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The Best Style To Do In The Steve Harvey Suits And Ties For Sale

A Couple Tips On How To Wear the Steve Harvey Suits and Ties Collection Right. There is a right and wrong way to wear a suit and neck tie. The same goes for the Steve Harvey Suits and Ties For Sale Collection.

The Steve Harvey Collection: How To Wear Your Suit and velvet bow Ties

1) Wear your Steve Harvey ties well. Nothing looks sloppier when a guy wears his tie loose around the neck. The tip of the tie should never reach below the belt buckle. Does your Steve Harvey tie do that sometimes? It is obvious that you bought a tie too long. The Steve Harvey tie collection comes in different lengths. You need to go back and choose one that is the appropriate length.

2) You also do not want to tie the tie where the narrow end is on top. I made that mistake a few times before. It looks sloppy. The thick end of a Steve Harvey tie is always facing out.

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