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Extra Long sportcoats

Sportcoats are one of the staple in any man's wardrobe. The sportcoats are often confused with blazers but the most distinguishing factor between the two is the material. The sportcoats are mostly made from thick materials like wool and tweed while the blazers are of lighter construction. As for the fit of the sportcoats they are fit same as the suit jacket or slightly bigger. But when it comes to tall men it is important to go with extra long sport coats. Today we are going to discuss the extra long sport coat and the details involved in selecting the best one.

The extra long sport coat come in a longer length when compared with the standard sportcoat fit. Men who are very tall tend to feel uncomfortable when wearing the normal fit of sportcoat. Going for the next size means that all the dimensions of the sportcoat becomes larger. Men who are tall but lean are the ones who are most affected by this. These men can go with extra long sport coats so that you can get the right fit at a longer length. While selecting the extra long sport coats there are some points that you will have to keep in mind to get a proper one.

The first thing that you will have to consider while selecting the extra long sportcoat is the material from which is made from. As we have mentioned before the sportcoats are mostly made from heavy fabrics. This is because of the fact that the sportcoats were originally introduced to be worn to the outdoor activities like golf and horseback riding. Thus the garments were made of thicker materials so that the wearer can keep himself warm during his day out. Nowadays the sportcoats come in lighter materials too.

Two-Button-Navy-Blue-Sportcoat Mens-Two-Buttons-Black-Blazer Mens-Two-Buttons-Black-Suit

Now when you select the extra long sport coat you gave to consider the use of the garment. If you are getting the extra long sport coat to wear in winter or chilly days then it is best to go with mens wool sportcoat. You can wear this extra long sport coat for your simple day out in the city and such. The soft material will keep you warm and comfortable while warding off the cold. The wool extra long sport coat can also be used for formal use like as office wear. Also the wool is the most preferred material for mens garments since they are available in a wide price range. Now if you are looking for a extra long sport coat that you can wear in the summer then you should go with lightweight extra long sport coat. mens summer Linen sportcoat is a good pick for summer use. You can wear this garment for any casual or semi formal event. Linen extra long sportcoat is best suited for cocktail parties and summer weddings. Linen is well known fro it's breathability and moisture absorbing qualities and is the most preferred summer fabric. They are the best choice when it comes to people who travel a lot since they are mostly used as holiday extra long sportcoat. But the main thing with linen garments is that they tend to wrinkle very easily thus it is best to avoid using them as formal garments. In case you want to use it as formal garments then it is best to go with blends of linen with wool and cotton. The blended garments tend to wrinkle much less when compared with 100% linen ones.

Burgundy-Color-Two-Button-Sportcoat If you want a lightweight alternative to wool extra long sport coat then it is best for you to go with blazzer sportcoat. While you get the cotton extra long sport coat you can get it a little bigger so that you can style them with layers during the slightly chilly days. These summer sportcoat can be a versatile pick that you can style as both formal and casual outfits.

As for the style of the extra long sport coat you should select it according to the purpose of the garment and how you are intending to use it. Double breasted extra long sport coat are the best choice when it comes to formal garments. The double breasted styles consists of two rows of buttons on each flaps of the sportcoat. This style of extra long sport coat are considered to be the most formal and can be worn to business meetings and board meetings. It gives you a look of professionalism and authority that is hard to rival. Single breasted extra long sport coat is the one you should get if you are getting your first sportcoat. Single breasted style is considered to be more casual when compared with the double breasted style. Single breasted extra long sport coat is the one that is most preferred since it is the more versatile pick among the two. You can style the single breasted extra long sport coat both as a formal and casual style and hence is the one that is most preferred by the younger generation.

mens-sport-coats As for the color of the extra long sportcoat you should go with the classic ones if you are going to style them for formal purposes. If you are getting the extra long sport coat for office use then it might be better to stick with classic extra long sport coat like black extra long sport coat and navy extra long sport coat. This is a good choice since you can wear them both for formal and casual events. You can also go with other options like patterned after extra long sport coat. Since it is for formal use it is best to stick with subtle ones like summer sportcoat and such. On the contrary if you are getting the extra long sport coat for a more casual purpose then you can try out lighter and brighter colors depending on your taste. Red extra long sportcoat and royal blue extra long sportcoat might be good choices when it comes to casual events like summer weddings and such./ Mens fashion extra long sport coat with brass buttons is also a good choice for casual use.