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Mens Elephant Cowboy Boots

If you are thinking of getting exotic skin boots then one good recommendation is for you to go with elephant cowboy boots. It is a great style to add to your shoes collections and can make you look stylish in an instant. In this article we are going to discuss about the elephant cowboy boots and ways on how to style them best.

brown cowboy boot The main advantage with the elephant cowboy boots is that they are extremely durable and can last for a long time if maintained right. There is a famous misconception that there aren't many styles to choose from when it comes to elephant cowboy boots. But if you get to know in detail you will find that there are numerous style options in the elephant cowboy boots. If you know the basics you can easily select the style that best suits your need. Here are some famous designs in elephant cowboy boots.

Cap toe elephant cowboy boots are one of the most preferred styles. This style of elephant cowboy boots are pretty unique and thus gives a different shape to the boots. This unique design of the elephant cowboy boots has sturdy stitching pattern and thus you will able to use them for a long period of time. A pair of good quality elephant cowboy boots is a worthy investment since it is a sturdy style. These cap toe elephant cowboy boots are cushioned inside and with the strong stitching pattern these shoes make a great option for stylish and durable shoes. If you are a person who likes classic look then you should try this cap toe elephant cowboy boots.

Another famous choice is the square toe elephant cowboy boots. If you want a little more formal style then you can go with this style. Other than this there are also other styles like oval toe elephant cowboy boots and ranch toe elephant cowboy boots. These are some of the general elephant cowboy boots that you can style to almost any events. If you want a vintage elephant cowboy boots then you can try out Old West elephant cowboy boots and Wild West elephant cowboy boots. The color of these boots is the same as the elephant skin and hence the exotic look is maintained. The boots are cushioned inside and hence it makes the shoes comfortable to wear all day. Also they come in affordable prices which make them easily accessible.

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The next style that we recommend to try is the Western elephant cowboy boots. These types of boots come in different styles and colors that is in par with the current trends. You can find green elephant cowboy boots and white elephant cowboy boots which is very rare in the market. Western elephant cowboy boots are for people who are bored with traditional elephant cowboy boots and would like to try a new style. These boots are made from superior leather and comes with a spacious toe profile. Also these are higher heel elephant cowboy boots hence it is important that you keep that in mind. These work in favour for the short guys while the tall guys should reconsider the style.

If you want a classic elephant cowboy boots style then go with leather elephant cowboy boots. The classic design comes with black and brown colors. You can also get two tone elephant cowboy boots for a still more distinct look. This makes a great choice since you can wear them to casual events like parties. This is a unique style that will easily stand out among the rest of the designs.

Mens Cognac Leather After deciding on the style of the elephant cowboy boots there are some things that you will have to note. The first thing is the type of elephant skin that the boots is made of. Most of the elephant cowboy boots are made of African elephants or Asian elephants. The skins of these two elephants are completely different from each other. Know the pros and cons of the elephant cowboy boots and then you can easily make your pick. The authentic elephant skin has a cracked, hard finish to them which makes them more durable. Despite their hard skin they are comfortable and breathable to wear.

As for the color of the elephant cowboy boots you should also note the textures for making the best choice. The most common choices are black elephant cowboy boots and brown elephant cowboy boots. Other than this there are stylish options like cognac elephant cowboy boots and Jean blue elephant cowboy boots.

Belvedere Gator Skin Wine Boots The cost of the elephant cowboy boots can vary depending on the skin which is used. The African elephant cowboy boots are usually more expensive than the Asian elephant cowboy boots. The elephant skin is one of the most valued and precious leathers in the market. Exotic skin elephant cowboy boots can be pretty expensive since its sales require strict controls. Also when you are getting the elephant cowboy boots you should always check for the quality. Make sure that you are getting the original elephant cowboy boots before you make the purchase.

As we have mentioned before the elephant cowboy boots are durable but you will have to maintain it properly. It is not advisable to expose the authentic elephant cowboy boots to extreme sunlight since this may make it lose its color. If your elephant cowboy boots has a nutbuck finish then make sure that it never gets wet. These shoes have a smooth and velvety finish which makes it sloppy when it gets wet. If the elephant cowboy boots is of a different finish you can clean it with a slightly damp cloth. Then you let the leather dry and rub with a suede sponge. You should never polish the leather elephant cowboy boots since it might lose its natural finish. Instead you can brush them lightly with a scotch fiber. When you maintain the boots right then they last for a long time thus making them a worthy investment.