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The Smart Fitted 2 Button Suit Always Stand Out

The men's 2 button suit has been a staple of the man's suit style since the late fifties. Usually, 2 button suits have characteristically slimmer lapels and present an overall neat look.

2 Button Suits Today Are Not Boring!

The 2 button suit is now one of the modern outfits to wear. Offering tighter, fitted styles, with comfort build in, the new style 2 button suit can look good on any male build. The secret of a good looking 2 button suit is not just in the fit; it is also the material.

Men's 2 Button Suit 101

If you haven't been inside a men's suit department lately, these tips should help you. The first thing you will notice is the new type of materials offered in men's suits. Good quality mens suit is made of worsted wool. However, wool is now made with elastane or spandex in the suit material, giving the outfit more comfort, and due to the flexibility and stretch of the material, lends to a better fit and overall a more custom fitted look. So you must find high quality suits with a comfortable fabric. The fit in men's suits is now slimmer lined and tailored. Remember, just because the suit is fitted more to the male body that does not mean it should be tight. The significant advantage of these new stretch suit materials is you can wear a fitted suit and still look and feel sharp, and comfortable!

Dress It Up or Dress It Down!

Wear your new 2 buttons suit with a shirt and tie or dress it down with a turtleneck or a dressy T-Shirt or a Polo shirt. Like the new stretch materials in your new suit, your new polo, T-shirt, or turtleneck can be bought with the stretrch woven in the material, giving you a fitted look from head to toe! Oh, and don't forget, the new dress shirt can also be found with stretch build into the fabric material.

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The High End men's suits designs from popular designers are outside of the price range of many men. However, you can have all the quality of designers such as Armani, Boss, Zegna and Canali for a much lower price when you shop with Men's USA. We use construction methods and fabrics that are as good as those used in expensive brand name suits, so you never have to sacrifice quality for a great price. With our suits, you get all the quality for a fraction of the price. If you are buying more than one, contact us about discount offers.

We are able High End men's suits to offer low prices through our relationships with leading manufacturers in the clothing industry. This allows us to save a significant amount of money and we pass this savings to our customers.

Browse our wide selection of Men's Quality Suits for any occasion. You will find an assortment of colors, styles, fabrics and designs. Our user friendly website allows you to browse at your leisure from the comfort of your home without any overzealous employees standing over your shoulder. Of course, if you have questions or need advice we are always ready and willing to help. Customer service is an important part of our business as we hope to build lasting relationships with our customers.

Getting the right fit Quality Suits is important for a great look in men suit styles. For help in selecting the right size, click the Measurement Information link at the top of the page. You will find tips for taking measurements and a chart to help you select the right size. If you have any questions after reading our High Quality Suits and more information, contact us. We are happy to help you.