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Mens Overcoat Slim Fit

Buying a piece of garment that does not fit is a waste of both time and money thus making it very frustrating. You either have to wear it even when it is uncomfortable or begrudgingly say goodbye to it. So getting a right fit is not only best for your wallet but also best for the planet since you are saving it from overconsumption.

Overcoats are an outerwear that is worn over other daily outfits if its formal or casual. These mens overcoats slim fit are worn over the outfits so that they can provide warmth from the cold. Since insulation is its major purpose, the mens overcoats slim fit are made of thick fabrics like wool, tweed and fur. Most people confuse the overcoats with topcoats but they both are different even when they look mostly the same. Topcoats are different from the overcoats in the aspect that the latter is made of lighter fabrics thus making them unsuitable for winter months. While the thick fabrics of the mens overcoats slim fit can easily ward off the cold they can be a little stuffy to be worn in warmer months. Topcoats fulfill that purpose thus making them a suitable fashion for warmer seasons like summer and spring.

Mens overcoats slim fit like many mens fashion have its origin from the military. The mens overcoats slim fit were first made for the military officers in army and navy so that they can protect the soldiers from adverse weather conditions like cold, rain and even dust. There were many styles of overcoats that became famous at the war times. One of the most popular style of mens overcoats slim fit is the greatcoats. These coats were widely used in armies of many nations with the material and style varying according to the weather conditions of the different places. These greatcoats had many provisions that helped the wearer aid his survival in the harsh field conditions. Another style that became the uniform of the soldiers is the trench coats. The trench coats were a new style at that time since it used waterproof fabrics. They were very expensive at that time and were first issued for only high rank officials. Soon it became a standard military style with most soldiers using the styles while in field and trenches thus consequently being named after their purpose.

Now after the war ended the soldiers returned home but continued to still wear their military style garments. These styles thus soon spread among the civilians since the tailors by that time were well versed in the military styles. Soon the styles became mainstream and mass production of these garments began and thus reached more customers. While at first when the mens overcoats slim fit started out it was very fitting tapering in construction so that they allowed free movement of the legs. They had some details like epaulettes and D- rings thus making them military friendly. These details even though now irrelevant have still carried on to this day. With many styles being introduced the fit of the mens overcoats slim fit also changed over the years.

There are two basic styles of overcoats which are single breasted and double breasted styles. Single breasted styles are considered to be more versatile which you can easily pair with both formal and casual styles of outfits. If you are a one coat type of guy then it is always better to go with this style. As for the fit of the single breasted overcoats then it is better to go with slim fit. The coat should fit snug over the outfit that you wear be it the a suit jacket or a sweater. If you are going to wear it for winter seasons then it is better to go with a fit that is one size bigger than the suit jacket. While this may be good for formal style it may be a little loose if you wear it over casual styles. You can match this by using layers thus providing a little more insulation. If you are getting the overcoat for warmer days then it is best to go with slim fit so that you can wear them fittingly over the casual clothes.

 loafer Double breasted styles of overcoats are considered to be more formal than the single breasted ones. They are thicker in build and best to be worn with only formal clothes like business suits and dinner suits. The thicker build gives them better insulation than the former style and this is why double breasted overcoats were used by naval officers while the single breasted styles were preferred more by army officers. The double breasted styles should fit better than the single breasted styles since they are to be always worn buttoned while the single breasted styles can be worn open. Therefore make sure that you buy the double breasted overcoat in a snug fit over the suit jackets that you wear.

The major thing you will have to note in the fit of the mens overcoats slim fit is the shoulders. They shoulders of the overcoat should lie properly over the natural shoulder. If the shoulders are fit properly, the mens overcoats slim fit would not look boxy or ill fit even when you wear it over light clothing. The collar of the mens overcoats slim fit is also very important since it is the place from which the garment hangs from. The collar should wrap around closely and smoothly thus providing a good fit. Now if you live in a place where the winter is extreme you can go with fur collars or turn up collars which provides extra warmth. The sleeves of the mens overcoats slim fit should fully cover both the shirt and jacket sleeves and only end at the turn of your wrist. This ensures that when worn with gloves they provide full protection against the cold.

As for the color of the mens overcoats slim fit make sure you select it according to its purpose. If for formal purposes stuck with classic winter colors like black, navy, charcoal or brown. But if for casual purposes then you can go with lighter colors like tan, light grey, beige, camel and cream.