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Mens Cowboy Boots

One of the major thing or detail that men often tend to ignore or overlook while dressing up is the shoes. Many men put excess time into perfecting their outfit but tend to forget about the important details. As we have always said The Devil is the details and this is especially true when it comes to the shoes. What shoes you wear forms a great part in a stranger getting a first impression from looking at you for the first time before you can even think about showing your charms. So it is important to choose your shoes carefully as you do for the rest of your outfit.

Now that being said most men stick with the usual Oxfords and never take the risk of trying out new types of the shoes that are available in the market. Only very few men tend to stray away and have a collection of various eye catching types of shoes. But one major style that broke all these stereotypes and has remained a favourite among both men and women regardless of them not being in the usual lineup is the mens cowboy boots. This type of boots are everywhere and one that is preferred by all regardless of the age and social status. This mens cowboy boots is a all time favourite that the men atleast at one phase of their lives think about owning or own. The buzz surrounding the cowboy boots can be majorly attributed to the Hollywood. The depiction of the Western lifestyle and their clothing design and accessories led to many men and especially the younger generation idolising the type of  culture and trying to imitate it. Also the cool lifestyle of riding on a horseback with dust colored overcoats flapping around in the wind almost appeals to all regardless of the age. The businessmen were not the ones to let go of this buzz and started producing these western accessories and clothings and made a large profit. Mens cowboy boots were one among these that became famous because of the people's demand.

Now many men do not tend to retain the confidence and style that they had as a teenager and hence mostly shy away from trying new styles when they reach a certain age. Our advice is don't be that guy who restricts himself. There is no harm in trying out these styles that you think are cool. If it works out then it is cool. If it doesn't time to move on to the next cool style. Mens cowboy boots are that kind of a fashion which most middle age men tend to shy away from. Believe us when we say that the style isn't too hard to pull off and all you need is some basic points to follow and the confidence that you can pull it off. Now before we start delving into the details we are to learn some of the history of this timeless piece of style and how it attained the place that it holds now in the fashion world.

Mens cowboy boots rather being just a type of shoe is a part of a lifestyle. If you are a great fan of the western lifestyle and wouldn't mind riding a horse in a cowboy hat, a six shooter and a lasso then you may understand the important of the cowboy boots to complete the whole look. Apart from this mens cowboy boots also has a major place in the hearts of the fans of the country music. When you attend concerts of these country musicians you can see a wide awesome collection of every possible designs of the western style accessories and clothings.

Now focusing back on the history there isn't definitive proof of inventor of the mens cowboy boots. But there are many legends and lores about the topic. Most of it agree to the fact that the first pair of these boots were designed by a shoemaker in either Texas Apr Kansas but the story that follows is almost similar wherever you hear it from. It is said that the story started in the end of the Civil war about 1865. The young men who returned from the war resorted back to their original profession which is tending to the cattles. Most of the time the clothing and the shoes that they used were the ones that were issued to them in the military. When it comes to driving the cattle across their country terrain the military boots issued for them was not suitable for the heavy work involved. These boots issued in the military weren't designed to endure long hours of riding in the stirrups and to be on the trails of the brushes, brambles and creeks. Therefore a young boy who was fed up with this problem wanted to find a solution. This cowboy stopped by a local shoemaker and talked about his requirement and asked him to make a different kind of boots that would solve or atleast reduce all these practical issues faced. The design that was born out of this necessity is the fashion of the mens cowboy boots that we have now.

The boots were provided with high tops so as to protect the wearer from external perils like snake bites, thorns or any other of that sort when on the trail. The boots were also scalloped in the front and back so that they can be put on and taken off easily. It was also designed to be loose enough at the top so that the wearer can pull off the his foot easily when struck or needed to get on fast when in a hurry. The toe of the boots were of pointed end so that it is easier to slide into the stirrup and the long slanted heel provided so that it can hold onto the stirrup easily while riding regardless of the rough trails. Also the material of these mens cowboy boots were of thick leather so as to protect the wearer's ankles when riding on wooden stirrups. This is because of the fact that while riding these stirrups tend to run along the wearer's legs thus causing bruises near his ankles. Thus the first cowboy boots were designed mostly focusing on the practical details and full on for functionality. This first set of mens cowboy boots is said to be perfectly handmade and soon  the functionality of this boots were known all around the area thus making them popular. The orders started to pour in and the shoemakers mostly made these boots by hand but as the demand started to grow they started to streamline the process to make production better. At that time the cowboys and the ranchers visited the shoemakers to get a custom fit of the boots but soon mail order purchases came into existence.

The 1930s and the 1940s were the time when the Hollywood first entered the scene. The Western film concept became a huge hit which gave a new turn to the cowboy boots style. The films created a separate fan base for the Western lifestyle and in particular for the mens cowboy boots. This was when the cowboy boots strayed away from the functionality design to being a fashion statement. Still the practical design of the boots remained unchanged but there was more and more aesthetic details being included in the design. The plain look of the original mens cowboy boots soon changed to be the one that incorporates colorful stitching and sewn on designs and even pictures. As the demand for these boots design largely grew among the people since it became a major trend at that time new designs and innovative ideas were in order. The bootmakers started thinking and experimenting with hand tooling, colorful designs and pattern stitching so as to make the boots in a fashion forward design.

This continued along time with the details and the aesthetics changing with the time and the demand. Today there are all possible designs of mens cowboy boots available in the market and it is only a matter of preference to select the one that fits you both in size and taste. After all these years the practical design of the cowboy boots still remain and it is one of the most hardworking type of footwear that you will get in the market.

One of the major thing that you will have to note about while purchasing for these mens cowboy boots is the quality of the said boots. Though these are known for their sturdy quality for them to work through the years they should be of proper quality. For example if the material from the which the boots are made or the stitchings on the boots are of sub standard quality then there is no use in purchasing them in a high cost. Therefore it is imperative that proper thought is given before investing on this type of boots. Nowadays there are a wide variety in the material from which these mens cowboy boots are made. Apart from the basic leather styles they are also available in exotic skin types like alligator, ostrich, snakeskin, bison and many others. It may be best to check the quality and the autheticyity of the brand of boots that you are purchasing.

So what makes the mens cowboy boots still popular even after these long years of changes in trend and fashion? The uniqueness of the design is one of the major factor that draws the attention of people who like to dress according to their own standards and the ones who like to express their personality in what they wear. Also these boots give your feet a active, dynamic shape that is different from the one obtained by the usual dress shoes.

The heels on these mens cowboy boots can be anywhere between  half to two inches in height. This gives you an option so as to manipulate your look. Shorter men have the advantage here since the cowboy heels will give them the subtle boost in height that they need and make them look taller. At the same time the taller men can settle with the low walking heel type of boots.

Though the mens cowboy boots started out as a functional accessory with minimal detailing it may be very hard for you to find a plain design of cowboy boots in recent times. The detailing on the styles of cowboy boots are always extravagant and almost every single time impressive. There are styles of these boots suitable for every possible taste. The visible portion of the boots nowadays incorporate every possible detail like leather tooling, contrast colored stitching and bright colors. If you are a person who likes to dress in clothing and accessories that are likely to turn heads then these mens cowboy boots would be a good pick for you.

Also not many men have the confidence in them to effortlessly pull off these kind of styles and thus when you wear it, it gives you a sense of pride and confidence. There is very little chance that some other men sport the same style of cowboy boots that you wear or wear boots at all. But this point is void when you go to Texas or the Southwest since you may find almost everyone regardless of the gender rocking the style on a daily basis.

After listing all that the last point is the funds for that is involved in sporting a new style. What is the thrill and fun in wearing the usual Oxfords on a daily basis?  So try branching out and try on the styles of these boots. If you aren't sure you can start from the most subtle designs of these mens cowboy boots available in the market like the fill black ones without any detailing and then work your way with time. You will only find out if it suits you when you try it out.