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Los Altos Boot

The Western boots are one of the major fashion styles that have had a constant place in the men's fashion. It is one of the prominent styles that have been a style favorite of men of all generations and profession. If you are thinking of getting a pair of Western boots for your own then the main factor that you will have to consider is the quality of the boots. For this there are many quality checks that you can make manually but when you go with the right brand of boots then there might not be much to worry. In this article we discuss one of the prominent brands which is the Los Altos boots and why you should have one of these in your boots collection.

Los Altos Boots Most men tend to avoid wearing the Western boots since they think that the fashion is hard to pull off. But you will have to try the fashion to truly know whether it suits you or not. Thus we recommend you to give the Los Altos boots a try before you stereotype it into a hard style. The reason why we recommend you to try the Los Altos boots is that the quality offered by the brand is impeccable. The cowboy boots mostly are sold at ridiculous prices that some instantly avoid purchasing them. The Los Altos boots are available at a reasonable price thus making it perfect for men who like to try the style for the first time without draining their wallets.

The Los Altos boots have a unique style that gives a fancy look to the outfit without having to try much. If you are not a resident of Kansas or Texas chances are high that you have viewed the Western boots with some kind of admiration as a child and with a distant wariness as an adult. But when you know to style the Los Altos boots right it can become one of the most versatile style weapon. When seen from a distance the Los Altos boots might look like your standard leather shoe. But the differences start with closer look and with it the advantages of the boots over your usual leather shoes.

The Los Altos boots has a unique shape that instantly differentiates it from the usual leather shoes. The leather shoes mostly come with thin ends but when it comes to Los Altos boots they tend to have a slight taper that differs with the type of the boots. This taper was originally put in the boots design so that the rider can easily hook the boots in the stirrups thus offering a good hold while riding. Los Altos Square toe boots is one of the major styles that are most recommended. They have a sharp taper and are the ones that are best for men who spend most of their time on horseback. On the first glance the square toe Los Altos boots might look uncomfortable because of the restricted toe space but the brand have a provision that offers extra room at the end of the boot so that your toes are not squished in the front portion of these boots. Square toe Los Altos boots offer a dressy look and are the most popular ones regarding the toe shape.

Los Altos Alligator Boot The rounded toe Los Altos boots are the opposite of square toe boots since they have a round taper instead of the sharp one like square toe boots. These rounded toe Los Altos boots are best suited for men who spend much time in the barn doing physical work. The rounded provision might not be the best choice for riding and thus these boots are less preferred when compared to square toe boots. But the Los Altos rounded toe boots are more comfortable than the square toe boots since they have more toe space than the latter.

The Los Altos snip toe boots looks like a blend of square toe Los Altos boots and rounded toe Los Altos boots. The snip toe Los Altos boots have a slight taper and thus can be used for both riding and physical work. If you are getting your first Los Altos boots then we would recommend you to go with either square toe Los Altos boots or snip toe Los Altos boots since these are the styles that are currently trending.

The unique shape of the Los Altos boots will give your feet a dynamic look that is different from the usual dress show styles. Another major difference of the Los Altos boots when compared with the usual dress shoes is that they have a heel. This is the reason why Los Altos boots are a style favorite of the men with shorter stature. The Los Altos boots are available with heels of different heights starting from half an inch to two inches. You can select the height of the heel depending on your height or your style choice.

The Los Altos boots also have unique decorations on it which is a detail that is absent in the usual dress shoes. If you are a person who likes to try out new styles and wear styles that stand out from the rest you will have to go with the decorative embroidered Los Altos boots. These type of boots come in bright shades or also decorations which are of contrast color when compared to the color of the boot. Most of the time the decorations and styling details are present in the region of the boots that will be visible under the trouser cuffs. But there are also Los Altos boots that come with decorative shafts. These boots give a dressy look and is best to be worn with the shaft showing over the trousers.

Los Altos Cognac Boot Mens Wine COlor Boot R-Toe Black Boot Los Altos Crocodile Boot

Other than all these technical advantages putting on a pair of Los Altos boots will give you the satisfaction of trying something new and unique from the usual styles. Also the cowboy boots has a great tradition and gives out a vintage look which will make your style unique and something to remember.

There are a lot of styles in Los Altos boots and you can select the one that best suits your style. If you are new to the cowboy boots style then here are some recommendations and tips that might help you in the styling process.

Classic Los Altos boots is one of the most prominent style of cowboy boots that you can acquire in the market. They are also wisely known as cowboy boots and is the most standard style of Western boots that you can get. These classic Los Altos boots have a long shaft that can go upto 12 inches. The boots also come with a high heel that can be easily hooked on the saddle and a strong toe box that can protect your toes from stampeding of the horse.

The Los Altos cowboy boots comes in varied materials which greatly determine the quality of the boots. The standard option is to go with cowhide Los Altos boots. These cowhide boots are relatively inexpensive when compared to the other boots. These boots have good wearing properties and can be a more versatile pick when compared with Los Altos exotic skin boots.

Red J-Toe Boots The next recommendation is the roper Los Altos boots. These are similar to the classic Los Altos boots but will come with lower shafts and a rounded toe when compared with the classic style of boots. Also these roper style of Los Altos boots come with broader heel that makes it look more like a work boot.

Stockman Los Altos boots are also similar to the classic Los Altos boots but with slight differences. The stockman boots have a deeper dip in the scallop region when compared to the classic boots. Also these stockman boots will have a shorter and broader heel making it best for people who do not spend much time on the horseback. These stockman boots have a more comfortable design when compared to the former styles and you can wear these boots for 12 to 16 hours a day without feeling much discomfort.

Work Los Altos Western boots have a similar design to the roper boots but come with a larger toe box that is oftentimes made of steel. Since it is for work purposes the heels of these Western work Los Altos boots are made of rubber soles so that non slippery traction is provided. The height of the heels are also greatly reduced so that a person might feel comfortable when working while wearing these boots.

Buckaroo Los Altos boots are a dressy style that is best suited for men who like to stand out from the rest of the crowd. These stylish Los Altos boots come with a elongated shaft that can be upto 14 inches in length. These shafts are often decorated with Embroideries and small detailing that make them eye catching. These type of Los Altos boots are mostly preferred by show riders since they give out a nice dressy look even from a distance. The long shaft also protects the riders from possible friction and also does that with style.

After getting the Los Altos boots you might be wondering on how to style it right. Unless you are in Texas or Kansas it is very rare to style these Los Altos boots as your workwear. Thus it might be best to restrict the usage to casual events. For a stylish looking outfit you can pair the Los Altos boots with a jacket and a sleek belt. The cowboy shirt and bolo tie are also a good pick to be paired with Los Altos boots but they are more of a country style that is most suited for costume parties. As for styling the Los Altos boots in your daily style here are some ideas that we think are fail proof.

Caiman Los Altos Boot For pairing with Los Altos boots it is always best to go with collared shirts. The high shaft Los Altos cowboy suits blend in well with the collared shirt and then you can add a jacket to the mix. Other than the plain white dress shirt you can also try out the patterned casual shirts.

If you are thinking of casual style then you can pair the Los Altos boots with a crew neck tshirt and a pair of denim jeans. But make sure that you focus on the details for this look. A long shaft Los Altos boots might not work well with this ensemble and that kind of combination is best suited for a rodeo show or a country music concert. For a subtle look you can pair the tshirt and jeans with a pair of short shaft Los Altos boots or side zip Los Altos boots. The jeans that you wear with this ensemble should be close fitting. A boot cut fit will be more comfortable to style. As for the color of the jeans it is best to stick with dark colored ones like black or navy.

Other than the jeans you can also opt to go with dress trousers or casual suits. The main thing to note here is the fit since you should make sure that the shaft of the Los Altos boots is not making a bulge on the trousers of the suit. You can match the Western style Los Altos boots with other Western garments like fringe jackets and such when you are feeling experimental. But in other cases it is best to stick with the usual garments and making the Los Altos boots be the main style.

The color of the Los Altos boots is also another important factor to note. Most of the time the dark colored ones like Los Altos black boots and Los Altos brown boots are most recommended. When you want a distinct style you can go with Los Altos navy boots or cognac los Altos boots. Exotic ones like Los Altos alligator boots and Los Altos crocodile boots are also some other styles to try.