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Los Altos Boots

Los Atlos Boots

As a Actor doing several movies and auditions in Oklahoma. I had bought a pair of Los Altos python los altos boots while I was staying in Branson Mo, our the most fantastic boots that I have ever worn, just awesome, not only that they look great and very comfortable boots ever don't even have to break them. And the craftsmanship and quality the best ever. I highly recommend Los Altos boots for the best quality and comfort ever. I will always by Los Altos boots. If you're looking for best los altos boots, you don't have to look any further, you won't be disappointed overall just Awesome Cowboy boots ever.

I ordered two pair's of Exotic los altos boots From Los Altos. About Ten year's ago and I have had them for ten year's they're the absolute best Exotic cowboy boots I have ever bought they're tearing the Python skin is but I still wear them and my Caiman Alligator Cowboy boots are still in great shape I am a very very satisfied Customer! :)

On my second Los Altos Boot. Shark and Stingray. The quality is by far superior to other big name boots. The feel of them right out of the box is super fantastic! I am now a loyal Los Altos Boot Person! I highly recommend anything that they make! Pricing is right where you can afford higher quality boots also!!!

This is a great cowboy Los altos boot. Easy to wear while riding because it has a nice soft upper that is flexible and supportive. It's real leather and keeps most stuff out. If you are walking in mud you will be fine but if you walk in water up to your boot line, you will get wet feet. If you want full waterproof you will need to get ariats hybrid cowboy boot. The most interesting thing I found out about this boot is the color makes a big change to the way the boot feels. The antique grey I have a super soft and flexible on the lower and upper part of the boot. These boots that are in the picture (brown color) are soft upper but the foot part is hard leather. I had to get some leather conditioner and rub it on them to makes these feel like I wanted. Once that was done and they formed to my feet everything was great. I really like these boots and I would guess anyone that does any actual cowboy stuff in them would love them. I wear my antique grey and this brown ariat boot for everything on the ranch and anything in town ( I just hose them off first before heading into town) . The hybrid ones I use only for cleaning out the stalls because I love there waterproof aspect but just don't find the non leather interior as comfortable as the leather ones.

First time cowboy Los altos boot guy here. A friend of mine had these and I thought they looked really cool, yet tough. So I decided to grab a pair. First on the sizing, which is a bit tough. I usually wear an 8, but got a 7.5 based on other comments. This size for my foot is perfect. But what I will say is that the boot is EXTREMELY hard to get on your foot for the first few days. It really takes putting them on, and taking them off a number of times to stretch them out.

But once they do stretch out, they are easy to put on and surprisingly comfortable. As they are my first pair of cowboy boots, I don't have anything to compare them to, but I expected them to be more rigid and clunky. The wide toe box provides plenty of room towards the front, and I think it gives them more of a "work boot" look than cowboy boot. It becomes a preference thing, but I really think they look great.

I live in Minnesota and had these boots on while sledding with my kids recently, and they held up great and my feet didn't get cold. But I will say be REALLY careful walking on any hard packed snow or ice. The soles of these boots are SUPER slick.

To sum up my feelings, I find myself picking out jeans in the morning that will accommodate my Los altos boot because I look forward to wearing them! (Note: I'm not an ultra-trendy guy, but I have found that my more slim-fit jeans do not look great with these boots. However Levi's 513 jeans work perfect)

• Had a great experience los altos boots.

• Sales girl was awesome.

• First time shopping at this store.

• Love the service.

• Young lady went out of her way to get my size

• Great job👍

Love these Los altos boot. Worn Justin's and Ariat's for years now and I can't say I've worn a more comfortable boot right out the box. I got a 12 wide because Los altos boot warehouse had them for a price I couldn't pass on but have worn 12 regular in every other boot I've bought. These boots don't feel wide by any means but that worked in my advantage here. The reverse stitching is very cool and the uppers are more supple than I ever imagined boot leather could be.

• I put these bad boys on and instantly increased my ass kicking by at least 30%.

• First I kicked some items off a coworkers desk, success.

• Next I kicked over a stack of boxes, easy.

• I felt unstoppable in my new boots.

• These s*** kickers are the genuine article.

Absolutely amazing! Solid los altos boots! Such a soft leather! Looks great, and we have lots of compliments! Thanks!

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