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Mezlan Loafers

Mezlan Loafers

If you are a person who likes to do everything in style then when it comes to shoes designer should be your obvious choice. They have a luxurious feel to it and the heritage that comes with the major brands is the one that you can spend on. One such brand of shoes that has a great history and decades long tradition is the Mezlan. This classic brand of shoes are crafted carefully in such a way that the shoes are comfortable to be worn all day long. These shoes boasts being handcrafted and stitched with extreme care so that the customers get the quality that they are paying for.

mezlan shoes mens-dress-loafers MezlanLoafers Mens-Dress-Loafer-Shoes
Mezlan is well known for their classic design of loafers and still have a great fan following foe it. MezlanLoafers with the acceptance of casual styles in office wears have become a timeless staple in mens footwear fashion. They are the best blend of comfort and sophistication thus making them the obvious choice when it comes to smart casual events. One of the added benefit of this style of shoes is that they are the middle of the road look and thus can be worn to any occasions be it formal or casual. Mezlan is a designer brand that is best for loafer designs and has made the style famous all over the world.

Mens-Black-Dress-Shoes If you are wearing this mens dress loafer with formal outfits it is better to go with dress loafers that are made of quality leather or crocodile skins so that they are upto the mark of the formality of the outfit that you are wearing. As for the color it is best to stick with the classic colors like black, brown or dark blue. Some of the famous picks in Mezlan loafers for formal styles is the Suede double monk strap loafers, double buckle leather loafers. If you are wearing it with the fancy outfits like the dinner suits or the tuxedos then it is better to go with still more sophisticated styles which has a little sheen to it. You can also go with textured styles which gives you a bit of individuality to the outfit. As for tuxedos you should be always going for black and it should be well polished. If you are wearing a velvet jacket then you can opt to wear velvet tassel loafers that is a popular style in Mezlan.

Mens-Dress-Loafer-Shoes As for casual styles like for weddings or cocktail parties there are flattering styles in Alligator loafers. While the style and design almost remains the same you can incorporate differences in the colors of the mezlanloafers. For these casual styles you can go with lighter colors like light brown, grey or white. You can also go with double colors which looks chic. There are also styles in Mezlan loafers that have laced style. Mezlan is a top designer brand that has stayed in trend for a long time and is one of the best in terms of style and comfort in footwear industry.

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