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If you are thinking of upgrading your wardrobe style then you will have to consider getting a mens overcoat. Mens Dress overcoats are all the rage this season and people are scrambling to get the best styles. These mens overcoats are preferred by men since they easily upgrade your outfit thus making you look more stylish. And all this comes without much effort since purchasing a mens long leather overcoat style is not that hard. And also the dress coats are one of the most versatile mens garments since they can be easily paired with both casual and formal outfits.

For people who already do not know, mens dress overcoats are outerwear that are worn over outfits so that they can protect the wearer from adverse weather conditions such as cold and sometimes even rain and is mostly worn in winter. While most of the styles of mens overcoats stick to their main purpose of insulation some styles are just for fashionable purpose. You may have seen people wear mens overcoats even in spring or even summer and wondered what is going on. This is what I mentioned by fashionable purpose and the mens overcoats style is trending hard right now.

overcoat-mens-top-coats Now for double breasted pea coatovercoats that are worn to ward off the cold they are made of thick materials like wool, Cashmere, fur and tweed. Wool is the most famous material in the making of mens dress overcoats since it has more benefits than the other fabrics and is also easily available in sale. This also makes them affordable by most people which in turn makes them popular. These natural fabrics are also very durable and sturdy thus making them a quality investment. Luxury fabrics like Cashmere while softer can easily wear off and it is best to be reserved for special occasions. Wool on the other hand can be used on a daily basis and thus is the best fabric for mens overcoats for your work wear. You can also go with blends in which any two fabrics like for example wool and cashmere are mixed to get a new fabric. This combines both the materials benefits and also brings down the cost to a considerable level when compared to the 100% pure fabric.

Like many other garments in mens fashion, mens dress overcoats also has its origin from military. They were first designed for military officials so that they can protect themselves from the adverse conditions while in the field. Army and navy officials had different styles so that the design aided their daily activities and weather conditions they are in. For example while the army officials were issued single breasted mens overcoats the officers in the navy were given double breasted pea coat overcoatones that are more thick in build. This was because of the fact that people in the navy had to constantly fight off the cold which is not the case with the men in army. Also the mens dress overcoats issued in army were long and slit in the back ( greatcoats) for easy movement of legs but the navy officials were offered short overcoats like peacoats that only reached upto the thigh since they would require more free movement like climbing up the masts.

Nowadays single breasted mens overcoats are more preferred by younger generations and is the only style that many shops houses. This is because of the fact that this type is more versatile than the double breasted ones and can be paired easily with both formal and casual outfits. Double breasted mens overcoats are more formal in nature and is best to be paired with very formal outfits like business suits and like.

Thus it is important to think about the purpose of the mens dress overcoat before going for shopping. Also you should consider the weather condition of the place that you are living. If winters tend to be harsh in your place then you should go for thick dress coats with more cloth weight. These mens overcoats are usually specially made for winters and may be less practical to use them in other seasons. But if you live in a place with mild winters then you can go with lighter builds so that you can use in some mildly warmer months too. For winters you can wear them with layers and thus making the mens overcoat a versatile choice.

As for the fit of the mens dress overcoat, it is best to get it one size bigger than your jacket size since it is an outerwear. The shoulders is the main part and check whether it fits properly without falling off or sticking out too much. Now if you love layering you should keep that in mind and find a fit that suits your choice. As for the length of the mens long leather overcoats there are only two major styles - full length and 3/4 lengths. Full length coats are long and reach the knee or even below it while the 3/4 lengths are short with reaching the thighs. If you are a tall person then it is better to go with full length overcoats. Short guys also can go with full length unless they look drowned in it. There is no right length and purely depends on the choice of the wearer but it is advisable to go with full length ones since you can alter it if you want it shortened which may not be an option in short dress coats.

If you are a person who shops in big and tall sizes then make sure that you get your fit right and also always check for longer sleeve lengths since it is a major concern. The last thing is the color of the mens dress overcoats. While it depends on your taste, for formal mens overcoats it is recommended to go with classic colors like black, navy blue and charcoal. If for more casual events like summer weddings and parties then you can experiment with colors or can go with lighter colors like cream, beige, tan and camel. The brighter and lighter colors look good in bright days while the dark colors work well in winter.