Every year when the weather turns cold we look to stocking our wardrobes with winter clothing's. Apart from the usual like sweaters and overcoats, other light winter clothing choices are also available. Or you can alter your existing wardrobe so that it serves you to be warm.

One of such garment is the mens vest. Mens vest is an optional thing when it comes to wearing it with suits. Some may feel it suffocating to wear during summer but during winter it effortlessly serves as the layer you need to keep yourself warm. This also provides a whole different look to the outfit and can be mixed and matched with different clothes. Knowing how to wear them and the different options on how to style them can save your time and money spent on buying a new winter set.

The mens vests have a long history in menswear since the 1800s. The name vest originates from the French word ' veste ' which denotes to a sports coat or jacket. Earlier men used to wear contrasting colored vests which are provided with artistic buttons and were made from intricately woven fabrics. There is also evidence that some wore two contrasting vests one over other. In the Victorian period, it became popular, and we're worn by most men regardless of their social status. Nowadays vest slips are considered as a formal day wear and worn by businessmen and for events like weddings. It is worn by all generation of people now.

A mens vest is a sleeveless garment that is worn over the upper body. But in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries, it refers to a tank top shirt. In the US it is also widely known as waistcoats. This piece even though has a long history in menswear only became a widespread trend in the second half of the 20th century. Then it took the backseat while other outerwear like overcoat and sweaters dominated the scene but now the sleeveless classic is making a comeback in the mens fashion.

You can experiment with the layering techniques like wearing it underneath a sports coat or sleek suits to get a creative look. Many runway looks that involves tailored mens vest s as a casual suiting look. Adding a few selected mens vest s may lead you to a great number of options.

The impeccable structure and the clean lines of the mens vest looks good on the wearer's frame regardless of the body type and shape. Also, it is a versatile wear working well for both social and corporate events. As aforementioned you can also style it for different looks with the existing collection of your wardrobe. For example, it obviously looks good with a suit since it is a part of it but it also looks equally good when worn with a button down shirt and a pair of your favorite jeans. You can also buy old mens vests that are available in the market if you need a variety of colors and patterns than you already have. This is especially useful if you have a wide range of suits in your wardrobe and if you suit up frequently. Buying old mens vest s adds variety and flexibility to your wardrobe and combining the looks gives a lot of new outfit styles.

If you are thinking of buying old mens vests then it is best to get light colored mens vest s that are lighter than most of your suits. Selecting a light colored vests that are made of flannel and worsted fabrics looks magnificent with dark colored suits like gray and charcoal suits. It is also best to choose a single breasted style if you are getting your first mens vest .

While selecting the mens vests make sure to get quality materials that match with the weather. Heavier fabrics like tweed and cord are the best for winter and lighter fabrics like cotton and linen work well in summer. It is best to avoid shiny materials like polyester that looks cheap and mismatched. Patterns like checks and stripes work well. If you are thinking of buying a textured one go with one made of natural fabrics and matching it with the outfit is important. Pairing similar textures is important like rougher weeds look good with denim bottoms and brushed cotton pants.

But if you are not getting a new best but is thinking about utilizing the ones that came with your three piece suit. These mens vest is good because of the fact that it is well fitted and is an extension of the suit. You may not use it unless a formal occasion calls for it. But wearing it as a full suit is the best for formal occasions. When it comes to the number of buttons single button and double button styles are common. It is a personal preference as is that for jackets. Single buttoned mens vest is a contemporary choice and are best to be worn with a suit as a three piece. The double breasted types are traditional choice while the single breasted styles are a versatile pick.

Another best way to integrate the mens vests in the daily outfit is to wear it with the two piece suit along with the mens dress pants except the blazer. You can also add a matching tie to the look to create an aura of formality. You can also pair them with a good pair of chinos to create a casual work wear. Remember not to have a black pant, best and white shirt combinations since it can resemble uniforms of waiters in a high end restaurant.

For a more casual look pair a buttoned up mens vest with a pair of blue jeans and an open collar shirt. This look works the best when you are in need of comfortable wear but also needs to look cool. When you wear it with a patterned shirt with its sleeves rolled up then it gives a slimmed up look to the wearer. If you love smart casual looks you can also try it with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. To match the casual look make sure to pair it with a solid color or striped t-shirt since a formal shirt can clash with the shorts look.

As mens vest is an outerwear the fit of the garment is as important as that of the jacket. Whether you are buying a three piece suit or a separate mens vest get the fit right to achieve a proper balanced look. If you are buying a three piece suit and the fit doesn't feel right take it to your tailor and make the alterations. As for the proper fit check if the mens vest fulfills some basic rules.

The best is the slimmest clothing in the suit. The cut of the mens vest is made with little fabric allowance this making it sit very close to the body. As for the body of the mens vest , it is best if the fabric skims your torso without it being too tight or the fabric pulling in the middle. It is preferable if you have the adjustable cinch that is usually provided in all mens vest s to loosen it a few inches while sitting or after a big meal. The cinch is provided around the waist or sometimes at the sides. If the body of the mens vest is too large then your torso looks bulges up and this, in turn, affects the whole look. If it's too tight x lines are created near the buttons which means that you need the next size.

As for the length of the mens vest, it should be long enough to cover the entire waistband and should not allow any of the shirt material to peek through. This is the main function of the mens vest and hence checking the length is very important. It is best to try the mens vest on before buying it. While going for the purchase try to dress appropriately so that you can try on the outfits and check the comfort. The trousers should be worn on the natural waist height and the last button of the mens vest should be left open. This ensures space for the movement of hips and comfort while sitting.

As for the shoulders of the mens vest make sure that it lies flat against your body and below any collar points. If you are wearing the mens vest along with the suit coat it should be noted that the v shape of the mens vest should be narrow enough that suit lapels do not hide it entirely. The v line plunges differently with different styles of jacket. For a tuxedo the v line plunges lower than for a normal suit.

As aforementioned, the button stance is purely the wearer's choice. Old mens vests ride high towards the neck and if you prefer to show more of the vest then go for a five button style. Modern suits usually have two to three inches that is visible above the button stance of the closed jacket. These usually have three buttons with a low v line and do not show much when worn under the jacket. Taller gents look good in five button style while others can go with three button style. Some mens vest s have a U shaped front and do not show at all when worn with a black tie jacket. Different lapel styles are available with the common ones being the peak, notch and the shawl lapels.

The neck hole of the mens vest determines how the fabric drapes over the body. It should be noted that the neck hole of the mens vest should nicely hug around the back of the collar of the shirt without riding above or gaping. When you buy an off the rack vest remember this detail since they are often too large. When too large or created a gap around the shirt collar and makes the best shift often which becomes uncomfortable after some time. If you already have a mens vest with this problem then you can fix it by taking it to your tailor and the process is relatively easy.

The pockets in the mens vest is also based on your preference. Usually the mens vest is provided with slit pockets and flap pockets. Some come without the provision of pockets. Flap pockets are a classic style and are considered formal. Sometimes both slit and flap pockets are provided with flaps in the lower region and slits near the breast area.

As for the occasions where you can rock the mens vest look, it is acceptable to most formal events. For black tie events, it is a must but can be replaced with cummerbunds. These mens vest s that come with tuxedos are sometimes backless and are fastened with an adjustable strap especially if it is ready made. If lapels are present on the mens vest then it means it is more formal than the ones without lapels. When you are wearing it with a tuxedo or a black suit it is better to go with a black mens vest but also can go with colored mens vests that are dark and simple like deep greens and burgundies strictly without patterns.

If you choose on a colored mens vest make sure that it is the only colored piece in your whole ensemble. If you need a formal look then three piece suits are the best choice. For events like dinner parties and weddings when worn with the tuxedo it should be paired with a bow tie. But when worn for normal work day make sure the best matches and also pair it with a proper tie. Never wear an open collar look if you are going for a formal look.

As for what you need to avoid when wearing a mens vest that when ignored will give you a sloppy look. Make sure that your best do not extend past your belt buckle. It should also not be short so that your shirt material shows. The shirt that you wear underneath the best should be well cut and if not the sleeves puff out at the shoulders. The main thing to note is that if you are comfortable in your outfit since the look mainly streams from your comfort and confidence.

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How To Select Mens Vests For Big Guys?

Mens Vests
You can select Mens Vests for big guys according to the size or shape of the body, not according to the age. The Mens Vest should be comfortable enough to wear.

Types of Mens Vests for Big Guys

Wool blend Mens Vest with fleece backing. Wool blend clothes pinpoint performance by mixing natural and synthetic fabrics to optimize function, maximize comfort and look great. This type or material of Mens Vests are midlayers warm you alone or together by reflecting and regulating body heat. Wool blend creates a lightweight barrier that is breathable, wind and water challenging and offers high mobility for better freedom of movement, delivering versatile protection for a wide range of activities year-round.

A Mens Vest alone may be fine in his case. If concerned get a 3 piece take it to a decent tailor and ask them to add some waist restraint to the jacket. This curves the waist line in a bit and provides a light effect. If you go suit just make sure the jacket fits in the shoulders as that is the most difficult if not impossible part of fit for a tailor to adjust.

Mens Vest for a big and healthy guy

You can wear a Mens Vest which didn't have a back. So it tied around neck and then should had an adjustable strap that went around waist. You can't tell if he isn't wearing the jacket, but I don't think it looked bad either when he wasn't wearing the jacket. He felt much more comfortable with this type of Mens Vest than with a "regular" one. Backless Mens vests are meant to be worn with a jacket, because they aren't as hot in the summer. They are chosen by rental companies because they are somewhat adjustable, and can fit a wider range of bodies. This means that they can carry fewer sizes, however still tend to have too few sizes, even at that. You don't really see them much anymore, except for rented tuxedos, because men these days like to take our jackets off. The backless Mens vest was invented in a day and age when it was unthinkable for a gentleman to remove his jacket during outside the company of intimates. There are a lot that will since they're usually one size fits all, but some plate carriers come in different sizes. The Condor Mens Vest fits to a big guy who is huge. Lots of Mens vests are very adjustable. It is very breathable, thanks to the mesh, and you can load a ton of heavy gear on it, but it doesn't feel like you're wearing nearly as much weight as you actually are. PLUS, it's relevance to this thread is that it comes in an adjustable 4XL size. One of my team mates is about 6'2" 290 lbs and wears the 4XL and says it fits well. There are some Mens Vests which can adjust up or down 1 size or so.

Where to buy good quality Mens Vests for big guys?

You can buy good quality Mens Vests for big guys from branded designer shop, retail stores or you can buy it online. Check the quality, durability and color before you buy or order Mens Vests for big guys. Size should be adjustable.