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Wedding Suits



It is truly amazing how versatile a good set of suit would be. It is a timeless wear that makes a man look elegant and stylish without much effort. They are available in many styles making it appropriate for both formal and casual events.

But suits traditionally are a formal wear that is an appropriate wear for the highly formal black tie events. This includes one of the most important events in any man's life: his wedding. While it may be your long awaited moment of your life it still may prove to be quite stressful. Picking out the wedding suits for the groom and his groomsmen is one very important part of your wedding planning. The groom will need to look dashing and handsome on par with the elegance of the beautiful bride. To avoid the last minute worry and stress it is better to plan beforehand on the type and style of the wedding suit you wish to wear. This article provides you just that and keep reading to find the options available on the fit, fabric and styles.

On the topic on whether to buy or hire a wedding suit it is better to buy your own custom made wedding suit if you always wanted to buy a tailored wedding suit and is most likely to wear it again. But if you don't care much and don't like to suit up often then you can hire a proper wedding suit and spend the money on something you will use again.

Now comes the major part. Choosing the style of the wedding suit you are going to wear. The day and season on which the wedding is scheduled plays an important role in selecting the type of the wedding suit you will choose. If it is on the cooler months it is best to go with darker color wedding suits. Make sure to select one that is made from heavier fabrics like wool or wool blends since you don't want to be shivering while reading your vow. Also, there is an option of a three piece or two piece wedding suit. If you are going for a formal traditional type wedding go with a three piece wedding suit whole with waistcoat. A tuxedo is also a classic pick but make sure to have your pant leg fit for a slimmer look.

But if you go with a casual relaxed vibe then a two piece wedding suit would suffice. For a summer wedding it is ideal to go with lighter colored wedding suits made up of breathable fabrics like linen paired with a solid or patterned dress shirt. Dress shirts are the proper pair for these wedding suits but for a relaxed look you can opt for open neck shirts without ties. You can also go with collared shirts with short length pants held by suspenders. Nowadays themed weddings are becoming more prevalent and casual styles are coming into trend. You can also go with the cocktail attire donning a dark wedding suit paired with a patterned necktie and solid colored dress shirt and completing the look with leather shoes.

Also note the details of the wedding suit such as vents and lapels. Shawl lapel is one of the best style of lapels for wedding suits. They are defined by smooth edge and continuous curve and usually made of satin. This is the proper style for tuxedos and jackets that are worn to important events like weddings. Peak lapels are the common style of lapels that you would find on most wedding suits. It is best to choose this style if you are on the leaner side since it gives the illusion of broader shoulders and taller torso. Another common style is the notch lapels. This type of lapel is appropriate for any events.

Jackets with no vents look closely fitted and is considered Italian style. If you are a person with slim torso or confident on your body then go with this style. Single vented jackets are the most common type available. The center vent is provided so that it offers easier movement and more coverage of the rear. This classic American style is considered less formal than the double vented styles.

Double vents have two vents and is usually found on the high end and tailored wedding suits. They cover your behind well and reduces creasing compared to the single vented ones.

The fit of the wedding suit is one major thing you will need to consider. As it is your day and the focus of everyone is going to be on you, it is imperative that you get the fit right. A classic fit would be good choice but if you are more confident go with a slim fit. A well fitted inexpensive suit looks better than an ill fitting expensive one thus make sure to pick a proper one.

As for choosing the color of the wedding suit it depends on many factors and should be chosen carefully. As said before increasing number of weddings are now themed. If your theme is vintage then you would want to choose subtle colors like gray or light brown. If the wedding is a classic affair, a proper navy colored wedding suit is your best choice. For modern weddings blazers with black pants are a good choice if you don't have a color theme. If you have one you can choose fun colors that can give you a bold look. Bottle green, burgundy and royal blue is some among the numerous choices available. Also keep in mind not to do your shopping at the last minute since along with the stress it mounts the creative, quality outfits that fit your taste sometimes may take longer to find.

If you don't find a proper wedding suit of your desired color then it may be better to get a custom wedding suit tailored. This makes it easier for you to match your outfit with the theme of the wedding. This may be a little over the budget of the ready made wedding suits but is worth it.

Next factor that decides the color of your wedding suit is the season at which your wedding is scheduled. A groom in a classic black tuxedo is a beautiful side but with the scorching sun in the beachside as a backdrop it becomes impractical. The basic color code is lighter colors in summer and darker colors for winter. The lighter colors when worn in winter pop up too much and produce undesirable results. Thus stick with darker shades while in summer it is best to go with lighter shaded like beige, tan and cream since the natural light complements these colors and makes them look fresh. Also note to have lighter fabrics in summer.

The difference between the groom and groomsmen suits the another thing to note when choosing the color of the wedding suit. Traditionally it is better to not have the wedding suits of the groom and his entourage match since the groom needs to stand out on his special day. This is to avoid the confusion of the guests in identifying the groom that entails when an array of handsome men stand together wearing kind of same colored outfits. Thus, an easy way to avoid this and still coordinate between both the outfits is to keep the wedding suit style similar and varying the colors slightly. You don't have to go with a completely contrasting color and also have parts of your outfit match. For example matching your wedding suit color with the color of the groomsmen neckties is a subtle way.

Now with all the basics covered, accessories are the only part left. Now this is where you can have fun and choose to insert your individuality. There are numerous options available when it comes to any accessory be it ties, shoes, watches or anything for that matter. You can be creative and incorporate an inside joke even. The days of monotonous ties are gone and people have never been more accepting of the casual styles. It all boils down to your choice.

As for ties they are available in many styles. Be it bow tie or the neckties there are still more choices. If you and your groomsmen have decided upon a solid colored wedding suit then you can add a twist by choosing bright colored or patterned ties. You can wear different patterns that all match in color. You can also opt to suspenders also adding color to the outfit.

Pocket squares are another famous accessory that cannot be left out. This traditional style came into existence so that a man could offer the kerchief to any distressed woman. Though this is not much applicable in a world that we live in, weddings are events that do see a lot of happy tears thus making it useful for once. You can make the pocket squares interesting with selecting a fabric that matches with the color of wedding theme or with patterns.

As for the shoes it is best to go with formal dress shoes that complement your outfit. It is best to go with darker colors like black and brown. Socks as always should be proper and match with the color of your tie or watch strap. Though this is the basic formula there is an increasing number of weddings in which the groom and the groomsmen opt to wearing interesting socks that are bright and patterned offered a fun twist to the formal event.

The boutonniere flower is probably a must when it comes to weddings. It is better to wear a single flower or an ensemble of small ones rather than having bouquet that shifts the attention from your face. You can also match the color of the flower with the color of your bride's dress. This minimal matching works the best since excessive matching of the outfits between the bride and the groom does not create a favorable illusion. Thus, it is important to discuss this beforehand with the bride and coordinating it in a proper way which makes it ideal for both of you to look the best on the d day.

As for other accessories like watches and cuff links it is best to stick with basics unless straying away from it is the intended theme. Silver or gold colored watches will make the cut and same goes for cuff links. If you are going to wear a leather strapped watch then make sure to match the color of the leather with the colors of the belt or the shoes that you wear. If you go with metal ones then make sure that all the metal colors of the accessories match. For example if silver, keep it all silver be it watches, cuff links, brackets or anything else for that matter. Never mix gold and silver accessories together since it may look shabby and cheap.

Now with all that being said, if you are not the groom and simply want to attend a wedding in a proper attire then the rules do not much differ. Make sure to read the dress code that comes with the invitation. This will most likely contain all the important details to dress appropriately. If you see something that is tagged as optional then know that the bride and groom really would like you to wear it since they took the time to put it there. Stick to basics since weddings are not the ideal place for rebellious dressings. Go with subtle styles and never wear something that steals the thunder from the bride and groom.

Consider the season and venue of the wedding. As for lighter colors in summer and darker ones in winter the venue is also to be considered. It matters since a cream linen wedding suit while looking flattering for a summer wedding may not be so much when the wedding is in the middle of a city. Thus, if it is in a country side feel free to dress with checked shirt and brogues but if it in a conventional hall within the city try to go with more formal style unless the dress code states otherwise.

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Fall being one of the favorite times of the year, anyone would love the warm and cozy vibe of it! With the help of colors of season, a fall wedding can be easily decorated. It evokes ideas of brittle weather and vivid flora.

Decorating it in such a way is said to exude an unforgettable experience for both the bride and groom. With that said, fall weddings are worth every bit of effort because the season guarantees a wealth of natural gorgeous dC)cor. In view of the fact that brides have so many options, there is one option for men which makes them epic and it is the black wedding tuxedos.

Despite the fact that, tuxedos - wedding suit are worn for several occasions like prom, anniversaries, social gatherings wedding suit attire show a discrepancy to the highest degree based upon the personality and style of the couple to be married. One of the foremost factors to mull over in a wedding tux is what the bride plans to be dressed in. A formal traditional wedding gown should be matched by a formal style on the other hand, if it's a contemporary look, then the men's attire should complement that.

Nothing personifies the contemporary wedding look more than a black tux it exudes a clever confidence.

Though the tenure fall wedding takes in different kinds of wedding the shared aims between them is the season and the feel.

So what are you waiting for? Fall weddings can be a great occasion to dress up for! Take the plunge!


  • Too casual of a pant such as cargo pants, jeans.
  • Out-dressing the wedding party.
  • Un-ironed clothes and unpolished shoes.
  • Wild colors and prints.

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