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Mandarin banded collar suits and tuxedos for men


Tuxedos and suits for men come in different styles and patterns like two piece suits or tuxedos, three piece men's suits and tuxedos, one button suits, single button tuxedos, two button men' suits two button tuxedos and so on. There is also difference in the style of the collar of the suit or tuxedo for men. Some are shawl collar style some are peak lapel style while others are just the regular collar style. A new and stylish collar style in men's tuxedos and suits is the mandarin banded collar. This is a band like collar style also popular by the name Chinese collar, mandarin collar or banded colla

What is mandarin banded collar?

As the name suggests, the banded collar resembles a band like design around the neck. Also popularly known as the Chinese collar, mandarin collar or the Nehru collar style, these collar designs are popular in all age groups of men. This collar style is incorporated in both men's suits as well as men's tuxedos..

loafer Mandarin banded collar tuxedos for men

A mandarin collar tuxedo can be worn for all grand and traditional occasions. You will find mandarin tuxedo for men in different colors like white, cream, black and so on. A mandarin collar tux is simple yet looks elegant and classy. Many men are a fan of the mandarin collar style and those who do not have a tuxedo even go for mandarin collar tuxedo rental and wear them at occasions. A mandarin or Chinese collar tuxedo can also be paired with a mandarin tuxedo shirt which will make the tux jacket look stylish.

Mandarin banded collar suits for men

Just like mandarin tuxedos, you will find classic designer made mens mandarin collar suit. Often known by the name Chinese collar suit, these suits is an all time favorite for all men. These mandarin suits for men come in all sizes and different color options, often solid in texture with no print on the suit; these mandarin suits for men are known for their suit jacket without collar. Usually men's suits come with collared jackets, whereas these are men's mandarin collar jackets that have different banded style collars on the suit jackets. You may take your style statement to a different level by wearing a mandarin collar tuxedo shirt with a mandarin banded collar suit.

Buy mandarin collar tuxedos and suits for men online

Mensusa sells all styles of men's tuxedos and suits online. If you are looking for classic options in the mandarin banded collar style, then you have arrived at the right place. Browse this category to shop for mandarin banded collar tuxedos, mandarin suits for men, banded collar tuxedo shirts, and mandarin dress shirts for men and banded Nehru collar jackets for men. We often offer mandarin suits on sale at amazingly discounted prices.