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Mens Rose Gold Loafers

Loafers are one of the accessories that has become a staple in mens footwear collection. One among the many reasons why the loafers have become popular among men is the functionality of the footwear and how easily you can pull off the look. While the black and dark brown loafers are prevalent especially when dressed in formal outfits you also have the option of going with more casual types of mens loafers. In this article we discuss the rose gold loafers and why you should have a pair of those in your wardrobe collection.

Anyone with atleast a pinch of interest in fashion would have seen the rose gold trend taking over the world in recent times. Everything starting from the jewelleries, going on to the suits and even the iPhones have come in the rose gold variation. For people who still doesn't have an idea of what we are talking about rose gold is actually a metal which comes in a mixture of yellow gold, silver and copper in it. The silver and copper in the metal mix together to give the metal a pink hue which consequently gives the metal a stylish and rich rose gold color to it.

First the rose gold trend was popular in the jewelleries with all the people preferring their jewels in this beautiful shade. But soon the rose gold shade in itself came to the spotlight and everything possible to be dyed came out in the rose gold shade. The rose gold trend was maximum before some years and the trend seems to have mellowed in recent times. Now that you know the gist you might wonder what makes the rose gold shade so attractive. This attraction is not a new found one since there are proofs that the ancient Colombians also widely favored the shade.

The researchers have found that a certain group of Colombian people who lived in the first Millenium A.D. had mastered the technique of making the impure gold look valuable. For this they mostly overpolished the gold jewellery to a point that it reveals a pink or orange shade underneath thus creating the first forms of the rose gold jewelleries. There are a lot of artefacts in rose gold hue that were recognised to be from that period. These rose gold artefacts are believed to be made by skilled metalworkers. When the researchers further examined the jewelleries like pendants, earrings and such they also found that these people used a certain process which involves refinement and burnishing which gives the jewelleries the rose gold hue.

Rose gold loafers are also widely known as pink gold loafers or red gold shoes. When it comes to rose gold shoes many men would hesitate to try those on thinking that rose and pink colors are mostly associated with the women's fashion. This is a misconception that has turned to be a practice but you would be relieved to know that the people in the 1800s and the early 1900s did not have these distinctions since most of the portraits show the children dressed in gender neutral clothing. There was even a time when pink was preferred by men since it is a color which is associated with red which is seen as strong. You may have noticed that the pink styles for men be it the suits or accessories have surged in popularity in recent times. Thus if you are comfortable with the pink style then this may be one of the best time to try your hands on it.

Gold Shoes If you are still not comfortable incorporating the rose gold shade in a formal clothing like suits and blazers then it might be an indication to go slow. In that case the rose gold loafers provide you with the best choice since they are not strictly formal accessories like the suits. They give you the independence to dress casually and pull the look off in an easier way. Also there are a lot of styles in rose gold loafers from which you can select the one that would best suit your style and personality. Here are some of the things to consider when you are thinking of getting a pair of rose gold loafers for yourself.

While you go with the formal styles of shoes like the oxfords, derbies and brogues all of these offer you an almost similar look. Thus if you are a person who is bored with the lace up shoes type then the loafers would be a great choice for you. This slip on styles are dandy and you can wear it almost any outfit thus making it a versatile addition to your wardrobe collection. Also the slip on or loafers style is practical because of its laceless nature making them a great pick for every age group of men.

If you decide to go with the rose gold loafers the first thing that you will have to note is the material from which the shoes are made. This might depend on a great deal the purpose for which you are getting the shoes and which outfit you are going to style the loafers with. For example if you are going to style the loafers with formal outfits or smart casual ones then it would be a better choice to go with the rose gold leather loafers. The leather rose gold loafers offer you a sleek and sophisticated look which you can easily pair with a smart casual suit ensemble or a fine put together of the suit separates. But to keep the leather rose gold loafers in the same state some kind of maintenance is required. It might be best if you clean these loafers regularly and then polish them so that gleam is intact on it.

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When you need a little more casual style then we would recommend you to try out the suede rose gold loafers. The rose gold suede loafers are best for the summer and spring events since suede does not go well with moisture. You can wear these suede rose gold loafers with your casual outfits like t-shirts and jeans or chinos and it will be best if you refrain from using it with the tailored clothing.

As for the durability the leather rose gold loafers perform better when compared with the suede rose gold loafers. The mens leather rose gold loafers are also sturdier in design and thus giving them a upper hand if you are looking for a versatile style that you can style with a variety of outfits. The leather rose gold loafers might be little expensive and thus when you are going with the style make sure that you are getting the genuine rose gold leather loafers style so that you get the best out of the money that you spend on it.

Textured-SuedeAs mentioned before there are a lot of styles in rose gold loafers and you will have to know about them to select the one that will suit you. The most popular style of the loafers is the penny loafers. The rose gold penny loafers can be a smart choice while being also a classic one. The rose gold penny loafers have almost a century old origin story but still remains to be one of the most popular styles adorning the wardrobes of men. The penny loafers have has a great history with politicians and the Hollywood's best actors but the origin of these loafers are simple given that they were designed by a Norwegian shoes designer who got the inspiration for this design from the aurland moccasins which was famous among the farmers in that area. If you are a person who is search of a versatile pair of loafers then it would be a better choice to go with penny rose gold loafers since you can easily dress them up and down depending on your outfit. For example if you are going with a smart casual outfit then they would suit perfectly for the look but the same loafers will pair well with the casual outfit choices like the varsity jacket, tshirt and chinos combination.

The next style of the loafers that are popular among the men is the rose gold tassel loafers. This style of loafers was a result of a request from a oscar winning Hungarian born actor called Paul lukas to a shoemaker where he asked the shoemaker to make oxford shoe styles with tassels which was a style he picked up from Europe. This style caught on and one of the leading shoemaking company of America at that time produced the first tassel loafers which soon became a style favorite among men.While the penny loafers are simple in its style the tassel loafers offer you a more stylish and dressier look. Tassel rose gold loafers would give you an elegant and dressy style of shoes which will also not sacrifice the practicality of the laceless shoes.

The next style we are going to discuss is the rose gold horsebit loafers. This is a more elegant style of the loafers and if you are in need of a pair of dress loafers then we would recommend you to go with this style. These horsebit rose gold loafers have a brass strap on them which is shaped like a horse's snaffle. This horsebit loafers design was first developed by the gucci in the mid 1900s and soon the style became iconic. The advantage with the horsebit rose gold loafers is that they have a refined look which would make them suitable to be worn with the semi formal and sometimes the formal outfits too.

Now that you have understood the defining characteristics of the popular styles of the rose gold loafers available in the market you can choose the one that would best suit your personality and your clothing preferences. Styling the rose gold loafers is not a very hard job and the loafers being a practical style can be easily styled with the day to day styles.

First when you are styling the rose gold mens loafers with trousers and jackets you should note the length of the trousers. It would be best if the break at the end of the trousers is slight and appears clean so that the viewer can see the details on the rose gold loafers that you are wearing. For a stylish and modern look you can choose to style the rose gold loafers as a contrasting style to an all navy outfit that consists of a navy turtleneck, navy chinos and a navy overcoat . For a more casual style you can style the stylish rose gold loafers with an outfit that consists of a grey crew neck T-shirt, beige shirt jacket and navy chinos.

When you want a classier and dressier look that you can style to the special events like weddings then you can style the rose gold wedding loafers with an ensemble that consists of white dress shirt, pink blazer and charcoal gray trousers. For a summer party style you can style the casual rose gold loafers with an ensemble of white crew neck tshirt, pink blazer and navy chinos. These rose gold loafers outfits would give the wearer a stylish look that would help turn heads.

The rose gold loafers shoes are best to be styled with the casual outfits especially the summer ones. For example the rose gold casual loafers would look great when combined with an ensemble of navy floral short sleeve shirt and a pair of white jeans. For a still more simple look you can style the rose gold slip on style with an ensemble that consists of a white crew neck tshirt and navy chinos. If you are a person who loves vintage styles then you can style the mens rose gold loafers style with an outfit that consists of a grey plaid suit combined with a burgundy polo neck sweater. Choose the style that would best suit your need and personality.

Wearing the rose gold mens loafer gives you both a classy and bougie look and they are both casual and elegant. This rose gold mens loafer recently came into the public consciousness as a wonderful color to wear when you are dressing for casual evening parties. You can wear this rose gold mens loafer casually, formally, and semi-formally. For the Casual approach, follow the styling tips give below for better understanding. The Black Jeans and a White Shirt forms the best rose gold loafer outfits.

The mens rose gold loafer outfits work excellent with black jeans and a white shirt. Rose gold is a subtle yet striking pop of color, that can make you stand out as the star of the show. The mens rose gold loafer can stand against the neutral black jeans and white shirt. In general, the color Black goes with everything so it goes well with rose-colored loafer and gold color loafer, and so they will look definitely great with the mens rose gold loafer as well. The color white is another classic choice which not only pairs well with the black but also with crisp and clean rose gold mens loafer. If you’re sporting on your feet, then this styling option will help you. If you want a put-together look, then you can opt for black jeans and a white shirt to wear with your rose gold leather loafers. The rose gold loafer outfits not only look smart and fashionable, but you will give your wonderful loafers a chance to shine.

The pairing of stylish dress loafer gold with Blue Jeans and a White Hat goes very well. This is another great look to go with the mens rose gold loafers. The color Blue is a good choice that complements pink well. But don’t go for navy or some other off-brand blue shade. Choosing the lighter shades of blue would be a great choice to pair well with the stylish rose gold loafers. Wearing the mens gold leather loafer and jeans with holes give you a grungier look. For a sportier look, you can keep your jeans more form-fitting and hole-free. Choosing the mens gold loafer for a wedding is a fantastic choice, and you’ll look sweet, chic, and incredibly good. Keep your wedding rose gold loafer look loose and comfy, it will do the rest of the work to heighten the look. Wearing the rose gold casual loafer with a Leather Jacket, Pink shirt, and Black Jeans also work well. Opting for the punk leather jacket with a pastel pink dress shirt and rose gold casual loafer helps to soften the look.

Black skinny jeans with holes also work very well with a rose gold casual loafer. The pairing of a gold casual leather loafer with a leather jacket, pink shirt, and shorts also gives you a charming look. Of course, this old casual leather loafer outfit gets hot during the day but chill at night. Layering the look may help you stand cool throughout the day. If you feel too hot out, then you could wear the rose gold slip on loafer with a white long-sleeve tee and sweatpants for a cooler look. For business casual events, you may look into Gray Cardigan, a White shirt, and Black pants. This outfit is very simple and easy to put together; it gives such a mature, upscale vibe. The gray cardigan is one of the staple shade to wear with the rose gold, this combination is cozy and warm as well. The genuine gold leather loafer with a gray cardigan, white dress shirt, and black pants gives you an educated look. As mentioned earlier, the white blouse is the classic combination with mens rose gold loafers.

You could wear a different kind of shirt, such as a button-down or even a v-neck to bring a different style to your look. Opting for form-fitting skinny trousers are a great look, as they add a tighter appearance to your overall appearance. Black trousers should be in any men’s closet, as they are so bold, comfortable, and go with everything. Of course, black with rose gold loafer shoes make this outfit so stunning. This gives you a cool and welcome look at your overall outline. You can also snatch a pair of rose gold casual loafer or any other type of Oxford-style dress shoe; they will look great and awesome in a more androgynous. If you are still looking hip and professional, then toned down your outfit this way. If you want to show off your individual personality in your workplace, this outfit with dress-up genuine rose gold loafer shoes is the way to do it.

If you are looking for a formal look such as Cocktail Dress and a Clutch, then read the following styling tips to get some idea. Cocktail outfits are a must in your wardrobe if you have lots of business dinners to go to. Adding Clutches into your ensemble will allow you to keep your money and necessary cards safe without having a huge purse. A cocktail dress makes you look more comfortable even you still looking professional, as they are more form-fitting and shorter. It is necessary to match your cocktail outfit with rose gold leather shoes. Avoid wearing wedges, sandals, or sneakers for formal events save them for more casual events. If you want to gain power and center of attraction, then you can go with a gray pant suit. The rose gold leather loafer and gray pantsuits are more comfortable Depending on your personality. This outfit allows you to take off the blazer and stay cool with your shirt. For work, business meetings, formal dinners, or any other formal event, a light-gray pantsuit is ideal. The light gray is considered one of the best colors to match with your rose gold mens loafer, so you can look plenty professional and have a bit of fun on your feet. And matching the rose gold leather loafer with gray color looks stylish and authoritative