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Mens Sequin Jackets

Sequins by most men are considered to be women’s style and something that they would never try. But recently the mens sequin jackets are gathering a lot of attention and people are loving it. Fashion choices have become stronger and thus the people choosing the sequin styles have also increased. If you are a person who likes the sequin styles and would like to give it a try for yourself then you have come to the right place. To rightly pull off the mens sequin jackets, it is important to know the basics. In this article we will focus on the styling of the sequin outfits for men.

Usually when sequins are mentioned, most people would immediately imagine an outrageously eye catching look but in reality there are different ways in which you could make the look work. For example, even the most subtle dressers can pull off the sequin outfits given that they choose the right garment and right styling. Thus getting to know the basics matters a lot on delivering the awesome look.

When talking about sequins, you might already be imagining the celebrities who seem to be loving the sequin outfit style. Recently the flashy outfits seem to be gaining a lot of fan following and most importantly the people who perform on the stage would love to go with these outfits. But it might be hard to be drawing inspiration from the celebrity outfits since it is not advisable to be dressing in our daily lives like they dress for the stage. But you can gain some knowledge on the styling and then use it to make your simple and subtle sequin outfit style work. Thus we have compiled some of the best mens sequin prom outfits of the celebrities for you to observe. It might help to start slow, gather some confidence with the look and then create outfits that reflect your personality.

Lil Nas X

The Old Town road singer has been gaining a lot of attention in the recent times not only for his songs but also for his bold outfits. If you have taken a look at his 2021 Met Gala outfit then you would know what we are talking about. The man seemed to be shimmering in the gold regal cloak that he wore but underneath it was a gold armour suit. Drop it still and there was a shimmering gold bodysuit. The three layer level outfit was futuristic and pure genius.

Adaptability level: This outfit is quite hard to pull off if you aren’t a celebrity or maybe a royal. It might be hard to include it to your daily outfit style but if you are looking for a sequin glitter jacket costume for any costume event or Halloween then you can try choosing this outfit.

The Weeknd

The 2022 Super Bowl was awesome beyond measure but that doesn’t mean that we could forget about the 2021 halftime show. It was a time of hardship with the pandemic going on but we remember vibing hard with the Weeknd all through the show. If you are a fan of Weeknd then you might know that the red jacket with the black dress shirt and black pants is the signature look of the singer. It was expected of him to show up in the same look but he made it more special.

It was the same red jacket with black shirt and pants look but the crimson red jacket was practically shimmering. The man modified the look by adding crystals to the jacket and then paired it with a black dress shirt, dark red tie and a pair of black pants. He completed the look with a pair of formal black oxford shoes and black gloves.

Adaptability level: This is quite a simpler style to try out since it ticks all the basics of styling the mens sparkly jacket sequin outfits. The major rule for wearing the sequins is to let the best sequin jacket be the main piece of your outfit and keep the other combining garments simple. Weeknd has definitely got the memo since the all black outfit was the best canvas for the red jacket to shine.

This outfit has become popular and thus you could easily purchase the exact same red mens sequin jackets online. Search for the sites that have these red mens sequin blazer jackets for sale by using search options like sequin mens jackets near me and similar options. You could also purchase these sequin jackets in store.

Harry styles

Harry Styles have become a fashion icon of our generation. His diversified style has made it hard to exclude him from any type of fashion conversations. Harry styles is known for his quite open love affair for the sparkly outfits and sequins are no exception.

For the SNL show he attended, the man set the bars high for the celebrities attending the show in the future. In the show, he performed his song ‘Lights Up’ in a full black sequin jacket with a matching black sequin pants. Of course the man looked incredible in the outfit.

Adaptability level: It is almost impossible to pull off this all sequin look since it is hard to achieve the God level confidence of Harry Styles but you can try out the separates. You could style mens black sequin suit jacket with black dress shirt and a pair of black pants. Top this outfit with a pair of black leather Chelsea boots. This could be an easy mens sequin jackets for party outfit that you could try.


If you are a fan of K-pop then it is impossible for you to not have heard of BTS given that they are the top boy band in the world right now. Apart from the soulful lyrics and awe inspiring dance routine, BTS also never disappoints with their fashion choices. It is almost impossible to choose a single costume and having seven members does not really help. Go through the mens sequin jackets collections of BTS and then choose your fighter.