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Hollywood is insanely famous and has a huge fan following not without reasons. The glamour and the styles that the celebrities display on screen is what drives the trend of the time. The perfectly tailored suits with experimenting on the colors and the styles make the celebrities look like they have just stepped off the runway even on scenes that it is not meant to be.

Some of the popular films create their own trend with people imitating the style wore by their favorite stars on screen. Some of these costumes take off in popularity and with time become a standard style of clothing that mostly gets named after the film that it was introduced or the actor who rocked the style on screen. Some people argue that it is silly but it is whole idea of advertising and there is nothing wrong in adopting styles that are exceptional. Also, everyone decides for their own while opinions will always be numerous.

Coming back to the point some of the films that contributed a great deal to the fashion industry turn into a legacy. Suits worn in films like James Bond series still are in trend as costumes regardless of the time the film came out. With the awesome action sequences, glamorous backdrops and interesting storylines the series have become a classic with Daniel Craig fully transformed into the character.

While the charm of the Bond character is by Daniel's nature the style and the costume that he rocks can also be worn by you. Most men wouldn't mind feeling a bit like James Bond regardless of them being a fan or not. Wading through elite institutions and the secret missions may be a bit too much but dressing like him: can do. The suits that he wears throughout the series looks comfortable and sophisticated proving to be the dark horse in fashion industry. His styles mostly are a blend of American, British and European styles maybe due to his missions being all over the world.

If you would love to try on costumes like Daniel Craig then there are some simple points to adopt that transforms your wardrobe into a Bond costume styled one. If you follow Craig on magazines or social media you would be aware of his love for gray suits. This ravishingly awesome three piece suit channels a corporate sophisticated look that also appears great in charcoal. This posh color also beautifully carries the barely there check that creates a textural touch when paired with a matching tie and shirt and may also be worn with a waistcoat.

This monochrome gray look appears its best in summers. This summer wear is best to be single breasted to manage the heat of the day. As for the fabrics woolen and woolen blends are the popular option. Pairing this timeless style with a crisp Oxford shirt, a long tie and white pocket square gives a sharp look.

Another classic costume item that got reinvented by Craig is the shawl collar cardigan. This woolen knit became popular when he adopted this style as a casual top layer or a replacement for suit jackets. Wearing it over the shoulders snugly is the best for comfort. It can be paired with a plain tee that works beautifully with the mid blue relaxed denim. A brogue lace up with thick soles is a durable addition to the style.

The flat cap is another defining costume of Daniel's style that is versatile and suits men of all ages. Some may think the hat is out of style but the key is to keep all other parts of the style updated so that the outfit looks balanced. If you are contemplating on getting one fact that may help you is that David Beckham is also a great fan of this style.

As for tuxedos as any costume the most important part is to get the fit right. Even if your tuxedo cost a fortune if it doesn't fit right then it is going to look like a cheap rented piece. This fit is the prime rule to follow in the path to getting a Bond type wardrobe. So make sure to go to your tailor so that the suit or the tuxedo gives you a definite V shape if possible. You can also get the button placed at the narrowest part of your waist thus creating the shape that also makes your shoulder look broader.

As said before fabric from which the outfit is made from should be chosen carefully when it comes to getting a costume. Choosing something that is extremely would result in making you sweating like a pig but too lighter a fabric it may result in crumpling and creasing that makes it look like it was just taken out of the washer. Blends are a good choice to keep safe between the extremes combining the best of any two fabrics.

As for the color stick to classic darker colors since the basic point of Bond's costume is discretion. Black is the standard while the most fancy colored ones only reaching the midnight blue. Never think about patterns when it comes to jackets and trousers. The minimal patterns you will see are in the cummerbunds or the bow ties that too only being faint and never anything bold.

The white shirt you think is the safest costume option for James Bond is not that easy to choose since there are also details to note before buying the right one. The shirt should be clean, neatly pressed and not a button down ones. It can be single or double cuffed but the fabric should only show an inch from beneath your suit jacket. Also, you can find him often sporting a high necked shirt. The collar can either be pointed or winged and it can also be rocked by people with short necks.

The details in the costume that you wear is what makes your individuality shine. Keep the style always single breasted since it looks best on any body types and is also easier to find. As for vents it is better to have double vents or no vents at all. Also go with suspenders since the style is always a classic look. The proper stylish look is to wear a cummerbund that creates a seamless look from the shirt to the pants. If for parties go with shawl lapels while for normal suits peak lapel works the best. James Bond is the symbol of refined manliness and thus to imitate this style you will need to follow all traditional rules to look perfect. Thus pocket squares are a must and it should be neatly folded and be in either white or red. Cuff links can be kept simple and basic.

It is fascinating how a movie that comes out in the 21st century creates a large interest in a costume style that was famous before almost 100 years. Well the film " The Great Gatsby” did just that and even inspired some top fashion designers earning a defined place in some major brands. This movie which came out in 2013 and has garnered interest in the 1920's men's costume. If you see a collection of shawl collar sweaters, white collar shirts or newsboy caps they came back into style and people wore it as costumes after this movie became a great hit all over the world.

Now if you are a great fan of this classic and wish to follow the style and costume in the film then you have come to the right place. While the characters in themselves are iconic the confidence which they carried the style was splendid. In a particular scene Jay Gatsby is seen wearing a brown wool windowpane suit with a four button jacket. He wears this three piece suit with a high V notch button up vest and pants of the same fabric. The pants have a flat front with a single pleat that goes down the front legs. This style was the most famous in the 1920s where this not too wide or too thin leg widths are the classic. The shirt that he wears is a light blue with pointed collar and French cuffed.

If you are more on the nick carraway style and love costumes of his type it is the classic middle class men style when compared to Great Gatsby. It is signature three piece woolen suit with coordinating vest and pants. The dark brown color as opposed to the rich brown of the Gatsby is the indication of his lesser wealth. The vest is high with pointed tips and is a traditional style. The shirt that he wears is light colored with contrasting button down collar. Removable collars were a popular shirt accessory at that time since they can be replaced when stained or worn out, again an indication of his middle class status. Another famous 1920s costume indication is the watch chain that is worn over the vest pockets and attached to the vest button.

On whole the darker colors like brown, gray and blue were the prevalent costume styles at that time and peak lapels were popular followed closely by notch lapels. The suits were mostly high up with four to six buttons. The suits were mostly tailored so that it fit snugly to the body. For vests, it is important to wear a matching one since the whole theme was being wealthy and then showing it off. Suits with matching vests were considered a luxury and high end clothing. They could be single or double breasted and high up with up to six buttons.

The pants should not be fully pleated and to imitate the style resort to single pleats, button flies and a classic width pants with their cuffs hemmed. Belts were only new in style at that time and buttoned suspenders were the preferred style. The challenge in donning the 1920s costumes is the pants since that style is simply not practical nowadays. The height at which the pants are worn was also different with them being wore just below the rib cage.

The shirt must strictly have French cuffs along with cuff links. For collars the prevalent options were the pointed collars and round club collars. For shoes two toned shoes were the popular style of the 1920s. Brown and white or gray and white are the repeated styles that the Gatsby is seen wearing in the film. Another classic costume accessory is the cap toe lace up Oxford that is medium orange brown in color.

Now comes another classic film that created a new costume trend in the men's suiting style. The first film Kingsman: the Secret Service came out in 2015 turning the focus on charcoal gray suits and the second one in cowboy boots. Who wouldn't like handsome men dressed even more handsomely running around carrying out covert secret missions?

Now coming to their outfits and costume in the film it was mostly suits. The suits were mostly double breasted since they are English. The suits were mostly slim fit with the jacket tapering at the waist giving them a perfect form fitting style. The high armholes and the soft shoulders gives the jacket a modern look. The wide peak lapels are the standard for double breasted suits and also creates a broad shouldered look. The pants are fit slim with a light break and no cuffs for a sharp look. The fabrics of the suits are also important and it is best to select high class ones like wool, mohair and silk blends since you are imitating the people in a spy network who stays behind the cover of high class London tailor's shop. Hence, it is obvious that the owners of the shop would be dressed perfectly. Most of the men on the film sticks to traditional dark color palette costume that is mostly gray, navy or black. On the contrary Eggsy goes extreme with bright colored costumes. While the velvet jackets are slightly less formal than the tuxedos they are still acceptable.

Not only the vintage style costume some recent garments like the coat worn by Ryan Reynolds in the Hitman's bodyguard has also seen its variable share of popularity. While we cannot recreate their costume fashion to a 100% there is no harm in adopting the styles and costume that we think are stylish and worthy of following.In our site we also house some more famous costumes like James Dean costume, Great Gatsby costume, roaring 20s costume, pinstripe 3 button suits with pleated pants, mens Victorian costume, John Wick costume, Hitman costume Blues brothers costume and many more.

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