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Mens Zoot Suit Rental

Have you heard about style warfare? Zoot suits can be easily categorized under style warfare since they were widely used to get the wearer's point across and as a symbol of retaliation. You might have seen the zoot suits in movies or any costume parties but did you know the rich history behind the said style? We are here to tell you all about it but we also want you to give the zoot suits a try. Zoot suits are a bold statement that we cannot choose on a daily basis. Go for this style when the event is right. It might be Halloween or a costume party. If you aren’t sure about buying a zoot suit for yourself, you can choose the zoot suits rental.

zoot suit It all started with…

If you notice closely, all big events or changes start with a injustice being committed. It might be small or like in zoot suits case big like discrimination against African American men. It had been the case for centuries but by the 20th century these men have found their solace – their unique style choices. They made to stand out by their accord and for this style was a major point.

Zoot suits came into the scene by the 1930s and 1940s and it was seen as a cultural statement of the African American men. The zoot suit first started out as a dance costume in the jazz clubs that were widely popular at that time. While the men wore these unique wedding zoot suits, women chose to wear the voluptuous skirts to make the dance look enticing. Soon zoot suits became an identity and was viewed as a symbol of political statement. This only increased with time and it was the only garment that triggered the spontaneous youth movement among African American men and other minority communities.

There is no credible source that confirms the origin of the zoot suits or the designer who did it first. At first, the zoot suits were expensive since they were attention grabbing and were worn by the posh people in the dance clubs. But it soon became a common style among African American men.

What is a zoot suit?

blue suit Zoot suit is an exaggerated version of our usual suit style. The major difference between the usual suit style and zoot suit is the pants. The zoot suit pants are tight near the waist and has to be worn high than the usual pants. The pants below the waistband billows like a parachute with it only tightening near the ankles. Other than this, the zoot suit jackets come with wide shoulders and sleeves that reach the wearer’s fingertips. People also usually add accessories like hats with long feathers and pointy shoes with the suit outfit. There were also key chains attached to the pants and these chains dropped all the way down to the knees of the wearer. All this combines to give the wearer a nicely exaggerated version of the suits and was perfect for swing dancing. This was a popular dance of the time and all the accessories and the suit itself swung with the dancers to create an artistic look.

The classic zoot suits were initially made of wool but with the industrial revolution, they were available at cheaper rates. People who wanted to choose the cheap priced zoot suits went for the ones made of rayon while the people who wanted the most expensive zoot suits went for the ones made from luxury materials.

Zoot suits were widely worn among African American men and soon the media began to link zoot suiters to criminal activities. The perceptions stuck and soon zoot suiters were attacked. During the second world war, the zoot suits were banned with the reason that excess fabric was used for the making and it is affecting the economy. Still zoot suiters persisted and some even got two suits to tailor them together and make the stylish pinstripe zoot suits. The ban on the zoot suits brought about results that were quite opposite to the ones that government expected. The popularity of the zoot suits only grew and it became the symbol of retaliation among the youth.

The zoot suit riot happened in LA when the zoot suiters were accused of murder and it blew in size. Military men started attacking anyone who wore zoot suits. Though the African American men were mostly the victims they were arrested in groups which furthered the tension.

Zoot suit today

Though the black part of the history remains the zoot suit gained a lot of popularity after the riots. There were songs and plays being created with the suits in reference. You might have even seen films in which the main character is in the zoot suits. It has become a cultural symbol and also a mild statement of opposition against discrimination.

The casual 20s zoot suits would be the perfect choice for Halloween but we understand that it might be hard to style them to other events. Some don’t mind this, while some might think it as a waste of money. In that case choose instead to go with the designer zoot suit rental. This would save you a lot of money while also not sacrificing on your unique styling.

There are different zoot suit styles like formal zoot suits and casual ones. Take the time to go through these styles and then go with the right choice. You can search the web using zoot suit near me for knowing about the sites that have the zoot suits on sale or you can use zoot suit rent online option. The event for which you are getting the suit might help you decide. If you are getting the zoot rent suit for wedding then go with the costly Mexican zoot suits but if it is for a simple event then low cost zoot suits would do the job. You can even get the zoot suits on discounts in our site.