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The fit of the sport coat is one of the most important things to be noted. Any garment that you get should fit on you in the right way for it to look flattering. People who consider the standard length of the sport coats to be too long can choose the 48 short sport coats instead. The length of these sport coats are short and hence would be best for the shorter persons. In this article, we will discuss in elaborate about the perfect fit of the sport coat and some tips on styling the garment in the right way.

A properly fitting sport coat should contour the body’s natural lines. It would easily offer a flattering look to the wearer. You should be able to comfortably wear the sport coat without needing to pull or wrinkle the fabric. The drape of the coat should rightly enhance the natural form of the wearer’s body. You should look for these requirements while purchasing the sport coats.

48 short sport coats would be best for the short men since the standard sized sport coats might be a little too long in length for them. The 48 short sport coats also come with shorter sleeves that match the length of the coat. If you are a short person with an average built body then you should consider choosing the designer size 48 short sport coats.

Not all shops and online sites stock this particular size of the mens sport coats. It would always be better to get the size 48 short sport coat online since you get to choose from many options than when you are purchasing from a physical store. Also you can get the size 48 short sport coat on discount from online sites. In our site, we have the best quality size 48 short sport coats in all price ranges. You just need to find a style that suits your taste and also your budget range.

While you purchase clothes online, one thing that you need to have is the right measurements. This will help you know whether the size 48 short sport coat will fit you in the right way. You can alter minor changes with your tailor but when the fit is not right in a major way like in the shoulders then the garment would be a waste to possess. Thus before starting to purchase online, get your measurements done.

What is the perfect fit for a sport coat?

When the various features like the shoulders, sleeves and more of the sport coat are perfect, the whole look becomes impressive. We are here to discuss on what would be the best fit for the size 48 short sport coats.


The shoulder lines of the sport coat that you buy should align properly with your natural shoulder line. It should not sag or it should not be ridden up. The shoulders are one of the most important part of a garment since it is very hard to alter it. Thus take the time to find the right shoulder size that would be comfortable for you.


You most probably will wear the sport coat with a shirt underneath. The collar of the formal size 48 short sport coatv that you buy should hug the collar of the shirt all along the neck without showing much gap. About half an inch of the shirt’s collar can show above the collar of the jacket. The collar points of the shirt should also be neatly tucked under the sport coat lapels.


The front portion of the sport coat attracts the most attention and thus should be clean and neat. If you see extra fabric looking near the armholes know that the chest area is too big and go for a smaller size of the sport coat. It would help to wear the buttons on the sport coat. If you notice pulling or wrinkling of the fabric near the buttons then you should be going with a larger size of the sport coats.


The right size of the sport coat should cover your backside but should not extend beyond that. The unique size 48 short sport coat will do the job perfectly for the shorter people. The length of the sport coat should be such that the fabric ends just below the bottom of the seat.

Mid portion

It would help to have a trimmer mid section of the sport coat since it gives the wearer a nicely fitted type of look. Ideally when you pull the jacket in the front, it is best to have 2 to 3 inches of room for the sport coat to fit comfortably. The middle portion is the narrowest part of the sport coat and thus it is important for the people with bigger belly to go with a larger size.


If you are choosing the sport coats with vents then make sure that they are laying straight and flat. If your sport coat is too tight then the vents will pull open but if it is too loose then the vents will start to flare. You can choose the casual size 48 short sport coats with no vents, especially if you have a lean body type.


The sleeves of the sport coat are to be noted properly since most people tend to have problem with it. Without the right length of the sleeve, the wearer’s freedom of movement can be restricted. Hence take the time to get the right length and size of the sleeve while purchasing the stylish size 48 short sport coats.

The right fit of the sport coat will come with sleeves that offer the perfect rotation of arms for the wearer. The sleeve head should not wrinkle, twist or break down and the cloth should be clean while at the resting state. The sleeves of the affordable size 48 short sport coats should be of length so that about half an inch of the shirt sleeve is visible beyond it while wearing the coat over the shirt.