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Winter Overcoat Mens

big big-and-tall-trench-coat-overcoats Winter is coming and it may be better to purchase your winter wardrobe essentials before "Winter is here" season ( Jon Snow would definitely agree). big and tall trench coat Overcoats are one of the most important winter garments that you will need to get through the winter without freezing. There are a n number of styles when it comes to mens grey overcoats but that does not mean you can slack off during the purchases. Knowing the designs available and the current trend can make your choice more sensible. Also it is always better to purchase the garments before the advent of the season because it is when the new stocks come rolling in and there is a better chance for you to select trendy styles. Delaying means you are left with the left out styles.

Now if you do not know already mens grey overcoats are outerwear that are worn over mens outfits be it formal or casual. They are usually made of thick materials like wool, fur or tweeds so that they can ward off the cold and other adverse weather elements since it is their main function. Some of these mens long leather overcoats are made of waterproof materials so that you can also use them as occasional raincoats. Most confuse overcoats with topcoats but topcoats are made of lighter materials when compared to the material from which the overcoats are made from. You can select the style according to your requirement and the season for which you are purchasing.

Most of the mens grey overcoat styles origins traces back to military. These mens grey overcoats were first designed for the officers in the army and navy. At first they were very expensive since the waterproof material was the latest invention at that time. It is said that even the officers in high ranks had to spend months of their salaries to afford this trendy style. Greatcoats are one of the most original design of mens grey overcoats that were widely used by armies in many parts of the world. The details of the coats changed according to the climate and landscape of the particular region. The different styles became famous at different times the deciding factor being the success of the particular army in the war.

Black-Long-Length-Trench-Coat The mens grey overcoats come in two basic styles called the single breasted and double breasted. Single breasted styles were the one worn by the soldiers in the armies. These mens long leather overcoats are nowadays considered to be more versatile of the two since they can be easily paired with both formal and casual styles. You can wear a single breasted overcoat over a business suit and look equally good when worn over jeans and T-shirt given that the overcoat is of appropriate color. This makes it the preferred style among the younger people and most of the shops tend to stock this style more. Double breasted styles are thicker in the middle and have two rows of buttons. They are the better choice for the colder regions and hence was used by the soldiers and officers in the navy. This tyle in present times is best to be worn over the most formal outfits like business suits, tuxedos and others. They give off a formal vibe that gives an authoritarian look which can be the best for events where you want to be taken seriously like the board meetings or interviews.

Another thing you will have to consider is the color. If you are thinking of wearing the said mens grey overcoats over all outfits like an all in one use then it is best to stick with classic colors like black, navy and dark grey. These colors are easy to pair with other colors and looks the best for formal settings since they tend to blend in and not garner unwanted attention. But if you would still like a little attention then you can go with patterns on these formal overcoats. But keep the patterns to minimum like small checks or windowpanes so that they do not look shabby. Now if you already have a work mens grey overcoats and purchasing another one for weekends and parties then go with light colored single breasted styles. You can experiment with patterns and textures on these overcoats since it is a casual style and you can according to your taste and personality. Also the patterns like checks and textures of herringbones look great on lighter colors like cream, tan, light grey and beige. Grey is a great color when it comes to overcoats. You can play with shades of grey thus making it look the way you want. Darker greys have been accepted into office settings and in some even the lighter greys. Adding textures like herringbone to grey can be a good choice. Also remember to coordinate your outfit to the season.

overcoat-mens-top-coats If in winter it is better to go with wool or mens overcoats. Tweed is a unique fabric and only some would prefer the rough fabric but they give out a vintage feel. Cashmere is a luxury fabric that is more soft and comfortable than the wool but is pricey. Woollen garments are very durable.which the Cashmere cannot match since they wear out soon in the places of maximum utilization like collars and cuffs. If you are leaning towards Cashmere it is always best to get it as an extra mens grey overcoats that is reserved for most special occasions. The sheen of the fabric elevates the outfit that you are wearing making you look elegant and rich. If the cashmere is too expensive then you can go with wool and Cashmere blends which come in a reasonable price.

Now the season for which you are putchading the coat should be influencing the color of the overcoat. Brighter the day lighter the color of the garment should be. Darker colors tend to absorb and retain heat and it is best to avoid these colors unless you want to sweat more. Also the lighter colors look beautiful in natural light hence go with colors like light grey, camel, tan and beige in spring and autumn.