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Leather Cowboy Boot

Cowboy boots is one of the most acclaimed mens accessories till date. Most men at one point of their life would have had an undying admiration to the cool cowboy fashion. While the fascination of the other accessories like cowboy hats and fringe jackets fade out with time one that always stays is the live for cowboy boots. In this article we are going to discuss about leather cowboy boots and some styling tips for you to rock the classic style.

There are a lot of styles in the leather cowboy boots and you can choose the one that best suits your need and taste. While purchasing the cowboy boots there are some things that you will have to keep in mind. The quality of the leather cowboy boots matter the most since a good quality cowboy boot can last for a long time and thus will be a worthy investment. The first thing that majorly influences the quality of the cowboy boots is the type of leather that is used in making it. Cowboy boots are made from different kinds of leathers and each has their unique properties. Knowing the pros and cons of each type will make you pick the right choice.

The traditional leather cowboy boots are made of cowhide leather and it is the most popular material in the making of the accessory. The cowhide leather is extremely durable and performs excellently when it comes to wear and tear. If you are looking for leather cowboy boots that you can do heavy physical labour in then it is best to go with cowhide. Also cowhide leather boots are comparatively of lower cost compared other leather cowboy boots and thus you will be free from the constant worry of dirtying it during work. The cowhide leather boots are flexible and durable making it a steal. Also they sometimes come with the provision of prints which can make them look like exotic skin boots to a certain degree.

Exotic skin boots are made from the leather of the animals like elephant, ostrich, stingray, crocodile and many more. They are durable and give you a classy look. The Exotic leather cowboy boots are expensive when compared with the cowhide leather boots and thus is best to be reserved for special occasions.

Mens White Ostrich Boots One of the most popular exotic leather is the ostrich leather. This is a luxury product and is used for making the cowboy boots. Ostrich leather cowboy boots are rare and thus is costly. You can get them in different colors and patterns. Full quill leather cowboy boots is the one that is most common and is bumpy to touch. This is because of the bumps created while the feathers are plucked. Other than this ostrich leg leather cowboy boots are available in which the pattern looks like scales. Because of this look they are often mistaken as alligator or crocodile shoes. The ostrich leather cowboy boots are well known for their durability and softness. The leather also breathes well and the natural oil present in it will resist the boots for cracking or drying.

If you want a pair of leather cowboy boots that is less costly then you can go with goat leather cowboy boots. These boots have a lot of pores on it which makes it breathable and comfortable to wear. Also the goat leathers can be dyed and printed in different patterns. The goat leather cowboy boots are hard furring the purchase but will get soft with time.

The next popular type of leather cowboy boots is the snakeskin boots. This is a style that is seeing a recent spike in popularity with boots and also with other accessories like handbags and wallets. Most of the snakeskin leathers used is of python or rattlesnake. These stylish leather cowboy boots have intricate patterns that cannot be duplicated easily. The snake leather cowboy boots are delicate and thus can require a higher standard of care. It is best to regularly apply boot conditioner so that the suppleness of the scales is maintained.

Another rare valuable option is the Elephant leather cowboy boots. The leather for these boots is obtained from the naturally dead animals because of the strict regulations making it one of the rarest exotic leather boots available in the market. These handmade leather cowboy boots are scruffy and tough but will require proper care and maintenance.

As for the colors it is best to stick with subtle ones like black leather cowboy boots. Some of the other recommendations in this type are the Brown leather cowboy boots and cognac leather cowboy boots. If you are looking for a flashier pick go with white leather cowboy boots and Jean blue leather cowboy boots.

Mens White Ostrich Boots After selecting the type of leather on the shoes the next thing is to consider the style. The toe shape on the cowboy boots is one of the most noted details. Pointed toe leather cowboy boots is the one that is most preferred. Despite their narrow look space is provided for the comfortable placing of the toes. Other than this if you want boots that you will wear for physical labour or if you are a person with wider feet you can opt for round toe leather cowboy boots. These two are the main toe shapes available in cowboy boots. Other than this you can also go with oval toe leather cowboy boots and snip toe leather cowboy boots. The comfort of the wearer matters the most and therefore it is important that you get the right fit of the cowboy boots. Classic fit leather cowboy boots is the one that is most recommended.

To ensure the quality of the leather cowboy boots it is best to get them from well known brands.Los Altos leather cowboy boots and King leather cowboy boots are some of the recommendations for a quality pick. Other than this you can also go with Wild West leather cowboy boots if you want stylish designs.