centuries. It is designed to be a slip-on shoe without any laces. It is a low shoe where the ankle is exposed and the shoe does not wrap tightly around it. They mostly don't have heels but if provided they are of relatively low profile. Some mens loafers can have a piece of leather provided across the vamp which is called a saddle.

Mens loafers are basically a kind of dress shoes that are easy to slip on and off your foot. They are provided with broad flat heels and are made of leather. They lack the usual laces and buckles that are provided in normal shoes since the whole purpose of the mens loafers is the simplicity and comfort.

This summer wear which have grown to adapt to any sort of fashion be it casual, smart, outdoor has been in business for long. The history of mens loafers traces back to the 1800s when King George IV the then King of the United Kingdom wanted a special kind of shoe that is comfortable to wear all day. This the shoemakers we're put to work to create the right kind of shoe the king wanted, and they did. But it was only by the early 1900s a Norwegian shoemaker inspired by King George's fashion created the now followed design of mens loafers by combining the Kings fashion and the existing one that was common among the locals and farmers in his town Aurland.

Some say that the Norwegian locals noted the foreigner's interest in their shoes and began exporting them to other parts of Europe while others claim it was the travelers who bought the shoes and after going back their own country popularized the style. However, it may be slowing the fashion became popular in many parts of Europe. People who were visiting from America picked up the cool style which led it to be featured in Esquire magazine. Later all major brands like Gucci started to adopt the style making it a trend of the time. While the main structure of the mens loafers stayed the same different styles emerged which resulted in different types of mens loafers each having their own origin story.

One famous type of mens loafers is the wild smith shoes which were first manufactured by a shoes manufacturing business in London in 1847. Their main business was making and repairing boots for Household Cavalry which was a part of the Monarchs, official bodyguards. The owner's grandson Raymond Wildsmith was the one who was summoned by King George IV to make the comfortable wear he needed for wearing indoors. Raymond was the one who came up with the low heeled design that did not include laces to be easily slipped on and off. The style is very near to the build of moccasin and soon came into ready to wear collection. This basic style of mens loafers is still now called the Wildsmith Loafer named after it's creator.

The Aurland loader we have now as said before originated when the Norwegian shoemaker introduced the style in Norway. He travelled through North America to learn the art of shoe making and by 1930 introduced the design called as Aurland moccasin which was influenced by the mens loafers he saw in America and the shoes worn by fishermen in his hometown Aurland. He marketed the design and the rest is history. The style became incredibly popular and saw its rise in America.

By 1936 a shoe company called G. H Bass introduced its own version of mens loafers which became an instant hit. Their design had a distinctive piece of leather with a diamond shaped cutout. They called it Weejuns to indicate the Norwegian origin of the design. This style picked up fast in America especially among the elite school students in the 1950s. These students inserted a penny into the diamond shaped cutout which as they say was enough to buy candy or to use a payphone at that time. This made it to be known as penny loafers and the name still carries on.

Tassel loafers do not a clear story of origin but the theory has that the style was popular with the Ivy League set in the 1920s but it has no definitive proof. It is said that by the end of the Second World War an American movie actor called Paul Lukas bought a pair of Oxfords which had little tassels at the end of the laces while he was on a trip. On his return to America he took the shoes to several manufacturers to make a similar style of shoes. After unsatisfactory results the request lastly fell upon Alden shoe company. Their then president Alden Tarlow came up with a style that included the slip on version by retaining the leather lace and tassels as decorative pieces. He started experimenting the style with help of Brooks Brothers which resulted in a design that had decorative seam at the back part of the shoe and the tassel loafers became a success.

The mens loafers grew in stature and were worn with suits by the 1960s but it was not the same in Europe. While Italy saw a widespread use of this style in other parts of Europe they were considered more of a casual wear. This changed when the Italian designer Gucci introduced a style in loafer which had a golden brass strap shaped like a horse's snaffle bit which became popular. By 1953 after noticing its widespread popularity he redefined the lines and changed the color of the mens loafers to black from its usual brown. This style resulted in a loafer than had a bit of formality to it and made it acceptable to be worn with suits. It sold about 84000 pairs in U.S. alone and by 1970s became a part of uniform for businessmen and people in Wall Street. This Gucci loafer became famous in Europe and all across the globe.

Now after knowing the styles available and their origin it is time to know how you can style this timeless shoes according to the latest trend. The styles mentioned above are the basic styles and much more are available. This classic shoes looks good on both formal and casual wears therefore styling them appropriately you can make the best use of these versatile wears.

Penny loafers being the classic casual loafer for men is a great match with chinos, jeans and almost any of the casual trousers. They also can be worn with suits and this versatility is the reason of why its so popular. If you are buying your first pair of mens loafers it is best to get penny loafers since it can easily be dressed up or down according to your taste. While dressing it with formals better stick with summer suits since it is ideally designed for a smart casual look. If you are thinking of a t-shirt and chinos or jumper and tailored shorts penny loafers must be your pick.

Tassel loafers was originally designed to satisfy the mid century Americas demand for an elegant, dressy shoe design to wear with a suit. Even today tassel loafers fulfill this need and the best known model is the cordovan. Cordovan loafers unlike other leather shoes that are made from calfskin is crafted using a layer of horse's rump. They are known to be durable and least porous of all models and thus being quite expensive. These are mainly designed to be paired with suits, and they look damn good with it. You can also pair it with casual looks like t-shirt and chinos to get a decent look.

The Gucci style horse bit loafer has remained a classic style to be paired with suits rather looks like it completes the outfit. As like all the Gucci items this refined style is also very expensive.

Another type of casual style of mens loafers is the slippers. They were once only seen among millionaires and 20th century aristocrats but recently it has seen a rise among celebrities like Ryan Gosling and Kanye West who are known to be fashion mavericks. The sharp yet comfortable design is characterized by the sturdy leather sole, slight heel and velvet or suede uppers. They look the best when worn as dress shoes but can also be worn with casual outfits which seem to elevate the look. It is the best if is of more contemporary leather and neutral colorways. But if you have a shearling lined moccasins and hoping to pass through a black tie event then believe it does not work.

A double monk strap has become a famous style among fashion enthusiasts especially among the blogs and online communities. Though it is starting to become an expected style it is still a good choice if you want a pair of mens loafers that can be classy and casual at the same time. Single monks trap is not as popular as double monk strap and is rarely seen in menswear fashion. They come in wide variety of designs as the buckles in it come in different sizes and shapes. The toe side is open and plain allowing for desired details like cap toes, wingtips, etc.,

The kilted loafer is considered to be one of the old man styles that is a little dandy and retro. They have a low vamp which makes it easy to put on and off. In some designs the kilt can also be removed and held by leather strings. They are increasingly being used among other generations too and becoming the latest relaxed style.

The driving shoes are the type which are specifically designed for driving. They are made of leather or suede that can be worn comfortably worn without socks. They have grippy rubber bottoms rather than the heeled versions that can get caught in the edge of the pedals.

The formal mens loafer is a classic formal wear that is black, shiny and made of patent leather and has a low vamp. It should be worn with matching pair of socks and looks best when paired with the tuxedos. They sometimes have details like a simple bow on the front and can be made of grosgrain. They should be maintained properly to retain the shine and best to be reserved for formal occasions. They are also available in velvet and considered to be the modern alternative of the formal mens loafers. The vamp is little higher and is best to be worn with leisure suits and jeans.

If you are in a place where it often rains or it is close to water then boat shoes are the best. These shoes are made of canvas or leather with non marking rubber soles that are particularly designed to be on a boat. The pattern cut are cut in such a way that it can provide a good grip on a wet floor. The leather construction repels water due to application of oil and are also highly durable.

When wearing the mens loafers with a suit the most important thing to note is the length of the trouser leg. The break that is the distance between the end of the trousers and the start of the mens loafers should be slight so that the silhouette looks clean and the details of the mens loafers are still visible. When pairing it with smart casuals go with slim tapered trousers or cropped style. If you are going for a cool summer look you can go sock less but one useful tip is to dust your feet with talcum powder to avoid perspiration. Pairing it with a cool linen shirt and a pair of light colored cotton chinos gives you the chic look.

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