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When the summer sets in there will be an constant inflow of invitations for weddings and parties. While the celebratory season brings in the excitement of meeting with the friends and relatives in a fun atmosphere there is also the anxiety of selecting the right type of clothes to wear to these events. While the parties are mostly a casual fun event and there is not much pressure while selecting the outfit it is not the case with weddings. Weddings can be formal, semi formal or casual but whichever be the style you will be expected to be dressed impeccably. Navy wedding suits are a great option that you can try out whether you be the groom or simply a guest in the wedding. In this article we discuss why wedding suits are a great option and some of the best ways to style the garment for the upcoming wedding season.

Navy Business Suit For a long time the formal weddings have been dominated by the black tuxedos and wedding black suits. While this is a traditional look the conduction of weddings have also changed a great deal with time. Nowadays weddings are conducted in outdoor settings and other themed weddings also take place. In this case the black suits might not work for all. Thus we recommend you to give the wedding navy suits a try since it has already proved to be a great choice for the corporate dress code.

Blue is a color that men feels comfortable to wear. If you are the groom of the wedding you might need to be in comfortable clothing to keep you away from the jitters and thus navy wedding suits might be one of the best choices. It isn't common like the black wedding suits and gives the man a chic look. If you are the guest to the wedding then going in a standard suit like a navy wedding suit might do good for the groom since you will not stand out much.

Navy Linen Suit If you are the groom and would like to spend your money in a useful way then we would recommend you to go with wedding suits. This is because of the fact that you can later use the suit for other events like dinner events and such. This might not be the case with pink suits or other bright colored suits. The wedding suits are not ordinary and when you concentrate on the details you can get a truly special look for the wedding day. Now if you are thinking of getting the navy wedding suit style then here are some tips that might help you select the right one and to style it in an impeccable way.

If you are the groom the first recommendation that you will get is to go with a black tuxedo or a navy tuxedo. While the tuxedo for the wedding is a great look there are very few events which will require of a man to be dressed in a tuxedo. While some may use this wedding opportunity to don on a tuxedo some might consider it to be a waste of money considering tuxedos cost a little more than the suits. In this case we recommend you to go with navy wedding suits. A navy wedding classic suit will deliver a great look that will match up to the navy tuxedo but you will save a lot of money. You can pair a navy wedding shawl lapel suit with a white dress shirt and black bow tie. Adding a boutonniere and a pair of black leather patent Oxford shoes might be a great finish for the special attire. You can also opt to go with a shawl lapel navy wedding suit that comes with a contrasting colored lapel for a more pronounced look. The shawl lapel on the navy wedding suit is a dressy look that is mostly recommended for events like weddings and award events.

Navy Tuxedo Suit If you feel that this outfit is little too ordinary for your special day then it is best to go with a navy wedding 3 piece suit look since it is considered to be a classy elegant look. Adding a vest to the usual navy wedding 2 piece suit style might not seem to be like a big addition but it impacts the overall look to a great deal. Vest is a fitting garment and it gives a slim silhouette to the wearer.

The vest first started out to be a fitting garment that accentuated the tapered waist portion of the wearer but soon it became a norm in menswear. But during the World War the raw materials for the clothing industry were rationed and thus the usage of vest dwindled. But still vest is considered to be a formal style and when you wear a three piece navy wedding suit it will make you stand out among the crowd of people wearing two piece navy wedding suits. The navy wedding vested suits can give you the freedom of losing the jacket for a little while when you feel stuffy. When you are on the dance floor the vest and trousers style would be a better look than the shirt and trousers look. And with the vest fashion making a comeback in the recent times you can also use the navy wedding suit vest as separates with other combining garments in your wardrobe.

The fabric from which the navy wedding suits are made also play an important role in the look of the suit. When you choose the fabric of the navy wedding suit it is best to keep in mind the season at which your wedding is scheduled to happen and also the type of the wedding you are going with. For example if you are choosing a formal one like church wedding and it is held in an indoor venue since it is winter then it is best to select garments keeping in mind the insulation required. Navy wedding Wool suits might be a great choice for these events since the heavy garment will give a drape that helps with the look of these suits. The wool suits are easy to get and the price involved is also reasonable. But if you want a little more special look then we would recommend you to go with navy wedding cashmere suits. These cashmere suits will be softer and more comfortable when compared with the wool suits. But remember that the cashmere wedding suits are expensive and can also wear out soon. Thus if you are going with the cashmere navy wedding suits make sure that you maintain them right and use them for special events only. In recent times the navy wedding tweed suits have become a trend among both the grooms and guests in the weddings. The unique texture of the tweed wedding suits are gaining a lot of popularity.

While these are some of the recommendations for formal weddings when it comes to semi formal and casual weddings you can go with the lightweight garments. Most of these casual weddings tend to happen outdoors and with a lot if natural light pouring in. Thus to keep yourself cool it is best to go with the lightweight ones like navy wedding cotton suits or navy wedding linen suits. When you go with the linen wedding suits keep in mind that the fabric tends to crumple easily and thus pressing it properly before use is an important point. Navy wedding Seersucker suits are a good choice when you need breathable garments but the fabric is considered to be a casual style and thus would be more suited for parties and such.

Navy wedding Silk suits can be a great style when you want to stand out among the crowd for your special day. The luxurious fabric will have a sheen about it and performs surprisingly well during the summer and spring. While going with the silk wedding suits you can also opt to go with patterned ones like navy wedding Paisley suits and navy wedding floral suits. This is because of the fact that the patterns and embroideries on the silk garments tend to have a prominent and rich look when compared with the other fabrics.

Navy wedding Velvet suits are the ultimate dandy look that you can definitely go for on your wedding day. It can be a subtle way of showing the difference between the same navy suits of the groom and the groomsmen. This is because of the fact that the velvet wedding suits look special when compared with the cotton navy wedding suits and wool wedding suits and hence a great choice for the groom.

Navy Trimmed Suit If you are a person who likes to spend ample amount on the suits you can go with designer wedding suits but if you want to make a budget purchase then it might be a good choice to go with synthetic wedding suits. Polyester wedding suits and rayon wedding suits are some of the recommendations when you need a budget buy.

As for styling the wedding suits here are some ideas that might help you on your special day. For a classy formal look you can pair the single breasted wedding suits with a white dress shirt and a black bow tie. If you are not comfortable with the bow tie style then we would recommend you to go with the long tie option or no tie which ever you feel comfortable in.

When you go with the 3 piece navy wedding suit style you can opt for a matching or a mismatching vest to wear with the suit. While the matching vest will be a classy look, a navy wedding peak lapel suit paired with a white dress shirt, grey plaid vest, navy silk tie and a boutonniere will be a stunning look that makes the people think that you put some real effort in picking out your wedding attire.

For a semi formal event you can go for a little more casual version of the above styling. A notch lapel navy wedding suit paired with a white dress shirt and pastel pink bow tie is a catchy summer look for the groom. For a simple yet gorgeous look of the outfit you can go with a navy wedding 2 button suit paired with a white dress shirt and navy velvet bow tie.

Navy Wedding Attire The navy wedding double breasted suit is a rare look since it gives an authoritative look that is great for serious formal events. While the patterns on the navy wedding suits are mostly avoided you can go with the patterned combining garments. For example a navy wedding single button suit with a white dress shirt and polka dot navy long tie. For a little more trendy look that is suited for summer weddings you can pair the navy wedding slim fit suit with a white dress shirt and a slim floral tie. You can complete the look with a pair of dark brown leather oxford shoes. If you are fixated on going with the patterned suit then go for the subtle ones unless it is a classy one like Paisley or floral wedding suits. For example a windowpane navy wedding suit paired with a white dress shirt and light pink bow tie might be a great look when compared to the navy wedding striped suits or plaid navy suits.

The fit of the suits are also an important factor that you should note. Skinny fit wedding suits are best for men who are tall and slim. For a classy look you can pair the modern fit navy wedding suit with a white dress shirt and silk white long tie. The tie color or the boutonniere color that you wear can be matched with the color of the brides dress. For a distinct look you can pair the navy wedding classic fit suit with a white dress shirt and a red bow tie.