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The mandatory scene that every teen romance movie has: the prom. This high school culture though somewhat cringy can still become one of your favorite memories. The night where the curfews are down and limousines roam the streets freely may be your best day to impress your long time crush.

Once you get through the awkwardness of asking her for prom, the panic of what to wear sets in. Some teens now tend to attend the prom in groups but whatever be the case you will need a good suit or better a prom tuxedo to safely get through the night without fearing to create the embarrassing photos your parents will tease you with for the rest of your lives.

The word prom is short for promenade which means the formal parading of the guests at the party. This originated simply as year end banquets that the American universities held for each year's graduating class. This culture then spread among the younger students too and by 1940s the traditional prom dance as we know today has taken hold. Then the war came and the postwar economy made the prom to shift to school gymnasiums from the expensive hotels and country clubs. On an interesting note one prom party was held at the best location ever - the White House. This was because the lucky class had President Ford's daughter as their classmate. With changing times prom has also changed. It has become one of the events teens have chosen to defy preconceived standards and sometimes to the headmaster's nightmares. This explains the importance the culture has held a prominent place in our culture.

In The United States prom is considered more of a black tie affair and that commissions directly for a prom tuxedo. As you are in your teen age you can keep it simple and classic since they cannot go wrong. But if you are the person who loves to experiment and doesn't mind the attention then this is your time. You are young and prom only comes once. Go all out with bright colors and zoot suits. So if you are confident don't be afraid to have some fun. Just don't do something that you will regret the next day.

Now as for the dress up you will want to look like a man who took control of his clothes not one whose outfit was hastily draped on by a relative or a prom tuxedo salesperson. You can either get a prom tuxedo from a store or online. Wherever you choose make sure to stay away from gaudy plastic like fabrics. Brighter colors like wine red or blues are ok but stay away from extremes like neons. If you like your style to be simple stick with white and black basics. Adding a few tasteful coloring to the outfit can mix a twist while maintaining the elegance of the classic.

A prom tuxedo jacket and a black tie outfit is originally a semi formal outfit opposed to most who believes it as a formal wear. Prom when seen as a formal events chances are high that most of the students may not be in a full formal wear. This is because of the fact that these students are still young and some cannot afford the elaborate formal outfits. Thus styling your outfit for your prom night is not something to stress over since no one is going to hold you against for your style. It is your night and it is right to have some fun!!

So if you are deciding on going for the classic black and white prom tuxedo style there are few things to remember and then you are all set to go. First decide on whether you are going for a suit or a prom tuxedo. As for the recent times there are no set rules and both are considered appropriate for the event. Selecting a suit has an advantage of it being versatile and easy to match. The suits can also be worn for other events like graduation. A prom tuxedo on the other hand is the traditional choice of the proms and the chance for wearing a prom tuxedo have become very less these times. Therefore, if you can afford one you best don the classic style and have the best time of your teenage years. And the whole deciding on whether to be in a suit or prom tuxedo is purely based on your choice. If you want a casual look go for suits otherwise if you like to dress up and wow the crowd go for the tux.

Next thing to ensure is that the prom tuxedo or suit you are wearing is of the right fit. Be lethargic on this and you will have photos of your ill fitted outfit for the rest of your life. Most popular fits for prom is skinny or slim. As the students are teens this is an ideal fit. But you can always go for a tailored fit. The most important thing to note is that you should feel comfortable in the outfit since you are going to spend a whole night in it and for some the morning next too. So take some time on getting the right fit.

The skinny fit has narrow lapels and shoulders with a short jacket and narrow legs. This fit is the best for slim guys and also the most popular fit among teens. If you are a guy with a slim to medium build the narrow fit around the waist, shoulder, chest along with the tapered silhouette of the slim fit greatly complements you. But if you are not comfortable with both of the fits it is better to get a tailored suit or tux. This fit is undoubtedly better than other fits since the garment is made just for you. The tailored fit accentuates your figure and also allows some breathing room. This fit works best for any types of build be them slim, medium or bulky.

As for the individual components of the suit the jacket is most important. For prom tuxedos a plain black jacket with either peaked or shawl lapels will do. The lapels can be of satin which gives you a traditional posh look. You can also add a boutonniere flower but before buying it check for the working buttonhole to keep it in. A plain red carnation can do the job but you can also match the flowers with your outfit. Whatever be the case always go for a single flower since more than that looks sloppy.

As for the trousers it is best to have them as the same material as the jacket. If you are wearing a jacket with a satin lapel then it is best to wear trousers that have stripes of satin running down on the outside of each trouser leg. It is preferable to have suspenders than belts and the trousers should have appropriate tabs for the suspenders inside the waistband. This is because the metal clips tend to show while you dance which is not recommended.

Another important thing is your shirt that you wear underneath the jacket. Select it with proper care since there are a lot of chances that you may take off the jacket considering the long night of partying. Select a shirt that matches with your outfit. Plain white with plackets in the center is a good pick. The pleated styles are also acceptable. Studded shirts with studs replacing the sewn in buttons is a proper choice. Note that the shirts have French cuffs since it is an essential when paired with a tux. As for the collar both basic point collar or the winged types are acceptable.

As for the tie you must decide on a bow tie or a neck tie. This largely depends on whether you choose to wear a suit or a prom tuxedo. If you decide to go with the casual suit then you can use either one of the choices in ties. But if your choice is a prom tuxedo it is best to go with a bow tie. Prom tuxedos are designed to be paired with bow ties and when worn with a neck tie can give you an awkward look. Therefore, it is best to stick with a basic black satin tie. While the neck tie gives you a casual cool look the bow tie tends to elevate your outfit giving you a rich look. If you like colors you can include it on your tie along with some patterns for fun. If you don't know how to knot the bow tie it is no excuse for skipping it or worse yet getting a clip on. It is a simple process and watching a YouTube video will do the job. Or you can get help from the ones who know how to do it.

As for the shoes formal pumps pair well with the prom tuxedo but if you already have a pair of black dress shoes then it can work too. Just make sure to shine them properly. This is because it is important to wear shoes that you are comfortable in if you are going to rock the dance floor all night.

When it comes to other accessories they are optional and up to the taste of the wearer. If you are comfortable with a vest or cummerbund feel free to wear it. Nothing looks elegant than a well fit three piece suit. A vest or a cummerbund is both acceptable but make sure to keep it simple like plain black satin or if colors dark ones. Bright colored vests or cummerbunds tend to garner attention which can overpower the whole outfit. Or else you can always stick with the classic two piece suit. Ditching the waistcoat might open options for your shirt and you can go with colored or patterned ones that are subtle and cool.

If you are a person who likes perfection you can personalize the shirt studs and cuff links. These two are available in different options like black, gold and silver. Make sure the choices either match or complement each other. Mixing gold and silver may be a terrible choice.

As for your date try not to have matching outfits. A little contrast between your outfits can actually complement the whole look. Keep the matching to minimal for example matching the color of your boutonniere flower or your tie with her outfit color is more than enough.

When it comes to the selecting the color of the suit or the prom tuxedo as said before the classic black and white works the best. But if it sounds too restrained to you and you are thinking of venturing into colors then make sure that you get it right. Grey and blue works as good as black both for suits and prom tuxedos. These timeless colors are your best pick if you want to use it for other occasions. But if you are the one to make fashion statements and that too with confidence then these classic colors may not make the cut. You might want to venture into bold, brighter colors with interesting patterns. The options are endless with silks and velvets that can turn heads. You can also go with partial looks like wearing a bright patterned shirt under a classic gray or black jacket. You can also choose from other colored ones like red prom tuxedos, navy blue prom tuxedos, green prom tuxedo, gray prom tuxedo, midnight blue prom tuxedo, white prom tuxedo, cream prom tuxedo, burgundy prom tuxedo, charcoal prom tuxedo, camel prom suit and royal blue prom tuxedos.

All that being said if you think that these are extravagant for you think again. Prom suits and prom tuxedos are available at all price ranges that makes it easier to purchase than before. There is also an option of rentals if you think if you can't afford one. But the best thing to do is to buy one since it can be used for later events too. Online platforms offer the garments at a very low price that most people can afford. You just have to get your measurements right and check it with their size chart. Not everyone can afford a tailored suit but you can get a ready made prom tuxedo and alter it according to your preference. Anyway prom is one of the life events that does not repeat itself so it is better to take it seriously and have some fun.