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crocodile loafer Loafers are one of the hot trending topics in both mens and women's footwear fashion. This popularity may be contributed to the ease with which you can handle the loafers and the slip on style without the laces or the buckles also help a great deal. With the surging popularity more and moe styles of the mens loafers are getting into the market and this you have now have a lot of options from which you can choose the one that will suit your need. Depending on how you are intending to use it you can go with the formal or casual styles of the mens loafers. In this article we discuss the crocodile loafer and why you should have a pair of these loafers in your footwear collection.

When we say crocodile loafer we talk about the exotic skin crocodile loafer that are considered to be one of the best picks for pairing with formal clothing like suits and even tuxedos. The crocodile loafers will offer the wearer a rich and powerful look that cannot be achieved with the usual leather loafers. If you are looking for a break from the usual style then it would be best for you time go with the exotic skin loafers like the crocodile loafer and alligator loafers. The exotic skin shoes and loafers are becoming popular in the recent times among men of all ages and occupation. It has now almost become a staple like the work shoes and sneakers in the footwear collection of the men.

Crocodile loafer can work as the accent piece of your outfit and thus can be the best way to showcase your personality and style. Thus if you are attending a special event and would like to wear something different than the usual styles then we would recommend you to choose the crocodile loafer. The mens crocodile loafer will have a sophisticated look about it which can gain the curiosity of the viewers and also to easily impress them. Like any other styles in menswear there are a lot of styles in mens crocodile loafer too and you can choose the one that will best suit you.

When we talk about loafers most would latch on to the fact that the loafers are originally a casual style and thus are not best to be worn with the formal garments like blazers and suits. It is true that the loafers were designed to be casual styles when they first originated but this was more than a century before. Since then the hierarchy of the mens loafers have varied a great deal and now the loafers are becoming popular to be worn with the suits and blazers. Also as mentioned before there are a lot of styles in mens loafers that have come out and you can choose the formal or casual style of the loafers depending on the nature of the event for which you are getting the accessory.

When you go with the exotic skin loafers like the crocodile loafer you will be resulted with a luxurious style that are mostly handmade. Most of these crocodile loafers are made with precise workmanship and intricate designs which makes them a statement piece that is worth buying. Also these are some of the reasons why the crocodile loafer tend to be higher in price range when compared with the usual leather ones like the calfskin leather loafers and such. But the rich and elevated look that the crocodile loafer offer is a great look which justifies the amount of money that you spend on it.

The crocodile loafer are made from the skin and leather obtained from the crocodiles and the variety changes depending on the type of crocodile from which the loafers are made. For example the caiman crocodile loafers are one of the most popular styles of the exotic skin loafers. Also when you go for the purchase of the crocodile loafer you will note that the price of these loafers are much higher when compared to the usual leather loafers or even the other exotic skin shoes. This is because of the fact that there is a limit on how much crocodiles you can use for the making of shoes and other materials in one year and this causes a demand for these types of loafers. The crocodile loafer and alligator loafers cost the most when compared to others and are considered to be the ones which set the benchmark for the price determination of other exotic skin loafers.

crocodile loafer crocodile loafer
The color of the crocodile loafer is one of the most important factor that you will have to note about the accessory. Color is a easily noticable factor and there are also preconceived notions that certain colors suit the formal events while some do not. So make sure that you select the color of the crocodile loafers while keeping these variable factors in mind.

For example if you are looking for a formal style of crocodile loafer which you can easily style with the suits and blazers then it would be best for you to go with the classic options like the black shoe crocodile loafer or the brown crocodile loafers. When you go with these classic crocodile loafer you get a versatile style which you can pair with both formal and casual garments and most importantly the dark color of these loafers will match almost perfectly with any colored outfit. Also the simple and elegant style of the mens black crocodile loafer ans mens brown crocodile loafer will conform with even the most formal events. You can even select from the different shades of the brown loafers in which the darkest is the most formal and as the shade lightens it becomes more casual. Cognac crocodile loafer is another one of the popular style among men.

Now when you need a little more casual style which you can wear with the smart casual outfits you can go with the bright ones like theburgundy crocodile loafer or the Navy blue crocodile loafer. They aren't much on the brighter style but when compared to the neutral ones that men are used to it is the appropriate amount of color to add into. Other than this when you need a truly laid back and casual look then you can choose to go with the beige crocodile loafers or the bone crocodile loafer. But these light colored ones might not be suitable to be worn with the formal clothing for strictly formal events. It might be a good choice to restrict the usage of crocodile loafer or any other exotic skin loafers for the special occasions since they can wear out soon. Depending on the type of event that you frequent choose the color of the crocodile loafer.

When purchasing the crocodile loafer one thing that you will have to carefully note about it is it's authenticity. Since the crocodile loafer are high in price there are a lot of fake and knockoff ones in the market and thus you will have to be careful about their purchase. Make sure that you choose the authentic crocodile loafer which will give you the best value of the money that you spend on it.

When you want to check whether the crocodile loafer are genuine there are some things that you can note. While you are getting the crocodile loafer online then it would be hard for you to check the authenticity of the shoes. In this case it is best for you to go with the branded ones like the mezlan crocodile loafer and ralph lauren crocodile loafer since they give you the best quality. But when you are getting shoes from the stores then you have the option of checking the crocodile loafer manually and even when you get the crocodile loafer from the online stores you can check it for authenticity and if not upto your expectation then you can avail for a return or exchange.

Most of the fake crocodile loafer are made of plastic or vinyl so that they get the texture of the leather but most of the time it will show easily since the plastic or the vinyl knockoffs give out a cheap look. Also these fake crocodile loafer are lighter in weight when compared with the genuine leather crocodile loafer. This is because of the fact that these fake crocodile loafer are provided with the plastic soles and heels. Also the soles on these fake crocodile loafers are often glued on instead of stitching and even if the stitching is there it will not be of good quality. While these fake crocodile loafer can pass off as real crocodile loafer from a distance they will definitely show on the closer look and these fake ones also last much less in time when compared to the genuine leather crocodile loafer.

Another thing that you will have to check about the crocodile loafer is the interior of the loafers. Authentic crocodile loafer will have leather lining all through the interior of the loafers. But the imitation crocodile loafer will have irregular lining inside the loafers since they tend to cut costs on these small aspects. Even when they give the lining it will be of inferior material like the pigskin or the vinyl. Checking for lining on the interior of the shoes is one of the most important factors which will help you easily distinguish the real crocodile loafer from the fake crocodile loafer.

Other than this you can also check the grain of the leather on the crocodile loafer. Crocodiles being the reptiles have the natural grain about the skin which will show on the loafers. Thus when you need a quality crocodile loafer check for the grain of the shoes. If you go with the imitation of the crocodile loafer it will look like a real thing since they try to imitate the grain on the calfskin but they can never imitate the natural grain of it. To check whether it is real run your finger through it and find the difference.

crocodile loafer The crocodile skin loafers will cost you a lot especially when you go with the authentic ones. But when you need a style that is lesser in cost then you have a lot of options to choose from. For example if you are a person who is against using the animals skin but love the look of the loafers then it would be a best choice for you to go with faux crocodile loafer. This way you would not harm the animals but would go with the style since when you go with the quality ones they would look much like the real crocodile loafer.

Other than this you can also go with the crocodile print loafers which are made of calfskin leather rather than the exotic leathers. These crocodile print loafers mens will have the texture of the crocodile loafer and the grain of it since they are simply printed on the cow leather. If you are not too keen about the style then it would be a better option for you to choose these mens crocodile effect leather loafers since they deliver the look of the real crocodile loafer but at a much lower price. Other than this you can also go with the crocodile embossed loafers which are also the same style as the crocodile print loafers but with much more authenticity and quality.

crocodile loafer crocodile loafer
If you are thinking of getting the men's crocodile loafers then now would be the best time for you to get one. For purchasing best crocodile loafer it would be a great choice for you to go with prominent brands like gucci crocodile loafer and Belvedere crocodile loafer. While there are a lot of styles like the vintage crocodile loafer and such to choose from you can get it from online stores that offer much more variety. There are a lot of crocodile loafer for sale that offer great prices for the accessories.