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According to experts usually a man on the first look is judged by a number of factors three of which are the most important. One being the man's hair, second by his handshake and the last thing by the shoes that the man has chose to wear. These are the striking features that attract any stranger's eye when you first meet. Whether be it a job interview or a casual gathering it is important to choose an appropriate set of mens shoes that looks good with the outfit you are wearing.

Like everything in menswear there a lot of options available to choose from. This variety is both boon and bane since the numerous styles available gives you options but sometimes makes it very hard to choose. This is especially hard if you are an amateur and everything looks the same but with different price tags. It is a total waste of money and time if you buy a wrong pair of mens shoes be it in any aspect fit, quality or style. Thus knowing the styles that are open for option and having a clear idea on what you need is the key in getting a proper pair of mens shoes that hopefully stays with you for a long time.

This staple accessory in mens style have a history that dates back to at least 40000 years. This basic style perfectly complements the proverb " Necessity is the mother of all inventions". Though it is hard to imagine any other structure of mens shoes that we currently have, the design of the mens shoes have undergone drastic changes over the time it has evolved. Though they were invented some time before it was only by the upper Paleolithic period they became widely accepted by most population. The first prototypes were made for practical purposes and were made do with the available materials like leather and sometimes even fur. These styles resembled sandals and were very soft.

With time the mens shoes also evolved with its wearer in style and artistic details. In the early Baroque period men and women in Europe wore similar type of mens shoes though as any garments then the details and materials varied with the social status of the person wearing it. While the common people wore sandals that were made out of heavy leathers the aristocrats and the elites wore same styles that were crafted out of wood with more artistic details. Fast forward a few centuries and by the 18th century silk materials were introduced along with the wood. This was the time when the heels of the mens shoes were evolved and were exclusive for nobles. Soon the mens and womens shoes started to show variations in terms of style, color , heel and toe shape. These were the foundation of the styles we have today. Only after the 1850s the mens shoes turned foot specific up until then they were straight without any differentiation from right and left shoes. As the 20th century approached the technological changes that came with it made the shoe making process easy thus eventually bringing the price down. Then came the Great Depression and the mens shoes also turned somber with black and brown mens shoes dominating the market. This was the time when the Oxfords rose in style. While the mens shoes remained the same the womens shoe styles became sophisticated and artistic with time.

Nowadays the styles available are abundant and there are specific styles that are available for every occasion, mood and preference. For a long time the design of the mens shoes depended upon the practicality and comfort of the user. But with the changing times the shoe making industry has widened its prospect and now while a great part of the sector still focuses on the comfort and classic styles another part have emerged that focuses on the experimentation of including aesthetics in the shoes. The fashion world has also embraced this idea of modernizing the mens shoes with the celebrities like Lady Gaga promoting the style. As for mens shoes while the structure has remained the same the artistic details produce the extravagance it requires.

As for the requirements for mens shoes we cannot imagine a world without them. As for why its important the basic thing is they absorb the force of your weight reportedly up to at least 3000 times and also protect your feet from discomfort and injury. Next comes the appearance aspect. As said before shoes are one of the first thing that everyone notes at the first glance. It is reportedly said to attract about 30% of the attention while it occupies only 5% of the body.

Now the dizzyingly details aside, what are the details that make a good mens shoes? What should we note while purchasing for one?

First of all keep in mind the occasion for which you are buying the mens shoes. While the running shoes work best for obviously running they cannot be worn to formal events. The distinction between the casual and formal mens shoes is the most important. While you can wear any shoes make sure they are appropriate for the event. For example for formal events you suit up and it is only appropriate to pair them with dress shoes.

Next in line is the quality of the mens shoes. Though it is not possible for every one to spend hundreds of dollars on the brand names you can still focus on the quality of the mens shoes. They will still be expensive than the cheap ones but also consider the repeated waste of money for buying new cheap ones several times a year. A good quality shoe can a last even a few decades hence the money on it is considered well spent. Now many manufacturers are providing the recrafting and resoling options and hence extending the life of the mens shoes even more.

Spend time and effort to find the right pair of mens shoes for you in terms of both fit and comfort. If you are buying in the local store get the guidance of the salesperson by measuring the sole size and also accepting guidance. If you are purchasing online size charts are available for crosschecking and make sure to get the right pick. Even if it means visiting three to four stores or spending a little more than your budget getting the right size is the priority since a wrong size shoes can cause you discomfort the whole day. If you have an unusual toe width or size it is better to visit a shoemaker and get a pair made just for you.

Some of the major styles in mens shoes are discussed so that it may make your choice easier. Oxfords are the most basic style of mens shoes available. This style of mens shoes are basically lace up shoes designed so that it is worn below the ankle. They are further divided into two styles. Balmoral Oxfords are mostly known as simply Oxfords and use a closed lacing system and is the classic style. They are the best to be worn with formals like two piece suits since they are considered to be dressier among the two. Blutcher Oxfords come in a variety of styles and colors as opposed to the Balmorals. While a conservative pair can be worn with formals they are mostly to be paired with casual wears.

As for the slip-ons or loafers they do not use a lace up style. They can be used with formals only if they are conservatively designed otherwise considered as a casual wear. Many options are available some being moccasins, monk straps and tassel loafers. They look best with gray flannels and sports jackets. This slip ons are in vogue recently and versatility of the wear giving option of dressing up and down has worked out to be a great advantage in its popularity.

As for casual wears there are a lot of options available than the formal styles. Saddle shoes are basically casual Oxfords. They can be characterized by the use of a layer of leather on the instep that is usually of a different color from the rest of the shoe. This trendy style makes it to be classified as a casual stylish choice.

Boat shoes also known as top siders were originally designed to be worn by sailors on boats to avoid slipping. This style has carried on from the docks to the summer wardrobes of men. These are available in a variety of colors and mostly is summer style mens shoes worn without socks.

Leather laced heavy sole mens shoes are another option for a man building a casual relaxed wardrobe. These styles have large rubber soles and produced with shoddy materials. They rely mostly on glue with the overall appearance being heavy. These mens shoes are sturdy and are the best if you live in a place with adverse weather conditions. The long term use of the mens shoes make it a worthy investment that you wouldn't regret later.

Next comes sneakers the favorite style of almost all age groups. The versatility of the item and the choices of colors and styles available make it a popular option among all. This style when being clean and appropriate for the event can be paired with any casual styles for example jeans, chinos and shorts.

Leather loafers are another one worthy addition to your casual wardrobe. Unlike the dress loafers they are made of heavy sturdier rubber soles and casual uppers that include leather imitations. They are versatile, and they bridge the gap between canvas and dress shoes while increasing the comfort at a reasonable price.

Sandals are the most casual type of mens shoes available and is one of the earliest forms of mens shoes. They can be chosen for wearing inside home with the style protecting the bottom of the feet and at the same time providing air circulation in the upper part. Other than these clogs, flip flops and crocs are also some types of casuals available.

Now coming back to running shoes it is best to have a pair that is only meant for running purposes. These athletic mens shoes can also be worn while other sport practices but the point is to keep it restricted to its original purpose without straying away too much.

Another famous style of mens shoes available is the boots. There literally isn't one man who haven't gone through the phase of cowboy boots though some may even be going through it. This Texas style has for some time ruled the Hollywood screens and still dominates most of the runway. The variety of styles available in this stylish mens shoes is another reason for its popularity among both men and women. Western boots are the classic style of cowboy boots that specifically designed to keep a man stable on a saddle. This style has surpassed both Texas and cowboys and now a prevalent style in many places. The basic need to rock this style is the confidence. Dress boots are more refined than the western boots and also come in wide varieties and different manufacturers. These styles like any boots are designed to withstand the rigors of riding and hiking but the sheen and the stylish appearance of the boots makes it more sought after for the look than its practicality.

Now knowing most of the trendy styles and viable options available makes it easier to select a proper pair of mens shoes. But after this comes the major part. After spending a fortune on a pair of perfect mens shoes the major contributor of their longevity in your wardrobe does not depend on the material or the manufacturer anymore. It all boils down to how you maintain the shoes. It is important to rotate through a few pairs allowing them to dry before using it again. This is especially important for leather mens shoes for which the interiors may not chemically treated as much as the exterior making it rot due to the perspiration if not dried. Dusting and shining your mens shoes regularly is one of the major duty to be followed if you wish to spend a long time with your quality pick. Waterproofing them is also a good option.

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