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Sweaters are winter staples that we all love to have in our wardrobes. There are a lot of variations in sweaters and the details on it matter a lot. One of such details is the number of buttons on the sweater. It may look like an insignificant detail but it influences the whole look of your outfit. Today we are going to discuss about 3 button sweaters and some styling tips for the garment.

3 Button Sweater three button sweaters are one of the fine garments in menswear that highlights men's proportion. You can choose this when you want to showcase your casual look differently in the crowd. The three button sweaters come in different fabrics and designs to enhance your appearance. Rather than formal attire, this sweater suits for an off-duty ensemble. The number of buttons in the sweater will add extra points to your ensemble considering your body proportion. Many people may confuse three button sweaters with cardigans. Cardigans are like a robe that has the front open and hangs open by design while sweaters must be pulled over the head to be worn.

This season move on from your regular sweater to something new. Button sweaters are something to choose for casual attire. You should select the number of buttons depending on your body type. Men with masculine build can opt for a three button sweater to show off their physique. It is a must have staple in modern men's wardrobe to achieve a casually cool outfit. Try out three button sweaters this season to add new style to you. When you are trying button sweaters for the first time, you can go with dark colors like black, navy and dark green sweaters. If you want to feel confident about your looks, dress in a green three button sweater combined with grey chinos for a polished casual look. The three button sweaters are more than just a layering. It is worn like a t-shirt rather than a sweater. The 3 button black sweaters is a versatile garment to pair with your denim jeans and pants. This sweater looks stunning when paired with light blue denim jean pants to have a smart casual look.

Red Sweater The three button sweaters are crafted from natural fabrics like wool and cashmere to worn in icy weather to stay in comfort. The wool sweaters are commonly preferred and can only be worn over t-shirts. Pairing a light blue 3 button sweater with white t-shirt and navy chinos gives a neat ensemble and will ramp up your outfit when matched with a pair of light blue canvas low top sneakers. Go for a cotton sweater in the summer and spring to save you from the cold evening breeze. The cotton three button sweaters can be worn with comfort in all seasons and are easy to take care. The durable and soft fabric in bold colors will brighten up your with easy pairing tricks. Pair a 3 button red sweater and black ripped jeans for a modern casual look. Finish off this getup with a pair of black canvas shoes. If you are going to buy a single sweater, the wise option is to choose a cotton sweater to wear it all around. Go for a wool 3 button sweater to offer a business casual look when you are staying in a cold place.

From bike riding to travelling, if there is a must have in a men's wardrobe that would be a bomber jacket. Men go crazy over bomber sweaters, but it cannot provide you warmth when compared to sweaters. The bomber sweater is the best alternative to this jacket and will bring your casual attire to a next level. Every small detail from buttons to patterns matters while buying a sweater. Bomber 3 button sweater is full of charisma and character that can be worn to have a manly look. Marry a light brown sweater in bomber jacket design with dark brown plaid pants to put together a functional and sophisticated attire. Men having tall builds can go for a 3 button big tall sweater to highlight their proportions. The big tall sweaters are particularly designed for tall people who find it difficult to find an ideal sweater. Men with mascualine body type can opt for a lime green three button sweater with black denim jeans for a bold and complementary outfit. Rounding off this ensemble with a black and white low top sneakers to have a classy getup.

Go for a refreshing shade of green in spring to lighten up your attire. For a ready to go casual look, pick a 3 button mint green sweater and white chinos to have a relaxed vibe. Complement this ensemble with grey canvas sneakers. Some sweaters are irresistible by both men and women. If you are having the idea of buying a sweater, the first thing that will attract you will be the turtleneck sweater. Turtleneck 3 button sweater with buttons and fastenings on the side will give a straightforward off-duty ensemble. Olive three button sweater featuring turtleneck and navy chinos is easy to imitate and shine in it. The classy vibe given by this sweater is complete when married with navy leather tassel loafers.

white Sweater If you would like to take your casual game up a notch, match a fur 3 button sweater with jean pants. When you are going for a romantic date, you can pick a purple three button sweater and white chinos to infuse fanciness into your outfit. The three button sweater particularly gained its popularity featuring polo neck sweaters.3 button White sweaters and navy pants are best To achieve a sporty look. This athletic vibe is complete when paired with white athletic shoes. To prove your knowledge in styling, fashion sweaters are the best choice. Fashion sweaters from bagazio, barabaz and inserch will provide you with different patterns and designs to add extra points for your casual repertoire. Complete your wardrobe with a 3 button sweater and you will love to wear it on a daily basis.