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Jackets have been worn by men around the globe from a very long time not only to keep out the cold and as a mark of sophistication, but also as utility attires. Smoking men's jackets are such coats that were designed basically to protect the clothes of men from taking on the smell of smoke of cigars and cigarettes.

 velvet smoking jacket A smoking jacket is made of various materials that include cashmere, printed flannel, merino wool and velvet. It is lined with glossy satin or silk and it is short in length the fronts being closed with fabric toggles or a tie. The velvet smoking jacket is mostly preferred because the velvet fabric is itself unique. It is smooth, warm and offers an elegant look.

Today the velvet smoking jacket is not restricted among smokers only. Non-smokers too wear it as it is extremely comfortable to wear and both men and women use it as relaxing attire at home. It is accepted as a special category of formal wear today and women too wear it over pants or dresses. It has an understated elegance that offers a dignified look to the wearer. Designers offered such interesting cuts and features in this velvet smoking jacket that in the latter half of the 19th century it became a status symbol and a mark of fashion and style.

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The velvet smoking men's jacket is available in a variety of designs and styles, colors and fabrics to meet the demands of the customers. Log on to to view the entire collection of smoking men's jackets. You will get both the vintage styles and the modern designs to choose from. The vintage velvet smoking men's jacket looks really unique as it has a marvelous combination of red corduroy with black satin trims and the quilted burgundy jacket comes with green plaid collar that looks absolutely outstanding. The black crushed red velvet jacket with black satin lapels offers an amazing look especially when worn by dignified men. The paisley patterned silk jacket is the popular classic style smoking jacket.

James Bond TuxedoThe length of the velvet smoking jacket is usually 7 inches below the waist to mid thigh. You can choose from the single-breasted or double-breasted designs according to your body stature. The colors that are in great demand are the green, red and traditional blue velvet. The extra shine of the velvet fabric makes this jacket so popular worldwide. Wearing a velvet smoking men's jacket is a sign of aristocracy and status.

smoking jacket At MensUSA you will find such an amazing collection of velvet smoking men's jacket, that it will be difficult for you to make a choice. The classic style is a favorite of many men today and each style creates the unique look that one desires. The velvet smoking men's jacket offers a stylish and alluring look to the wearer and is a must-have in the wardrobe of fashion conscious men. Today it is an elegant alternative to the formal tuxedo and indeed it offers a decent and sophisticated appearance to the wearer.