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Jean / Denim

Denim, in the traditional sense of the word, is strongly linked to casual and perhaps grunge clothing, not business dress attire. You would not expect to find high class denim suits. The history of denim suits although brief, is steeped in lore. The history of denim suits all started with Bing Crosby back in the 1950's when Levis made him a custom double breasted suit jacket out of denim, simply for the fact that he was having trouble getting into upper class establishments because his attire of choice was denim. What did he do? He fixed all that by making denim suits stylish and classy for all people.

Ralph Lauren has recently brought not one, but two denim styles to market. One style is in the classic roots of a suit, making it suitable as boardroom attire. A beautiful one button blue denim suit with a stylish double breasted vest and flat front pants. Learn All About Men's Ralph Lauren suits and what styles of theirs we carry. Here at MensUSA.com we sell a variety of denim suits, most in the form of high fashion. If high fashion denim suits are not your cup of tea, then perhaps you might find our two (2) button suits or three (3) button Pinstripe suits more to your liking. Perhaps you want to learn to accessorize with your denim suits, you can Stay Ahead of Fashion with the Right denim Vests for Men, we also sell alligator belts, which go great with denim suits. You can accessorize your denim suits with cowboy and western boots as well as biker and motorcycle boots, we also carry womens cowboy boots for that special lady. Some people may say denim suits aren't dressy. Some people will strongly disagree with wearing a denim suit to more formal occasions, while other people will be all for wearing denim suits to special occasions and gatherings. Ever since denim jeans were essentially invented in the mid 1800's it has been associated with a strong casual styling. It has moved upward in status ever so slowly. Denim suits have increased in popularity since the mid 1990's bringing with it a new sense of fashion. Denim suits come in single breasted, double breasted, vested, 2 pieces, one button, two button, and 3 button. You have your choice of what makes you look ever so dapper to the ladies.

Our Los Angeles Store located at:11517 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

When it comes to camouflage, the fashion industry has a lot to thank the military for. While some designers may not embrace the beauty of the military printed pattern, it sure seems to be bullet proof. Many men seem skeptical when it comes to adding any patterns into their wardrobe. They will be suspicious of prints, but when it comes to camouflage, they run to it. It’s safe, what other pattern is quite as masculine? This is why it is so appealing to the majority of men. It’s so popular that is stays on the runways for most seasons and just when you expect it to go back out of style, it creeps right back in. Since this is now considered a staple item for your fashion forward man, a camouflage blazer is an excellent way for him to be well put together, while rocking his favorite staple.

Who doesn’t love Sequin Jackets? Guaranteed to be the “attention grabbing coat, sequin jackets will assure that all eyes will be on you. Highly recommended for events such as New Year’s Eve, Holidays, Red Carpet Events, basically anywhere you are trying to be the eye catcher of the evening. The shiny jackets are the paired best with a solid shirt and a solid slack to pull off the entire look. These are available in multiple colors, including: Black, White, Gold, Silver, Royal Blue, Red, Purple, etc.

Another popular pattern that can take any look from boring to fashionable is the nautical and plaid. Since the season is changing and Labor Day is around the corner, nautical looks are coming to an end for the season. However, don't fret because that means fall plaids and windowpanes are coming to keep you stylish for the remainder of the year. Both of these staples are great paired with more of a beige tone, or during fall you will find the darker burgundy pant goes well with the fall plaid. We have a great selection to keep you from feeling boring this fall.

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