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Mens Harris Tweed Sportcoats

Bored with the usual navy suits and charcoal suits for dressing to your office? There are a lot of numerous choices available only if you think to try out a new style. One such style that we are recommending for you today is the Harris Tweed sport coats. You might have come across this style already since tweed garments seem to be trending greatly in the recent times. But Harris Tweed has got a special reputation and would be a great style to add to your wardrobe. In this article we intend to talk more about Tweed sport coats, the origin story involved and some of the best ways in which you can make the look work.

Harris Tweed is often marketed as a manly style and is often classified to be a special garment. Before we go into the details it is important for the people who are hearing about the topic for the first time to understand what we are talking about. Harris Tweed is a fabric that is specifically handwoven and have centuries of reputation about its quality. If you have come across the fabric at least once you would understand the appeal since the dense texture the multi colored look of the fabric makes it even more attractive. If you are a person who likes to try out vintage and unique styles then you should definitely try out mens Harris sport coats.

The reason why Harris tweed is considered special is because of its unique origin. We all know that the tweed as a fabric originated from the Scottish highlands. When the English bought the lands and created estates different tweed styles also were created making it popular all over the world from then. But even before that the Scottish farmers used the fabric while working. The thick fabric was used to fight the cold of the coastal climates making it integrate with the way of their life. Even when tweed became popular all over the world it was hard to match the quality of the fabric that was produced in Scotland.

Tweed Sportcoat Even in the early times the Scottish tweeds were regarded to be so high in quality that they were even used as currency by the people. It is even believed that the islanders paid their rent with these woven lengths of cloth or blankets. Harris Tweed since then became the epitome of quality and uniqueness and demand for it grew. In the 20th century when the demand for Harris tweed was at its peak people tried to industrialise the process and started producing similar styles in the mainland. Though these never matched the quality of Harris tweed poor farmers were losing money and thus Harris Tweed act of 1993 was passed. This act ensures that the quality of the Harris Tweed garment remains the same and every 50 meters of the garment produced are checked by the inspector from the Harris Tweed authority and then provided with the official trademark.

This makes the Harris Tweed sport coats or any Harris Tweed garments for that matter to be a special style. If you are thinking of trying out the best Tweed sport coat in existence then you should go with the Harris Tweed mens sport coats?. Usually the sport coats are considered to be casual garments that are often worn for the semi formal and casual events. But with Harris Tweed sport coats you can flaunt the style for even the formal events. Harris sport coats would be the one in the million type of look. Check out the Harris Tweed sport coat sake to find the one that will suit you. There are usually a lot of styles available especially for a man who do not mind some color in his outfit.

There are various ways in which you can style the Harris Tweed sport coats. As we have mentioned before through sport coats can be worn for the formal events they are mostly recommended for the semi formal and casual events. Thus we will start with the tips on styling the men’s tweed sport coat in a laid back way. This will help you get used to the outfit and then make you feel confident in styling them for the formal events.

The texture of the tweed sport coat is the one that sets it apart from the other styles. Thus while going with the particular style you should keep it as the main garment and choose combining garments in a simpler style. For example you can choose to style the dark brown wool tweed sport coat with a light brown checked chinos. Keep the checkered pattern simple and subtle. Complete the outfit with black leather formal shoes. You can also style the tweed sport jacket coat with the casual outfits like tshirts with chinos and such.

Usually people who look for classic tweed sport coat styles tend to choose colors like dark green or dark brown Harris Tweed sport coats since dark tweed sport coats are considered to be the traditional colors of tweed. But if you are looking for a laid back and stylish look you can choose the lighter styles like tan tweed sport coat and such.

The checks on the Harris Tweed sport coats are also available in different styles. If you are a subtle dresser then you can choose to go with simple tweed sport coat checkered style but if you like bold looks then you can choose to go with tweed plaid sport coats. Choose the one that suits you and your taste the best.

As for styling with the smart casual garments you can pair it with simple dress shirt with dress pants look. For example you can style the dark Harris Tweed brown sport coats with a white crew neck t-shirt and a pair of navy dress pants. While choosing the Harris tweed sport coat make sure that it is of the right fit.