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Mens Coat

When the mercury level drops, with the freezing temperatures comes the duty of stocking your winter wardrobe. Any man with even a little sartorial sense would plan ahead and take some time to select the winter essentials.

One important garment that is a staple wear for winter is the mens coat. Mens coats are the mens outer wear that are worn over the outfits you wear to keep yourself warm whether be it formal or casual. These mens coats are available in various styles and knowing these styles is the first step in choosing the right kind.

The main purpose of mens coat is to keep the wearer warm and protect them from the adverse weather conditions. Thus, the mens coats are always made from heavy fabrics like wool and fur. These materials provide great insulation even under chilling winds. These are different from topcoats which are made of lighter fabrics and are mostly to be used as fashionable wears.

Thus, one of the major thing to note is the fabric of the mens coats. As for winter mens coats wool and fur are the ideal materials. Woolen coats have the best insulation properties while Cashmere coats are the refined version of the woolen coats. They are softer and warmer than the wool but also expensive. Fur is the fabric that is mostly seen as womens fashion but is increasingly adopted in parts in mens coats.

Also, the two major styles of mens coats are the single breasted and double breasted. Single breasted is more versatile and can be used over both formal and casual outfits. Double breasted styles are heavier than the single breasted styles due the extra fabric provision in the buttoning area and are considered more formal among the two. They are the ideal pick when you need to sharply suit up for say your business meeting. If you are getting your first mens coat then go with single breasted style since it is the practical choice. They are also easily available and also less expensive than the single breasted style.

Also, the length of the mens coats matters. Usually mens coats are available in two lengths- full length and the three fourths. Full length mens coats are considered more formal than the shorter ones. Full length mens coats suit most body styles except if the person is really short. When short the person looks wrapped in the full length mens coats which is not desirable. They mostly reach the knee or sometimes ends a few inches below the knee. Full length mens coats are the best for tall people who have inches to spare those which the mens coats balances out. They also give a desirable body figure that gives a proportionate look. Three fourth mens coats are shorter than the full lengths with some of them reaches inches above the knees or ending at the mid thigh level. These mens coats should be chosen with care since they can give out a boxy look if the length is chosen wrong. There is no correct length when it comes mens coats and the length depends on the wearer and his taste. Apart from these two lengths there are also cropped lengths available that are deemed more fashionable. These styles are shorter than the three fourths and look more like a jacket.

The sleeves of the mens coats should completely cover the sleeve of the suit jacket that you wear underneath and also the shirt cuff. This is the perfect length and when paired with gloves gives your hand complete protection against the winds and the cold.

As for the mens coats construction there are two styles- sewn canvas and fused canvas. While a sewn canvas is durable and long lasting a fused canvas can come apart relatively fast. But with mens coat glued lining is not a big problem like in suits. Therefore, if you don't mind spending on quality clothing go with fully canvassed suits and glued mens coat.

Now these are the basics to know about the coating styles. But the varieties and styles available are abundant since the mens coats have long been in history of menswear thus also evolving in style with time. Now the thing with style is that any style that is prevalent at one time may become outdated but will never disappear fully. The styles in record may lie low for a while and surface again any time. You can see some vintage styles making a comeback now and then. Thus, the long history only aids in increasing the number of designs and varieties available. Now this article is to get you to know some timeless styles of mens coats that offer a balanced mix of classic and contemporary sense that you can use to adorn your wardrobe this season.

The check overcoat is a classic style that have withstood the tests of time. These checks have been popular for a long time and best for most seasons. They are versatile and can be worn with almost anything from trousers to tailored suits and knits. This piece ups the game even when worn over simple outfits and its varied usage makes you experiment it with new outfits thus keeps it interesting. There are also options available in the checks. Windowpane checks are another great style makes a subtle addition to your wardrobe. You can also include colors into your outfit with the help of mens coats or you can keep it monochromatic with classic colors like gray, black and white.

Another advantage in checks is that you can coordinate your outfit with your body shape. If you are on the bulkier side of size then choose vertically elongated rectangular checks since they give out an illusion of slimmer body. If you have a leaner build stick to classic checks since they give a fuller look. As for mens coats the fit of the coat could be a little loose but make sure that the cut is big not the size. One main thing to keep in mind with checks is that when you go for large colorful checks on mens coats stick to neutral solid outfits such that it gives you a balanced look.

Unless you have been living under a rock you would have noted the trend of down jackets that is steadily increasing. These were originally for mountaineering purposes but have now grown to become a trendy street wear. This bright style is adopted by a lot of celebrities making it a popular pick among fashionistas. These jackets have made their mark as a versatile style that looks equally good with both suits and a knit sweater with jeans. The bright colors of the jackets are still maintained from the mountaineering days. When the jacket was designed the bright colors were adopted so that people could identify others easily when on a hike in forests or mountains. But now the bright colors are more of a fashion statement. This jacket leans more towards the casual style but for a relatively formal environment go with one that has stand up collars. Hooded puffers can be reserved for casual events and when you actually decide to go up a mountain on a hike.

Now comes one of the Hollywood's favorite - the trench coats. Though this style has its origins in military it soon became a symbol of Hollywood's most revered stylish villains and mafias. This timeless style dates back to the times of World War I, originally designed for military officers. The style then soon spread to the soldiers circle who thought that the various provisions of the mens coat could be an asset when serving in the trenches. The dark colors were for the need of camouflage and other details were also put there so that it was helpful for the soldiers. This served as the namesake for the mens coats and the style has hardly changed even after about a 100 years. Even now the waterproof fabric with its full length belted style offers both form and function. The upper pointing lapels the signature look of the Hollywood gives the appearance of broader shoulders thus offering a perfect blend of new style and old fashioned masculinity. While the darker shades are the classic of trench coats lighter hues are also available like camel that looks the best when paired with casual wears. But if you want it to be worn over a formal suit stick to dark colors like midnight blue or dirty green.

If you are not into long mens coats then there are many cropped styles available in the market. Bombers are one such styles that offer a modern edge to the mens coats. From solid to patterned the styles procured can be n number and the choice is your limit. These bomber jackets were originally designed for pilots to keep them warm when flying since the bombing planes at that time had open cockpits. Soon the style spread among civilians and became a popular option among the mens coats. Now for colder months try to get bombers that are made of premium fabrics like wool, moleskin or felt to keep yourself warm from the winds. In spite of their military origin they are considered to be a smart casual wear. You can wear them over heavy knitwear and scarves but make sure to avoid pairing them with formal tailoring since they lean more towards the comfort factor than the formality.

Pea coats are double breasted and putting them on over any outfits will instantly make it look better. This versatile wear is insanely good since they effortlessly blend with anything that they are worn over be it an outfit of jeans and T-shirt or a tailored suit. When purchasing for a pea coat it is best to buy a slightly oversized fit that gives you a cool unfazed look than a fitting size. Pea coats look especially good with roll neck sweaters or cable knit jumpers.

The textured mens coat is for people who fear winter the most but still want to spend it in style. These mens coats are made from heavy materials like cashmere and corduroy and available in textured designs. Pairing a herringbone overcoat with a stylish jumper will ensure that you are stylishly warm. This slick look is best when kept simple for example an outfit of a black roll neck with dark chinos along with this textured mens coat and leather shoes gives you a bossy and at the same time a cool look. But just a simple swap of those leather shoes with a smart trainer proves the mens coats versatility by giving an outfit that can be worn anywhere.

Paletot is a word that is of French origin and describes a short overcoat that is form fitted. It can be single breasted or double breasted provided with pleats or not along with the option of pockets. Most available style is the business mens coats that are double breasted with two row of six buttons each. The wide stanced top buttons are better off left unbuttoned and has peaked lapels. They are best to worn properly fitted than the loose style and also has a flat belt without the provision of belt. While darker colors like navy blue and charcoal can be worn over formal wears like office suits, tuxedos and even funerals.

Another famous classic style among mens coats is the Chesterfield coat. They have a long history that dates back to 19th century being the very first style of overcoat designed. Even today the style has carried on with only insignificant details. They hare mostly single breasted with short notched lapels with straight side pockets and no cuffs. They are about knee long and are available in classic colors like gray or charcoal. It is a great business coat and also available in velvet collars.

If you are thinking of buying an overcoat, the shopping has only become easier with the growing technology. There are many online sites that offer quality garments at reasonable prices. You can also follow websites that have the collections that are of your taste and closely monitoring the time of their offers can be the perfect choice for your shopping.
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