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Mens Western Boots

Shoes are an important part for both men and women when it comes to dressing up. A dashing suit accompanied with all suitable accessories may still fade away in look if you don't pair them with a good pair of shoes. The footwear that you wear complete the whole look and thus it is important for you to put some thought into selecting your shoes. Most men intend to get through their life with a simple pair of dress shoes and then casual ones like sneakers and still more casual ones like flip flops. We all are for the comfort and the preference of the wearer but sometimes you should try some new styles to know their awesomeness. Without taking the risk of venturing into the unknown you can never know the finer details.

We are talking about the mens Western boots. Some may panic and some may be excited but in whichever category you are know that the look is not reserved to any group or a certain type of people. Anyone can pull off this look albeit you should follow some rules and avoid some things while donning the style. You need not worry too much, even a wooden toy ( they sure named Woody right ) beautifully rocks the look. So get to know the finer details and the styles that are available in the mens Western boots and after getting through the basics you can select a style that suits your need and taste the best and then try them out. If you still aren't convinced you can get the advice of your confident or you can even take them with you while shopping for these western boots.

Now before we go into the details required to rock this western accessory, we are going to learn about some of the history of these western boots and how this style managed to gain such a strong fan base among both men and women. The term boots in the modern times refers to almost all footwear that cover the entire foot and lower leg. The boots in the earlier times are believed to have developed as two piece unit that covered the foot and the lower leg. This seems to be the base of the modern boots design that we follow now.

As for the origin of the mens Western boots there is no definitive proof of the stories that are said about it. But almost all the stories we hear about this origin is almost of the same concept only with the small details changing. Nonetheless the concept is same. While there are many depictions of the footwear that look like boots as early as 12000 BCE but the proper type of style that we now follow is said to have developed either in Kansas or Texas. After the end of the war the young people returned to their homes and their regular professions. The cowboys who returned from the army continued to wear the boots that we issued in the military while looking after the cattle and going through the trails. These boots weren't sturdy enough to get through the rough trails of the mountainous regions and also mainly for riding. So when the problem escalated people tried to find a solution. Now about 1870s one cowboy went to a local shoemaker and asked him to make a boots that are sturdy so that it solves all the problems. It is also said that he gave his own suggestions to the shoemaker.

The main things that were changed were all for functionality purposes. For example the height of the boots was made higher so that the wearer's leg can be protected from outside factors like snakes and thorns. Also these western boots were scalloped in the front and back so that they can pull off easily.  These shoes were also provided with pointed toe so that the wearer can slide into the stirrup more easily. Also the high slanted heel provided holds on to the stirrup in the long cattle drives. As for the sturdy part the boots were suggested to be made from thick leather so that it protects the wearer's leg from bruising since while riding the legs tend to rub against the wooden stirrups.

Thus the said first made mens Western boots were mainly for functional purposes and this style soon became popular among the cowboys and the ranchers. Soon the style spread outside the community and by the 1930s and 1940s the turning point happened. Hollywood recognised the style of these western boots and soon adopted it in the silver screen. The western films that were released became great hits and thus the popularity of these boots soon soar. This is the time when the mens Western boots evolved from being purely functional to being designed for aesthetic purposes. The former plain cowboy boots soon included colorful stitching and sewn on designs and even sometimes pictures. As the style soon became popular among many people and more people preferred to buy these styles further more effort was put into its making. The bootmakers started trying out new ways like hand tooling, colorful designs and also patterned stitching. Thus Hollywood played s major role in shaping the type of mens Western boots style that we presently have.

After this for the years that followed the designs of the boots changed with the requirement and trend. Today you can find a lot of styles and designs if you think about purchasing a good pair of mens Western boots. The footwear industry has outdone itself and you can even find exotic cowboy boots. These exotic boots are made of the top skin of the animals like crocodile, alligator, ostrich, snakeskin, bison, buffalo and many others. These exotic skin boots may be many times expensive than the normal leather type of cowboy boots that you get. But these exotic western boots can look elegant and rich since they have the sheen about them that no other leather type can reach. If you are against using the animal skins then there are brands that produce the same.tyoe of designs that are machine made. Though they do not look perfectly same they would do as an alternative. The mens Western boots throughout the history have changed in design and details but one thing always have remained the same. A proper pair of mens Western boots still will be practical, sturdy and hardworking.

The Hollywood still hasn't lost its admiration of these boots and we can still see many of our favourite stars rocking the accessory. Now if you think about trying out a pair we assure you it is not only a eye candy but has many practical purposes. The first thing is that if you get a pair of  good leather boots then with some maintenance they can last for a long time thus being a proper investment. You can even replace the soles and the heels and then use these boots again. The next reason that makes these western boots popular is the comfort that they offer. While you are first buying the boots it may take about two or three days to break in. But once you get through that phase these boots are very comfortable to wear and sometimes you can find yourself choosing them over your tennis shoes. Also if you suddenly plan to go for hiking these are the ones that come in handy. You can buy boots with synthetic soles which will make you still more comfortable while moving around wearing them.

So now if you are convinced and pondering about getting a pair then there are some basic points that you will have to consider. The first thing that you will have to decide on is the type of sole and heel on the shoe that you are getting. If you almost have a cowboy lifestyle like horseback riding and dancing then it is better for you to go with leather soles. But if you aren't one with this lifestyle and simply looking for a pair of western boots to strut around looking stylish then synthetic soles will do the job perfectly.

The next thing that you will have to check is the height. The mens western boots come with about half to two inches of heel height and you can choose it depending on your height. Shorter men can go with higher heels so that they can look taller. Also you should consider the height of the boot. The standard height is about the knee height but there are also variations available and you can choose them according to your need.

The next thing is the type of the leather that the boots are made of. As we said before there are exotic skin types of boots available but if you aren't into expensive styles then cowhide boots must be your choice. They are the most common ones and the cheapest. Apart from the mentioned ones there are also some other factors to be considered like the color of the boot and the style of it.

There are many styles of mens Western boots that are available in the market and after you know the basics of these styles then you can choose the one that suits your taste and personality. The first type of style that is the most common and the most popular is the classic western boots style. The shaft of these boots are about 12 inches high and the heel is specifically designed for riding so that it can easily keep you on the saddle. This type of mens Western boots do not have laces but a toe box is provided so that the wearer's toes can be protected even if the horse steps on it. This style of boots comes in different designs and leathers. But if you are getting your first pair then it is best for you to go with cowhide. This cowhide boots are cheaper than the other styles and at the same time has all classic hard wearing properties and the most versatile one among all.

The next popular style is the ropers style of mens Western boots. These are slightly different than the former classic style since they have lower shafts, a more rounded toe and the heels of these boots are designed to be more like work boots. This type of design for the boots is best for rodeo use.

Stockman style of mens Western boots are the ones that almost look similar to the classic style. This type of boots have a deeper dip in the scallop and also have a wide and short heel when compared to the classic type. These boots are designed mostly for men who is on their feet most of the day and less for riding.

The next type of the mens Western boots is the work boots and these are mostly similar to the roper type. These boots are provided with rubber soles so that they won't be slippery and the shorter heels provided so that it is easier to work for the man. These boots also have a larger toe box and mostly they are made of steel toe. There are many more styles of mens Western boots and after knowing the details concerned you can choose the style that is most practical and comfortable for your use.

When it comes to styling your outfit in par with the western boots that you are wearing it is always best to keep things at minimum. You don't have to go all western in your outfits and accessories so that it matches your boots. If you are outside Texas then the boots are mostly for your casual use than for business use. So a proper t-shirt and jeans look can do justice to the boots that you are wearing. Casual suits can also work well with the boots unless the boots shaft is making a bulge in your dress pants.

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