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Winter is near and it is officially the time to stock up the wardrobes with garments that will save us from the chilling temperatures. Even for people who usually dislike the shopping experience getting overcoats is a breeze since it is an outerwear and we can style it according to our taste easily. An overcoat is a sound versatile garment which can be styled easily with any of the outfits. But it is always better to go purchase it before the season kicks in because it is the time when the most trendy styles enter the market and no one would like to be left with the left out pieces as the only choices.

mens-black-wool-overcoat mens black wool Overcoats are an outerwear and hence it is worn over the daily outfits be it casual or formal. They are usually worn in chilly seasons so that the wearer can remain warm even under the adverse conditions. Now since their major purpose is providing warmth these coats are made up of very thick materials like wool, tweed and fur. These thicker styles are used as winter coats but you may still get slightly less thicker styles too. Now when you go shopping for the mens long wool overcoats you may see similar coats that are made of lighter materials and in no way can be used in winter. These mens long wool overcoats are called as topcoats and are often confused with the overcoats. These topcoats are more for a fashion purpose and can be worn in warmer seasons like spring and summer.

Mens-Wool-Peacoat As said before the major purpose of the double breasted pea coat overcoats is to ward off the cold and keep the wearer warm and therefore the coats employ thick materials for their making. Wool is the most famous material when it comes to overcoats. This natural material has great insulating properties and therefore easily maintains the body temperature of the wearer. Unlike luxury fabrics like Cashmere wool is of reasonable price and therefore is easily affordable by all. The mens long wool overcoats made from this fabric are durable and long lasting said to remain functional even into decades. They are also available in blends like with Cashmere which is slightly expensive than the 100% woollen one. You can also go with blends of wool with synthetic materials like polyester and nylon but it is not advisable even if they are of low cost since there is a compromise in the quality. More than all this the woollen coats are the most versatile piece since you can almost pair it with any outfits and still looks chic and professional. Playing with the thickness can ensure that you can even use the coat all year round.

As for the number of coats you will need it depends on the wearers taste and preference. While some may stick with one wool overcoat for all kind of look, it may be better to have a minimal collection that covers all bases and also ensures that they have rotation. The collection should be such that they are able to cover all occasions be it formal or casual. Now for that you will have to consider your lifestyle and the reason for which you are purchasing the mens long wool overcoats. It is important to consider all these aspects since one style for all does not work here and you will have to derive the maximum benefit from the mens long overcoats that you spend on.

There are two basic styles in mens long wool overcoats. The first one is single breasted style and is the most versatile of the two. If you are the person to not don suits often and go more with casual styles then this must be your pick. A good single breasted wool overcoat is a good option which you can easily pair with any outfits and even work well with suits to a certain extent. Now a mens long leather ovecoat is a good pick if you wear suits as part of your daily outfit since this style is more formal than the former one. These suits are better to be worn buttoned while the single breasted ones can be worn open and some even come in belted styles.

As for the length of the woollen overcoat there are two basic styles - full length that is long and the 3/4 length which is shorter. There is no ideal length when it comes to mens long wool overcoats but it is always advisable to go with the longer ones since you will have the option of altering it to a shorter style. Also the long overcoats complement mens silhouette better than the shorter ones. The long overcoats also protect the wearer from the cold since it covers more portion than the other style. If you are in a place where the winters are harsh then go with these long overcoats and better yet with the incorporation of fur collars or fur hoods in it. Wool overcoats have their origin from military styles when these double breasted pea coat overcoats were used by the soldiers when fighting in the fields. Trench coats even have their namesake from the war times when the soldiers in the trench used these styles. These long trench coats were made of waterproof fabrics and hence were very popular at that time. Peacoats have their origin from navy and these styles were designed to be shorter than other styles to allow the leg movement for the sailors on the ship.

As for the color of the mens long wool overcoats if for multiple purposes stick with classic colors like black, navy and charcoal. If for casual purposes you can select lighter colors like grey, tan, beige and even brighter colors like red, green and blue.

Men-Black-Wool-Overcoats As for the fit of the mens black wool Overcoats it is always best to get it one size bigger than your jacket size since it is an outerwear. Slim fit long overcoats are a good choice and the ultimate point is that you should comfortable while wearing it. Our online site houses big and tall sizes too which is rare even in shops. All you have to do is to know your size and match it with size chart ( xs, xl, xxl, 3xl, 4xl ) and get one that suits you.