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Mens Black Maxi Coats

If you have been looking to try out a new overcoat style for the coming year, then we have a suggestion for you – mens black maxi coats. The maxi coat style has been becoming greatly popular in recent times both in menswear and womenswear. Usually the nicely fitting, knee length overcoats were considered to be the most popular styles, but recently the maxi coats have been gaining attention, especially among the younger people. If you are a person who loves to try out new styles and do not mind experimenting with it, then you should choose to go with the mens black maxi coats. We are here to help you understand more about the style and also about the different ways in which you can style it.

Black Longcoat Maxi Coat Long Coat Black Coat

For people who are new to the concept of the maxi coats, it is a long coat that usually reaches the calf and just above the ankle of the wearer. The one thing that makes the maxi coats a must have in anyone’s wardrobe is that they are a versatile wear which you can style for almost any seasons. They would be perfect for the winter by keeping you warm but you can also wear it in the fall for an aesthetic look. It all depends on the styling and how you view the style.

As for the color, most of us would like to choose a versatile style that easily pairs with almost any garment, especially when it comes to overcoats. In that case, there is no better option than to choose black maxi long coats. Black being a neutral shade will pair with almost any color and give you a relevant style. When you choose the mens black maxi coat style, you can wear them with both the formal and casual garments.

Trenchcoat There are different styles in the black maxi coats and thus we think that it is important for a buyer to know the options before making the pick. For example, the fabric of the maxi coats play an important role in the look that it offers. Usually the wool maxi coats are the ones that are most recommended for the men, especially the ones who are looking for a regular wear. But if you are looking for a coat that you can wear for the special occasions, then there are other choices. For example, black maxi cashmere coats are considered to be a luxury wear since the price of cashmere is much higher when compared to wool. But the cashmere coats are known for their softness and comfort.

Other than this, you can also choose to go with maxi black fur coats. Fur coats have been considered to be a women’s style but recently they have started to be included in the menswear too. If you aren’t ready to choose the all fur coat style then choose the ones with coat with fur collars and fur hoods. Black maxi velvet coats are for people who want their style to stand out from the crowd. Go through the various styles available before finding the right one which will suit your need.

The maxi coats came into fashion as a women’s style before it was embraced by the men too. The maxi coat fashion started in the late 1960s while the mini skirts started fading out of the minds of the people. The maxi coats fashion seem to have been inspired from the military inspired Cossack coats. But the thing about the maxi coats shed light about the criticisms that surrounded women at that time regardless of what they do. For example, the women were criticised for wearing the mini skirts for almost a decade. But when the floor length maxi coats became the trend it was also criticised. The absurdity of it all can be easily explained by this double standard. The maxi coats were recommended to be avoided reasoning that the long length of these coats can make the women trip and fall down. The council for National Safety even went as far as to release PSAs about the maxi coats even though no such dangerous incidents were recorded.

Maxi Coat Atleast now we have understood that people can handle themselves. Coming back to the styling of the mens black maxi coats here are some ideas which might help you style the coat in different ways. If you are new to the black maxi coat style then it would be best for you to try it out with the casual outfits. This way you can avoid the anxiety that comes with the need for relevance of the formal garments.

Starting with a sharp and relaxed style, you can choose to style the long black maxi coat with a light grey hoodie and a pair of light blue skinny jeans. You can complete the look by adding with the outfit a pair of tan suede Chelsea boots. If you love the all black outfits as much as we do, then you might definitely love this outfit. Style the black maxi trench coat with a black crew neck t-shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. To add the outfit a little more elegance we would recommend you to add with it a pair of black suede Chelsea boots.

On the other hand if you are thinking of adding some rich colors to the outfit then you can style the black fitted maxi coat with a burgundy crew neck sweater and a pair of black jeans. To round off this outfit, a pair of black suede Chelsea boots will do.

If you want to transition to a more refined and formal look, then we would suggest you to style the black maxi long coat with a white dress shirt, navy tie and a pair of navy dress pants. To complement this black maxi coat outfit, you can add with it a pair of brown leather Oxford shoes. If the weather is too cold, you can add with it layers like a blazer or a crew neck sweater.