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Bomber Jackets

As the winter approaches one of the major excitement for style conscious men is to update their wardrobe for the season. Overcoats and jackets are the major purchases that we tend to make when it comes to winter garments. As in every other garments there are a lot of styles in the winter overcoats and jackets. You will have to get a clear idea on what you need and the styles available to make the best pick. One of the famous styles that seems to stay for a long time is the bomber jackets. In this article we are going to discuss the bomber jackets and some of the best ways to style them.

The bomber men's jackets have been in men's fashion for a long time now with it being of the most preferred wartime styles. The bomber men's jackets were originally designed for the pilots who flew in open cockpits during the wartime. These pilots had to get used to the extreme cold and thus the lamb leather jackets were made of think materials so that they can offer a certain level of warmth to the pilot. Over the years the bomber jackets have undergone a lot of mutations and has now become one of the most preferred stylish outerwear among the young generation. Even most of our favorite Hollywood celebrities are constantly seen rocking the style both on screen and off screen.

This popularity of the bomber men's jackets might be attributed to the fact that the jacket is a versatile style and the cut of the jacket is also universally flattering. The jacket starts off with a broad shoulder which is later cinched at the waist giving it a desirable silhouette. Other than this the jacket also has a thickness that is perfectly in the middle without being too thick or too light. Thus you can easily style the bomber jacket for all seasons. For example if you are styling it as a mild winter garment you can simply wear it as fashionable outerwear but for winter you can layer it with other clothes to keep yourself warm.

There are a lot of styles in the bomber jackets since they have long been in history of fashion and thus have different versions. You need to browse through them and find out the one that suits your style the best. The military bomber jacket which is commonly known as the A-1 style is the one that is considered to be the classic pick in the bomber jacket designs. These military safari bomber men's jackets come with button up front which is a rare style in recent times. Also these jackets will have knitted collar and cuffs and usually feature flap pockets at the hip portion.

The next style is the Irvin flying jacket and this is considered to be the British version of the US bomber men's jackets. These were the jackets that were the iterated version of the flying jackets that helped keep the pilots warm during the Second World War. These fully lined bomber men's jackets have a wider fit that helps you accommodate heavy layering underneath. The design of these men brown leather jackets are surprisingly trendy even today. These jackets come with a belted waist and large collars. The zipped up look of these bomber men's jackets are an inspiration to the designers even today.

The next iteration of the A-1 bomber men's jackets is the A-2 bomber men's jackets. These jackets had leather collars when compared to the knitted counterparts of the previous version. But the main variation was that these were front zip bomber men's jackets as opposed to the button up front of the A-1 jackets. Thus these style of bomber men's jackets are considered to be a modern style since the epaulettes are removed and the pockets are neater thus giving a contemporary twist to the older style. If you are a fan of the military version of the bomber men's jackets but would like to keep in touch with the trend then these A-2 bomber men's jackets must be your pick.

The next type of bomber men's jackets originated in the 1940s and had a similar look to the A-1 jackets but had the addition of a sheepskin collar. This is another classic style of bomber men's jackets which is a style that is being replicated even today. The sheepskin collar bomber men's jackets give a masculine strong look to the wearer in addition to the military origin.

Till the mid 20th century the premium nature bomber jackets were mostly made from thick materials so as to fulfil its purpose of keeping the pilot warm while flying. After the war ended the thick nature of the jacket was not mandatory and thus as a cost saving measure the bomber men's jackets were made from lightweight materials like nylon and such. These nylon lamb leather jackets also featured a orange lining so as the make the stranded pilots more visible to the allies. This was one of the earliest contemporary takes on the bomber men's jackets and can be considered to be the forerunner of the bomber men's jackets that we have now.

The modern bomber jacket designs that we have now has changed a great deal to cater to the needs of the present mindset of the people. When you need a stylish looking garment you can go with the motorcycle racer bomber men's jackets. These biker leather jackets have a macho feel to them aided by the cool look of the leather jackets. Black leather bomber men's jackets are the ones that are most preferred for a cool look. If you are not a fan of using leather from animals but still like the look of it you can go with faux bomber jackets.

For a garment that can keep you warm in the winter you can go with padded bomber men's jackets or soft lambskin bomber men's jackets. The fit of the jacket matters a lot thus make sure you go with the right one. Slim fit bomber men's jackets are best for thick ones while for lighter ones go with classic fit bomber men's jackets.